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  1. How could I make it so the militants and rocket militants have the confessor upgrade without actually getting the upgrade? Like they have the confessor in their squad by default, without the need to research the upgrade at the secret shrine.
  2. Thank you sooooo much! This is exactly what I needed to know.
  3. And can you tell me which values in the .xml change the amount of credits you get?
  4. Hmm, any idea of some other unit's animations that could fit with them? I want to make the militants use both hands when they fire, instead of just one.
  5. I tried to use gdi riflemen animations on nod militants, and while everything works, the muzzle flash when they're shooting is a little bit off. Where can I change the position of it? I didn't find anything related to it in the .xml file
  6. Thank you for your answer & yes of course I did. I just don't know which lines change these values, that's why I'm asking here.
  7. Where and how in KW can I edit this value? What I mean is how much credits/money you get after the harvester goes to a refinery and unloads tiberium.
  8. For example, I want to make the infantry units (GDI riflemen, Nod militants, etc...) to be able to attack air units (like GDI orca, Nod venom...) in Kane's Wrath. What should I look for? Where can I edit the statistic that changes what kind of units can the unit attack?
  9. Oh, thanks for your help. Haven't thought about their weapons being a part of the soldier model itself. Nevermind then. Hmm, I wonder... is it possible to make them have the upgraded armor from the start? I don't mean the upgrade itself, just the texture you get after you upgrade GDI armor. Can I make the riflemen and missile soldiers use this texture even for their non-upgraded armor? EDIT: Nevermind, managed to do that myself. But thanks for letting me know that I should search in the <draw> section, helped a lot
  10. What I want to do, is to make the basic GDI riflemen in Kane's Wrath (the basic version with no armor upgrades) use the basic GDI missile soldier model (the models are kinda different, the missile soldiers have gloves). Is this possible? how can I make this?
  11. How can I remove units from skirmish? So you can't build it, it won't appear in the selection menu. I thought changing IsTrainable="True" to IsTrainable="False" is going to do the thing, but no difference.
  12. Yes I understand how it works with this I can make some vehicles still be able to crush infantry if I want to.
  13. Thank you so much for this ^^ Are you using the 1.08 Gamma version? Many people said it messed up some things, that's why I used the 1.07 version. Well, it seems like I'm gonna move to 1.08 then
  14. Thanks! I got it. It was: <CrusherInfo CrushableLevel="0" CrusherLevel="0" Had to change CrushableLevel from 0 to 1.