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  1. If the shader is set up incorrectly and you're trying to export a mesh it can fail.
  2. The issue here is that stuff that resides inside the worldbuilder stream is baked into every map.
  3. Lauren

    Kanes Wrath Skirmish AI Schemas

    If the original schema states use="optional" an attribute can be null. To represent a nullable simple type use EntryRelocation instead of Entry. The 80 you are seeing is actually just the offset to the real value.
  4. my comments to these steps: lol and more lol, what is that exe even? smells like something fishy like a virus.
  5. They also did that in TW, but only for specific stuff on a per mission basis.
  6. Since the last feature update max9sp2 runs pretty well on win10 actually.
  7. Or you write a tool that converts it from another format. The hard part is actually just to get the triangle strips right for efficient rendering, otherwise it's a simple conversion. Though if you export to fbx it should already calculate efficient strips, if it doesn't then that exporter sucks
  8. For the UI: you can just compile that with the TW SDK and place the files in your mod.
  9. Why is there even a dispatch sp?
  10. Why does your unit have a gigantic sphere in your player color around it?
  11. Sounds like you for whatever reason switched to a reasonably newer or older version or the files were corrupted.
  12. There's still an issue with motion blur affecting the outlines. Also when the flare is shot at 1:27 the texture blend is wrong, you just see two quads. Often the image, esp in the night time shots, is blurred so much you can't really make out anything at all. It looks good in RTS mode but the FPS mode looks dysfunctional with all the visual clutter going on.
  13. The necromancy is strong in this one.
  14. Idk why, could be the way to extreme motion blur, but the graphics look off.
  15. Maybe because it was a point release?
  16. How about not relying on them in the first place? It's 2018, not 1998.
  17. Lauren

    Ion Maiden

    Looks like a DN3D reskin, I don't get it.
  18. Do you read anything that doesn't begin with "pc" (as in pcgamer etc)?
  19. That there was a portal in the first place was weird. In TW you escape with your mothership, you don't park it first and then take a portal. In TW it was pretty much a huge teleporter, TT it was just weird instead. This fiction is weird, and I'm glad they changed the image from some photoshopped stock image to a fancy big stupid jellyfish.
  20. I would think so, converting software into a submachine gun sounds pretty hard.