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  1. Maybe because it was a point release?
  2. How about not relying on them in the first place? It's 2018, not 1998.
  3. Ion Maiden

    Looks like a DN3D reskin, I don't get it.
  4. Do you read anything that doesn't begin with "pc" (as in pcgamer etc)?
  5. That there was a portal in the first place was weird. In TW you escape with your mothership, you don't park it first and then take a portal. In TW it was pretty much a huge teleporter, TT it was just weird instead. This fiction is weird, and I'm glad they changed the image from some photoshopped stock image to a fancy big stupid jellyfish.
  6. I would think so, converting software into a submachine gun sounds pretty hard.
  7. WarCraft III patch 1.29 supports 24 players

    The 24 players is for custom maps, usually those maps with a higher number of players are hero only stuff like Arena maps or Hero Defense.
  8. The latency problem with modern PCs

    Also A-Move. Quite important.
  9. The latency problem with modern PCs

    Were you insulting my Mammoth Tanks?
  10. The latency problem with modern PCs

    The old system uses interrupts while for USB the buffer is polled... I'm not sure you can even type 125 characters a second.
  11. Maybe they should do something like the user being able to have their pc partly setup to be used as a server in exchange for ingame currency.
  12. It should work exactly as you describe it. You're doing something wrong.
  13. EA and Micro Transactions

    I certainly do. Also since when is unlocking a character a bad thing? It's not like that hadn't been in games for ~20 years. Basically all people who complain about that are entitled whiners who can't even be bothered to unlock something by just playing the game.
  14. eh purple, why do you have a ton of pcs but all of them have crap hardware?
  15. You also do not need to include the ini file in your xml.
  16. EA and Micro Transactions

    Seriously, Battlefront 2 is fine. Since it's release star cards make no significant difference in your ability to dominate or get rekt. Beta values were different, sure, but that's what balance patches are for. Most star cards are also specializations, they replace a skill or make it slightly better, so like for example do you want a fancy impact grenade which does some damage (only kills Specialists anyway) or do you want an anti vehicle rocket launcher which does nothing vs infantry. In the pre launch week I played vs someone who seemed to have purchased a lot of crates (his character level was 50 while most people's level was ~4 at the time), and he was one of the worst players I've ever seen. Need for Speed's progression is a joke, but Battlefront 2 really is fine.
  17. haven't read most of your post tbh, but I've checked your compiler log and it's basically I all needed. The documentation stated you'd need to install antlr and mvp.xml You can just download them from my onedrive: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AuGWwjATR_55vD4FnSIzoRQzRbt6 (you'll need the antlr.astframe.dll, antlr.runtime.dll, and Mvp.Xml.dll) Though if you only want to change an ini files you actually don't need that stuff, just having the ini in the right folder would work. (You wouldn't even need to use the mod sdk for that)
  18. Who even still uses a 32 bit os on their pc, or has a 32 bit cpu for that matter?
  19. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    Also they basically got what they wanted anyway. Though it was a force projection by Luke he basically swooped in and saved the day in god mode. Additionally considering Yoda was able to blow up a tree just by lifting a finger it's basically a givrn Luke will show up in Ep 9.
  20. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    I watched it 3 times, and in my opinion it's a really good star wars. Yes it has some flaws, but a lot of complaints stem from people who don't get the star wars lore. The movie it's quite a lot closer to the books, which i liked a lot. A lot of people say a Jedi like Luke wouldn't have the problems like he does in this movie, but imo they're quite wrong. If that would be the case there wouldn't be any Sith in the first place... the characters are really realistic and it's rather a strong point here. Most people who are negative towards the movie just wanted their op Luke to swoop in and save the day, again not at all what star wars was ever about.
  21. What weird version of WE do you have that it magically creates a 40bit integer out of a 32bit one?
  22. How do you even come up with these ids?
  23. Wait, when didn't you see him angry?
  24. What is your actual issue? From what you describe it would be quite easy to just do a "connect" special power.