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  1. Should just need to use AIBuildThis for the Service Depot and Nuclear Reactor. Try adding the Reactor to NodAdvancedPower. I think I had to do that to make it work. Your triggers are referencing team 3, which is Yuri. They need to reference 1 and 2, which are Allies and Soviets, respectively.
  2. I need a recommendation for a good mouse

    I use the Corsair M65. Best mouse I've ever had.
  3. Updating / Moving CNCNZ.com

    The boards are still slow for me. Not awful, but slower than it should be. How is cache and session data stored? Move it off file structure and put it into memcache/Redis. Make sure you're automatically serving gzipped content... all that good shit. Shouldn't take 20 seconds to load the activity panel...
  4. Now Playing - Games

    Picked up Infinite Warfare again. Surprisingly fun game. The space theme is actually cool as hell. Also got Starcraft Remastered. Classic action with a fresh coat of paint. And classic VOs.
  5. Usually depends on the game. That happens more on popular titles or indie games. Stuff like SS4 doesn't usually get it and I didn't think highly of it...
  6. Steam reviews show Mixed results. Sometimes that's palatable, but for an uncertain buy... probably not going to risk it.
  7. Now Playing - Music

    I wonder it's not been introduced here yet... :| It's just what track you have playing at the moment... Megadeth - The Day the Music Died I've been on a Megadeth kick lately. They rule...
  8. RIP Flash (1996-2020)

    Java isn't going anywhere. It's a perfectly legitimate cross platform language. Anything with a large user base is inevitably going to be targeted more often than more esoteric or specific things.
  9. Desktop CPU Thread

    Just Desktop CPU Thread now.
  10. New Desktop Quote

    Switch to Ryzen. Probably more bang per dollar than a 7700K will give you.
  11. The Putin Interviews (Oliver Stone)

    Politician is basically synonymous with corrupt twat.
  12. It really depends on what I need it to do. If it's a server, more cores is going to be more beneficial. If it's just your average general use computer, more speed. If it's gaming, you need speed and cores. There's no blanket preference that works for all cases.
  13. Mods and RA2/YR (UC)

    I believe the RA2 and YR exes for TUC are a bit different from the TFD/CD installed variants. There's been issues getting things to work with TUC. Works with TFD and CD installs though.
  14. Unplayable games -- then and now

    The only games I've had problems with on launch were Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts. Otherwise, I try not to get games that don't ****ing work.
  15. Post Your C&C Collections

    Not sure if this was ever posted anywhere but if it was, it's probably time for a refresh. Here's what I have in my collection right now. Even now, it's not 100 percent accurate. xD Yes, those are two RA2 WTC boxes. And there's two Premier Editions on the end. Oh, and Total Destruction is an unofficial addon, but I got the box! I can't find anything about the Ion Cannon blast RA cover art. Does anyone know anything about it? The one in the folding slip is a Thai version of RA1. I need a second Platinum Edition. The one I have has a lot of damage. Mac Generals! yay I got a complete Worldwide Warfare with the folding cardboard case. I have two more, but I don't have the thick jewel case variant yet. SOON I HOPE! Soundtracks! I finally got me a C&C1 OST! wheee! Bonus Simcity! xD I got a proper Special Edition box!
  16. Post Your C&C Collections

    I bought some shelves just for this purpose. I'll be getting some new ones and a curio cabinet to display them even more awesomely. The Officer's Club is a bonus thing. I'll be honest... I have no idea what it has on it. XD LE means... I dunno actually. It was a promo and it doesn't seem very common so I bought it.
  17. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

    I don't buy early access unless I really want it. I'll stick to Call of Duty for my slaughtering needs.
  18. The worst launches in PC gaming history

    I agree with that list. Hit all the major failures that have occurred in recent years.
  19. Post Your C&C Collections

    Yay! UPDATES! Got a bunch of new stuff! Great stuff! First up are the demos and promos. Found a neat promo. The Command & Conquer LE Edition. Also picked up a Mac Command & Conquer demo. Kinda neat really. Also found a Renegade demo from an Italian magazine, which is pretty cool. And last is the PCGamer Soldier of Fortune disc that has Tiberian Sun on it. Picked up some neat Generals stuff too. Got an Officer's Club CD thing. Had to order it from Greece though. Also picked up Generals in packaging I've not seen before. Bitch is still sealed and won't be unsealed. Lo and behold. I, too, have the Generals demo disc. Mine's in the original pouch though. Last for that is the Generals preorder bonus... uh, thing. Not entirely sure though. xD The pouch with the disc is still sealed. Picked up a few miscellaneous things too. I found a neat rerelease of Command & Conquer: the White Label. Also picked up a PCGamer Red Alert Survival Guide. It's so very 90s. Also got some neat console editions. Missions Tesla. It's French. And it's awesome. And... the ever elusive Japanese PS1 edition. Everything about it is just so goddamn awesome. And... now... the best purchases of the last few months... SPECIAL EDITIONS! I got me a Tiberium Wars Polish GDI special edition! And the Tiberium Wars Polish special edition for Nod! And... last, but not least... the most prized edition of C&C ever... the Commemorative Edition! Yes, I got one. And no, it wasn't cheap.
  20. Launch Base Error Origin

    LaunchBase isn't going to get new updates and is sorely outdated. It doesn't even really work with Origin installs from what I remember and the Ares version it uses is really old. Easier to just use Ares manually. All you need are the files and a batch script to launch with Syringe.
  21. Who is upgrading to Windows 10?

    When I see things by zocom, I just don't read very hard. It's always misinformed or alarmist.
  22. Who is upgrading to Windows 10?

    That was pretty obvious. I want to like it more but it locks in so many ridiculous settings...
  23. Who is upgrading to Windows 10?

    I was referring more to purplederp than you.
  24. Who is upgrading to Windows 10?

    That's what you get for having ten year old hardware.
  25. I got a BluRay drive in mine. I still buy movies on disc. I tend be a collector and not being able to watch my own media would be a drag.