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    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    Widelands is a good open source free port of the settlers style RTS https://wl.widelands.org/
  2. Over the past 4 years I have helped people in on and off in a number of modding communities on different game development sites and forums with doing models and such for mods, I also helped on doing skynet models for a guy that was working on a C&C terminator mod that used to have an account here when he was doing his C&C generals terminator mod. I did not think posting here would be a problem esp since I posted in the general gaming section that is for more off topic game discussion and I was primarily trying to reach any one that had played the old netstorm and might be interested in the reboot project. Also on a number of other sites I have reached out to the admins before posting to check to make sure such posts would be ok. After the failed kickstarter I managed to land a job doing work doing 3D interative model panoramas for site reconstruction for presentations contract work that helped me scrape enough money together from doing that work to help keep a few of the artists from polywick studios doing the design concepts and model the following assets that we have showcased on the new kickstarter but I was only able to continue up to this point using funds out my pocket to get the newest content produced and the coder continuing working on debugging of the code and getting stuff in.. The amount we are asking for and why it is the same is its the amount that was quoted to us by the art team at polywick that I have been paying in since last year for on and off production of new IP and animation of unit models, my skills are mainly building models and mechanical stuff, Polywick who I have been paying does organic such as humans and natural shaped model structures and texturing and animations and excels at fantasy style art. they went over the list of the model I provided them and gave me the estimate of cost of what would cover getting the 4 factions finished, textured, and animated and ready for getting in-game along with the cost of the additional user interface guis for menus and mp lobby features for first release. we are not coding a game from scratch since most of the coding was done when we were trying to do the game under the older IP which when we had to switch from old IP turned everything upside down on the production end from being able to go live in 2014 under the old IP to having to attempt to start moving to creating all new stuff from scratch at that time we went for the first kickstarter. last year when we did the kickstarter we only had one temple concept to show and no model or anything new from our content we had produced of our unit style and building and a very brief video showing gameplay using the old models, after the failed kickstarter of last year using funds from my income has been put to creating the initial rain faction units and building from scratch that Polywick has managed to do in this time from the times I have been able to scrape up funds. The backer in the industry is hesitant to kick into the project knowing the past of how the first game flopped which he is leaning towards being due in part to poor marketing on the part of the publisher, while he is interested in our project and will back us further if we manage to raise public support in the project showing that game is worth further development funding.. the funding we are aiming to raise is just to get the basic Multiplayer working with 4 factions in game with new gui's and interfaces and working MP battle lobby with its new gui interfaces. but the first releases would not include, single player or missions, or map editor. Singleplayer AI and time to get that fully debugged would require a much higher budget one closer to 600k We are mainly going after the funding to push out basic MP release so people can start playing and testing through steam the game while use further funds to add further features such as the guild management to the lobby and priest leveling system. We are trying to raise the 50k because we were quoted a price by the artwork production studio on content production cost for faction content production grouped into bundles but we budget little more then that to ensure that should team run into overtime or cost production we would be able to cover that without telling people we had not raised enough to finish the 4 factions as stated. The project release time got bumped up a year because 1 we did not raise the funds we had aimed to raise last year and the art studio that we had planned on having do the work full time paid was not working full time since we did not have the funds for them to be working on the factions beside the very limited funds I was able to scrape together from my side work do due the limited unit models and neutral faction buildings.. I mean, sure, I don't have access to your financial records, nor do I have any idea what exactly you plan on doing with the money, and how you plan on spending it. Maybe you can make it stretch. But clearly, in terms of an investment, the kickstarter looks extremely sketchy. On first glance as I read through it all, I see a project that could be completed without any funds, yet you're asking for them anyway. That probably isnt' the case, but your kickstarter isn't convincing me otherwise.
  3. We have just posted an update on our kickstarter showing off the new rain faction ice golem unit.. Video showing animations of unit can be found here. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/525138512/disciples-of-the-storm-rts/posts/1278807
  4. NetStorm style game-play to get spiritual successor re-envisioned reboot under new IP and game-world in indie studio backed up with support from original NS design team help. Kickstarter We are trying to reach out to players that loved the old Nestorm If you ever played the old NS and always wanted to see the gameplay reborn Storm Isle Productions RTS needs your support. We need every bit of backing and support we can raise to reach our kickstarter goal! so please check us out.
  5. Hello all just wanted to post about our Unity3D project we are working on at moment, our team orginaly started as a group of fans working on redoing the old Nestorm bringing it from 2D into 3D we caught the attention of the original devs who helped us approach Activision, But activision was now interested in seeing the project continue using the old IP and world but we has the option of continuing the development if we dropped the old IP and game world and switched to a new game world and IP. Disciples Of The Storm RTS is a rebirth of Netstorm style of tactical bridging meets tower offense gameplay. Our team is working with the original developers that worked on Nestorm on creating a new art feel and IP for the game world for this reboot but we needs public and gaming support on backing of our kickstarter to help bring DOTS into further devopment.... You can see our kickstarter here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/525138512/disciples-of-the-storm