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  1. ApornasPlanet

    C&C Community News - May 2019

    Nice summary! The OpenRA update looks really promising.
  2. ApornasPlanet

    First C&C Remastered Renders Published

    I would also prefer a more faithful approach to the design. This new one is fine but I see that they are going for something more cartoony rather than realism (which I prefer).
  3. Woah a lot o stuff going on in the community! That Warren Spector tidbit was interesting.
  4. ApornasPlanet

    10 Years of Red Alert 3

    I guess it got some things right. The campaigns were fun. However the design of the soviet tanks are unforgivable.
  5. Haha! Btw Nod are also terrorists so... And in RA2 you can destroy the WTC. A lot of good stuff in there for Osama
  6. ApornasPlanet

    Forged Battalion

    Released! Haven't played since January. Must have a look and see how it plays now
  7. ApornasPlanet

    C&C Community News - Mid-June 2018

    Good summary of what's happening in the community. I really hope OpenRA can get more coders. That's my favorite CnC project right now.
  8. at least they got the disruptor beam right
  9. Thank you for these entries! They are all very worth the read
  10. such a lack of creativity.
  11. ApornasPlanet

    PCG Poll: Create the perfect RTS

    Ok so apparently PCGamer is running a poll were they try to compose the ultimate RTS or whatever. In the final question you get to answer which RTS series came closest to perfection. As a fanboy you could vote for C&C although other franchises probably did the RTS bit better. https://www.pcgamer.com/lets-build-the-perfect-rts-game/
  12. Hey Plokite! PCGamer is running a RTS poll and you can vote for C&C in it. Myabe worthy of the news?


  13. Oh! I was going to post this