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  1. Oh! I was going to post this
  2. Ion Maiden

    The preview campaign is about 2hrs. If you intend to find all secrets probably 3hrs. I've played it to the end and really enjoyed myself. If you like duke3d and blood this will be right up your alley. I can only imagine how great the full length campaign will be The current preview campaign contains two levels, four weapons, four enemies (including a boss). Maybe the enemies are a bit on the generic side but it's still good quality stuff
  3. Forged Battalion

    Ok, it's not as bad as my first impression. You can have fun with it. However I still dislike that you just command big blobs. Where's the finesse? e: I've played even more now. the more I play the better it gets. this game is alright afterall
  4. Forged Battalion

    Hmm so that worthabuy-fellow liked it: I guess I will be giving this another chance tonight
  5. Forged Battalion

    Available in one hour! e: played a bit and it really sucks. to generic and no personality. you unlock more stuff by playing but since the gameplay is so dull, what's the point?
  6. Yeah it was good that. Fun characters
  7. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    1) You don't know me. 2) It is an unfair accusation, I'm not a "westwood fanboy", I just would have prefered a better sequel to Tiberian Sun than we got. I like TW3 as a "game" but I dislike how it breaks with established lore and how it's just a retcon. Since TS was so good there was a lot of potential in a sequel but unfortunately TW3 didn't live the part. I'm more fine with RA3 since Red Alert lore is nothing I care about but still. 1) I havn't said they were pay to win I said the new game might be knowing trends in the industry and that Generals 2 at one point were suppossed to be free-to-play. 2) Nothing wrong with competitive multiplayer but I like the Tiberian games because of the lore and the story and would much more prefer a single player oriented game. But that's not how you develop profitable games. 3) Drop the attitude please.
  8. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    knowing he worked on cnc3 and ra3 it will probably be shit. I guess it will be some competitive multiplayer pay to win shit. it would be cool if it was a story oriented (faithfull) reboot of the tiberian series however
  9. Star Trek: Discovery

    It's alright
  10. Forged Battalion

    Well, in times like these when C&C news are scarce I believe you could post other stuff as well. But you are the boss
  11. Well the campaign in Grey goo was great. Liked it alot
  12. Are there any good games left?

    Prey was pretty good? But I know your feeling. I don't know if games are getting worse or if I'm to old for games? Expeditions: Viking is the only good game I've played this year, except for Prey.
  13. Forged Battalion

    Shouldn't this be front page news? I've always wanted a game like this so I'm positively intrigued.
  14. OpenRA Stable Version 20171014 Released

    This is the best project in the community
  15. CNCRPG

    Did you know that there at one time was a possible CNC RPG to be developed by Warren Spector? It's mentioned in his interviw on IGN unfiltered. Look it up!