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  1. ApornasPlanet

    C&C 1 Documents

    Hmm, do you remember anything else?
  2. That was very interesting! Can someone with Twatter or other anti-social media ask him or someone from Westwood? e: I think I have the Robot Dreams Collection in which Does a Be Care is published. Will check as soon as I get home! Must read. e2: While we are on the topic can we start listing the complete source of inspirations? The Bible Dune The Monolith Monsters
  3. They should leak Tiberium to the public.

  4. ApornasPlanet

    The Great War: Western Front

    Agree! I have bought everything from them over the years just to support them in hope that they release something worthwhile in the future. However apart from Grey Goo (storytelling was great!) they haven't released anything good or interesting for a very long time. The good thing is that they aren't self-funding like with the 8-bit games and Forged Battalion. I'm hopeful!
  5. ApornasPlanet

    The Great War: Western Front

    The Great War: Western Front from Petroglyph looks really interesting. Looks like we will get at least two good RTS games in 2023 (this and Tempest Rsing). Your thoughts?
  6. ApornasPlanet

    Tempest Rising

    Cool! I really like what I see and I hope the game turns out well. Excited to play it in 2023! What's you involvement in the development if I can ask?
  7. ApornasPlanet

    Tempest Rising

    What's your thoughts on Tempest Rising? CNCNZ is mentioned in this article saying that part of the dev team are from here Is that true?
  8. ApornasPlanet

    What's happened with Renegade-X?

    Ok! Thank God it's still alive. Renegade-x.com is higher on Google than Totemarts website so I didn't notice that one. I remember when Havoc89 left and I did check the site a few times after that. So the dude behind Renegade-x.com is the paria? Is there any truth to what he claims on his site?
  9. ApornasPlanet

    What's happened with Renegade-X?

    I have been looking forward to Firestorm, so today I checked their website for recent news but it appears Renegade-X is no more. Some people have stolen it. Wtf?!
  10. ApornasPlanet

    Future Nmenth's Research Labs

    I'm very interesed in disc form hand grenades as used by the disc throwers. Would the disc be a good for for a hand grenade? Also, is it practical to have a infantry unit dedicated to throwing discs? That back pack must weight tons. However as you can see in the image below disc throwers also carries rifles: e: Is it easier to aim a disc than a conventional grenade? is it good to bounce them?
  11. I'm starting to believe the chronosphere theory even though I hate it for lore reasons. It would have been so much cooler if Kane's immortality was explained differently.
  12. Sure! But I guess that the essence of it runs true, that Kane's plan was to make human life compatible with a tiberium world. That poses some questions though, is Kane himself 'divined'? And what about Oxana and Slavik? They appear not to since they get so angry when Umagon says that divination is a lie.
  13. I wonder who wrote that article and where the info is coming from? It's not mentioned in Tiberian Sun as far as I know. They just talk about 'divination' without explaining it. Any theories?
  14. In all haste I missed some good summaries on cnc.fandom.com. This is how they explain the concept of 'divination' as it is used in TS: The above text actually explains everything. I hadn't thought about the tiberium infusion technology of CNC3 that way before.