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  1. ApornasPlanet

    Red Alert 1 Beta v0.09c Found and Verified

    Sure! What I meant was if it's uploaded to the internet somewhere?
  2. ApornasPlanet

    Red Alert 1 Beta v0.09c Found and Verified

    Where can I here the "new" Allied quote "It is done"?
  3. Doesn't work for me! The Bibber launchers don't work either
  4. ApornasPlanet

    Scrin = Ancient Humans?

    Where can I find those story bibles?
  5. ApornasPlanet

    Tiberian and cnc lore

    Anyone have this? http://planetcnc.gamespy.com/View832f.html?view=Encyclopedia.Detail&id=2
  6. ApornasPlanet

    Tiberian and cnc lore

    I managed to boot up my old external hard-drive and found an essay from 2007 by Andrew Lee call C&C history. Do you know if there's more of that stuff? e: And who is Andrew Lee?
  7. I thought that I would take another look at the lore from the cnc games. I remember that there previously was a thread on the Petroglyph forums where they had collected a lot of answers to questions from the community. What where Westwoods intentions with the series, Scrin, future games etc. I would highly appreciate if you could post everything you have saved/archived. There must have been tons of interviews over the years as well as a lot of interesting threads. If you remember some interesting threads in general about cnc lore that would be of great interest as well! I'm especially interested in: Tiberium, Kane, Scrin, The Tacitus and Cabal. I'm also interested in Westwoods plans for the third game in the Tiberian saga. e: We must make sure to save everything! Ideas from former developers, good fan ideas and more!
  8. ApornasPlanet

    20 Years of Tiberian Sun

    I took a listen to the TS soundtrack. For me it's Dusk Hour that captures the essence and feel of Tiberian Sun. I love most of the tracks, especially Valves, but it's Dusk Hour that is true TS. At least for me. e: Nevermind, others are as good at capturing that feeling. What Lurks for example. It's not just a great track it's Tiberian Sun. Also Mutants, Flurry, Infrared, Lone Trooper, Gloom and Approach! Heck the whole soundtrack fits the game!
  9. ApornasPlanet

    20 Years of Tiberian Sun

    TS was my first love. Played the Nod campaign together with a friend and his brother. Three ten-year-olds together infront of the computer. Didn't understand a word of english of course so that way I ended up believing Nod were the god guys why GDI was perceived as some evil empire of sorts. I was mighty surprised when I was told that it was infact GDI who were fighting the good fight. I saved my allowance and eventually bought TS myself half a year later at reduced price. Played it to death. After that I found out about Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and all the rest of it. Became a C&C junkie. I guess that's why I had so strong feelings about Generals, Tiberium Wars and others that I perceived as crimes against true C&C.
  10. ApornasPlanet

    C&C Community News - May 2019

    Nice summary! The OpenRA update looks really promising.
  11. ApornasPlanet

    First C&C Remastered Renders Published

    I would also prefer a more faithful approach to the design. This new one is fine but I see that they are going for something more cartoony rather than realism (which I prefer).