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    Did you know that there at one time was a possible CNC RPG to be developed by Warren Spector? It's mentioned in his interviw on IGN unfiltered. Look it up!
  2. Petroglyph's Strikers

    Ok, now this is pure decline
  3. well it looked good enough
  4. Happy New Year - Welcome to 2017

    Happy new years! It's sad that facebook and other social media are killing good old fashion message boards and communities. All the users are there and people don't cruise the internet as they used to
  5. So how is the game? I havn't bought it yet but it would be fun to fend of the aliens as one of the modern day armies. I love have 8-bit armies, hordes and invaders are all compatible with each other and that you can play a fantasy faction against a sci-fi faction or whatever.
  6. I don't remember one in particular
  7. The voice packs are out for 8-bit hordes!
  8. Reduced price on 8-bit armies and 8-bit hordes. Also, Petroglyph will release voice packs with unit qoutes as a free update in november.
  9. Grey Goo - Petroglyph's New RTS

    What happened with this game? I thought it was great for what it was but it appears it just died during the summer.
  10. That's a bit sad actually! But maybe the recent cash grabs with 8-bit armies/hordes will go to funding the sequel. And also no one can complain about 8-bit-armies/hordes now. They are super cheap and if you buy both you get a total of 4 factions. And there's singleplayer, co-op and multiplayer so there's hours of playtime in that.