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  1. Renardin

    C&C Reborn June/July Update

    Nice try. Owned. Original file removed on megaupload. Wasn't the last build but reborn 2003.
  2. Renardin

    C&C Reborn June/July Update

    Some kids are fighting. Anyway, if you have questions about the mod, ask Darkangel or myself. I don't know who is magenta or mag777 but the file they offer is not a reborn leak.
  3. Renardin

    CnCnz staff as Reborn testers?

    Any CnCnz staff member that would like to be a tester of CnC Reborn? Contact me @ [email protected] Regards
  4. Renardin

    Renegade: Evolution of Evil - Action

    wasn't it a scripted enemy most of the time? And yeah AI was damn bad.
  5. Renardin

    Reborn Trailer One!

    After a long and hard process, we finished all of the weapons. Nightcrawler worked very hard in getting all of them ingame and working properly. He was helped by laeubi and thekgbspy for the technical aspect. Nightcrawler made new custom animations and created projectile and all sort of nice effects for most of the weapons. There are many new sounds and also some from renegade.Thanks to Fobby, Jokah and Pendullum for the new sounds. Some sounds, weapon positions and animations may be changed. Let's not wait anymore, get the trailer that Sloth made today and enjoy it!: (about 36 mb) If you cant' get it from that place use those links: http://www.cncreborn.iconique.net/weapons.wmv http://www.planetcnc.com/files/main/index....amp;fileid=1643 (thx to PlanetCnC)
  6. Renardin

    Command & Conquer : Reborn

    yeah, it had it.
  7. Renardin

    Command & Conquer : Reborn

    That's a beta from the old reborn team. It's nothing compared to our version.
  8. http://renardin.deviantart.com for the polycount.
  9. That one? :wink: New adress: www.cncreborn.net
  10. Renardin

    Command & Conquer : Reborn

    yeah, for february or march, it should be done
  11. I saw so many bad informations about our mod here, especially some basging from a moron mapper... Well, make your own opinion www.cncreborn.moddb.com I hope to see you on our board and maybe as beta testers... Who knows what santa claus will do for christmas... And more @ http://reborn.communityteam.de/