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  1. RA3 New World Builder by me with many powerful functions. https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-red-alert-3/downloads/ra3-new-world-builder Main Features load mod directly by selecting mod when starting new worldbuilder WorldBuilder will not crash due to unregistered AI Strategy in mods WorldBuilder will not crash due to fixing neutral assets in mod Suppress dump file generation when wb crashes auto download required big files and install them (no longer requiring manual installation of old world builder) Import and export of XML format wb scripts Object selection image preview Object classification (customizable) repair missing textures and cloud maps, macro maps Add Skirmish Player Button will directly add 6 players Mini Map Generation Map creation size range modification, current range is 10-2000 Script conditions and actions can be searched by inputting key word or numbers, with UI optimization search Object in Object Selection Opts Dialog by inputting key word Translation of Object in Object Selection Opts Dialog to their names in game for Any Mod The built-in automatic saving map can be turned on or off at any time Mini map preview when opening map The object item dialog defaults to displaying all objects on the map, which can be redirected to the corresponding object with one click Script box UI optimization for easy viewing of script content New map creation process, default new map comes with 6 players 2 neutral, terrain height of 210, sea area with reflection, and random terrain creation option Change the post effects selection to list selection Launch game debugging
  2. Well,that is attractive to me. I wish I could participate in it (my major is software) Btw the lua seems unable to handle situation when players save game or load game, because a game can be save many times and the same with load game ps:I try to use lua to spawn object but fail.....like this ExecuteAction("UNIT_SPAWN_NAMED_LOCATION_ORIENTATION", "nw", "SovietAntiAirShip", "Player_1/teamPlayer_1", {200.00, 200.00, 0.00}, 45)
  3. Thank you for reply! Well I have figured out that you use a "coroutine dummy" that repeatetedly kills itself and spawns another dumm and calls the function. Now I'm curious about these functions work in your lua: 1.set the counter to a specific value 2.SpawnAtPosition I found that whatever value I pass,the counter is set to 0 and the position is always bottom left corner. Btw what does custom gamemode means?Does the new skirmish setup submenu means a new UI in the game?
  4. I'm working on MetaMod_2.00 by Mjjstra, and I want to create a tower defense map using lua. And I have to evaluate whether timer equal to a specific value to excute some actions .I have found the lua function to judge whether timer equals to a spcific value like this function TimerCounterRefresh(self) for counter,value in TimerTable do if counter~="n" then if value == 0 then ExecuteAction("HIDE_COUNTER", counter) --tremove(TimerTable, counter) TimerTable[counter] = nil NumberTimers = NumberTimers - 1 if NumberTimers <= 0 then ExecuteAction("NAMED_DELETE", self) end break elseif value == 1201 then ExecuteAction("PLAY_SOUND_EFFECT", VoiceTimerMin[20]) elseif value == 901 then ExecuteAction("PLAY_SOUND_EFFECT", VoiceTimerMin[15]) elseif value == 601 then ExecuteAction("PLAY_SOUND_EFFECT", VoiceTimerMin[10]) elseif value == 301 then ExecuteAction("PLAY_SOUND_EFFECT", VoiceTimerMin[5]) elseif value == 181 then ExecuteAction("PLAY_SOUND_EFFECT", VoiceTimerMin[3]) elseif value == 61 then ExecuteAction("PLAY_SOUND_EFFECT", VoiceTimerMin[1]) elseif value == 31 then ExecuteAction("PLAY_SOUND_EFFECT", VoiceTimerSec[30]) elseif value == 11 then ExecuteAction("PLAY_SOUND_EFFECT", VoiceTimerSec[10]) elseif value == 4 then ExecuteAction("PLAY_SOUND_EFFECT", VoiceTimerCount[3]) elseif value == 3 then ExecuteAction("PLAY_SOUND_EFFECT", VoiceTimerCount[2]) elseif value == 2 then ExecuteAction("PLAY_SOUND_EFFECT", VoiceTimerCount[1]) end ExecuteAction("COUNTER_MATH_COUNTER", counter, MathOpTable["Subtract"], CounterTable[1]) TimerTable[counter] = TimerTable[counter] - 1 end end end But I can't figure out how to execute the function every second in the game loop to .Can someone help me?