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RA3 New WorldBuilder

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RA3 New World Builder by me with many powerful functions.   https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-red-alert-3/downloads/ra3-new-world-builder

Main Features

  • load mod directly by selecting mod when starting new worldbuilder
  • WorldBuilder will not crash due to unregistered AI Strategy in mods
  • WorldBuilder will not crash due to fixing neutral assets in mod
  • Suppress dump file generation when wb crashes
  • auto download required big files and install them (no longer requiring manual installation of old world builder)
  • Import and export of XML format wb scripts
  • Object selection image preview
  • Object classification (customizable)
  • repair missing textures and cloud maps, macro maps
  • Add Skirmish Player Button will directly add 6 players
  • Mini Map Generation
  • Map creation size range modification, current range is 10-2000
  • Script conditions and actions can be searched by inputting key word or numbers, with UI optimization
  • search Object in Object Selection Opts Dialog by inputting key word
  • Translation of Object in Object Selection Opts Dialog to their names in game for Any Mod
  • The built-in automatic saving map can be turned on or off at any time
  • Mini map preview when opening map
  • The object item dialog defaults to displaying all objects on the map, which can be redirected to the corresponding object with one click
  • Script box UI optimization for easy viewing of script content
  • New map creation process, default new map comes with 6 players 2 neutral, terrain height of 210, sea area with reflection, and random terrain creation option
  • Change the post effects selection to list selection
  • Launch game debugging
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