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  1. Exactly, the way this game handles unit basically ensures that it's never going to be balanced. It's just like how CNC4 handled unit progression, except even worse because it's randomized. How EA keeps claiming that it's balanced when this is just another pay to win game is absolutely hilarious to watch.
  2. Yeah, I agree with Sheldon on this one. Virtually ALL of YongYea's videos are just him showing a few articles, reading said articles (seriously, does he think that his viewers can't read?), and adding a little bit of commentary. Also it's glaringly obvious that this guy's never played a CNC game in his life and is just acting angry to appear relatable. I mean seriously, he compared it to STARCRAFT?! After they freaking SHOWED the GDI logo and said GDI's name out loud? He couldn't even tell that it was a CNC game until they showed the logo. Yeah, Hollywood class acting right there, pal.
  3. ssskoopa

    Q&A with CnC Rivals’ Alex “Gasty” Hetu

    This is just pure and utter bullshit. Rivals doing well would NOT bring back the CNC franchise. It will only encourage EA to shit out more mobile cash grabs like it. They've fired literally everyone who knows how to make an RTS, so who's gonna make one even if they decide to bring the franchise back? These guys? Don't make me laugh.