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    Future Nmenth's Research Labs

    I'm very interesed in disc form hand grenades as used by the disc throwers. Would the disc be a good for for a hand grenade? Also, is it practical to have a infantry unit dedicated to throwing discs? That back pack must weight tons. However as you can see in the image below disc throwers also carries rifles: e: Is it easier to aim a disc than a conventional grenade? is it good to bounce them?
  2. How come Kane has been around for thousands of yearts as he claims? Why didn't he get more hurt by the ion canon blast by the end of TD? Do we know any of Westwoods lore reasons for his immortality? I want theories! What are some common ways of doing immortaly in sci-fi? I mean there must be a lot of different takes on it. Doesn't Paul Atreidies become sort of immortal in Dune? Or at least he recieves great powers. What are your thoughts?
  3. I'm starting to believe the chronosphere theory even though I hate it for lore reasons. It would have been so much cooler if Kane's immortality was explained differently.
  4. In Tiberian Sun GDI wants to rid earth of tiberium and go back to the way it was whilst Nod wants a tiberium future where humankind embraces tiberium. In the TS Nod campaign they talk of something called 'divination' which is described as the next step in human evolution. After 'divination' you can live in a tiberium world without being destroyed by it like normal humans. However in the Nod campaign they are very hateful towards mutants so obvioulsy mutants haven't been through a process of 'divination' as is meant by Nod. In one seen capured Umagon even screams that divination is a lie, a statement which makes Oxana want to kill her. I was wondering, what is the Nod concept of divination? Is it a real promise from Kane or is it just a lie? By the end Kane launches a tiberium missile that transforms the earth, do you think humans are already divined by then? How would you continue the story after a Nod ending?
  5. Sure! But I guess that the essence of it runs true, that Kane's plan was to make human life compatible with a tiberium world. That poses some questions though, is Kane himself 'divined'? And what about Oxana and Slavik? They appear not to since they get so angry when Umagon says that divination is a lie.
  6. I wonder who wrote that article and where the info is coming from? It's not mentioned in Tiberian Sun as far as I know. They just talk about 'divination' without explaining it. Any theories?
  7. In all haste I missed some good summaries on cnc.fandom.com. This is how they explain the concept of 'divination' as it is used in TS: The above text actually explains everything. I hadn't thought about the tiberium infusion technology of CNC3 that way before.
  8. I just replayed the TS Nod campaign and in the end, when Kane achieves his goal and just before the tiberium bomb transforms earth he disappears into the air. Behold: Any idea on what he does and how? Where does he go? He obviously don't won't to be there when the missile hits the planet.
  9. I can't get the Origin Ultimate Collection Zero Hour to work. I have win10. I could need some pointers.
  10. I just conjured up a silly explanation. You know how Yuri is sent back to dino times? Then all of a sudden dinosaurs appear in the Tiberian Dawn bonus missions... Kane want's you to check that out. What if Yuri managed to escape from dino times to the future? Unfortunately he brought some dinos with him. Then he got stranded because of low power. Then Kane captured and killed Yuri, got the time machine and then used it to go back in time which explains why he suddenly appears in the service of Stalin. I was looking for some more interesting sci-fi take on him being on eart and what kind of being he is. I really don't like the connection of the tiberian universe to RA so I would prefer to look past that. That's indeed very true and that makes things a bit confusing. Could he just be a human that have realised the full potential of tiberium which is the evolution of man.
  11. And how would you explain that? How can he do that? Because he's not human or because of stuff he's learnt from the alien derelict? I do agree that it looks like he can dissolve himself in the TS Nod ending. But are there any sci-fi theories that could explain how? That's what I'm after.
  12. Yeah that's true! I relly like the allusion to the biblical figure even though I would like to think of Kane as another sort of being. He is not fully human that's for sure. If he's not the biblical figure then he is either an alien or a human that somehow got supernatural powers. Are there any theories of aliens posing as humans since he has a human appearance? If it's the later from what could he have recieved supernatural powers? There must be a lot of different sci-fi stories out there with similar figures. If anyone could tip me of that would be great. I'm interested in different theories that could explain Kane. He and the origin of tiberium never got explained in TD or TS.
  13. I would like that 100+ page art book very much. This remaster is going to be great!
  14. Real silos usually contain grain right? So could the artist have been confused as to what they were supposed to store and filled them with grain instead of ore? I mean here's a truck full of grain: And this is an ore truck:
  15. ApornasPlanet

    Red Alert 1 Beta v0.09c Found and Verified

    Sure! What I meant was if it's uploaded to the internet somewhere?
  16. ApornasPlanet

    Red Alert 1 Beta v0.09c Found and Verified

    Where can I here the "new" Allied quote "It is done"?
  17. Doesn't work for me! The Bibber launchers don't work either
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    Scrin = Ancient Humans?

    Where can I find those story bibles?
  19. I thought that I would take another look at the lore from the cnc games. I remember that there previously was a thread on the Petroglyph forums where they had collected a lot of answers to questions from the community. What where Westwoods intentions with the series, Scrin, future games etc. I would highly appreciate if you could post everything you have saved/archived. There must have been tons of interviews over the years as well as a lot of interesting threads. If you remember some interesting threads in general about cnc lore that would be of great interest as well! I'm especially interested in: Tiberium, Kane, Scrin, The Tacitus and Cabal. I'm also interested in Westwoods plans for the third game in the Tiberian saga. e: We must make sure to save everything! Ideas from former developers, good fan ideas and more!
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    Tiberian and cnc lore

    Anyone have this? http://planetcnc.gamespy.com/View832f.html?view=Encyclopedia.Detail&id=2
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    Tiberian and cnc lore

    I managed to boot up my old external hard-drive and found an essay from 2007 by Andrew Lee call C&C history. Do you know if there's more of that stuff? e: And who is Andrew Lee?
  22. ApornasPlanet

    20 Years of Tiberian Sun

    I took a listen to the TS soundtrack. For me it's Dusk Hour that captures the essence and feel of Tiberian Sun. I love most of the tracks, especially Valves, but it's Dusk Hour that is true TS. At least for me. e: Nevermind, others are as good at capturing that feeling. What Lurks for example. It's not just a great track it's Tiberian Sun. Also Mutants, Flurry, Infrared, Lone Trooper, Gloom and Approach! Heck the whole soundtrack fits the game!