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  1. So there was a new Command & Conquer phone game announced called C&C: Legions. Here's the official trailer and here's the official website with information about the game. The official website is pretty cool, take a browse! The unit designs doesn't look that bad actually. Gameplay on youtube. I didn't play Rivals and I don't think I will play this either. Anyone into phone games, what do you think?
  2. ApornasPlanet

    Real Command & Conquer

  3. I just saw this game called Silica by Bohemia Interactive that appears to be some sort of Renegade clone or at least heavily inspired by Renegade. It sounds very good though and better than Petroglyphs halted project Earthbreakers: e: The Alien planet got silicia crystals that you harvest as a resource. I also found the trailer and the steam page. e2: This video was very informative. However they call the resource "Bolterium". e3: It's out on Steam early access and there's also a new trailer.
  4. ApornasPlanet

    Why did Rivals fail?

    When reading up on the new C&C phone game C&C Legion I was alerted to the fact that C&C Rivals failed quite early on. Why was that?
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    26 Years And Counting

    That's too bad! It would be interesting to know how trademarks in gaming really work in practice. What do you think about C&C Legion? Who's the target audience and will it be more successful than Rivals? What's their reason for developing it do you think and can it be related to keeping the C&C trademark or do they actually believe they will make money on it?
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    26 Years And Counting

    I still hope for an official Tiberian Sun & Red Alert 2 remaster before 2030. EA have to release C&C titles in order to keep the trade mark and that's why we get the occasional mobile games every now and then. I don't know much about that legal stuff but a remaster would also count towards the trade mark right? Here's a bit about that from Wiki:
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    Tempest Rising

    What's your thoughts on Tempest Rising? CNCNZ is mentioned in this article saying that part of the dev team are from here Is that true?
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    Tempest Rising

    Frank Klepacki! Yes!
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    RA3 New WorldBuilder

  10. ApornasPlanet

    Tempest Rising

    Demo was alright but I really suck at RTS gameplay nowadays, so I struggled a bit with managing the units. Looking forward to more content. What do you think?
  11. Check this game out: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2388620/DORF_RealTime_Strategic_Conflic It looks pretty interesting!
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    Tempest Rising

    Like what I'm seeing. Especially how the tempest vines work. I'm eagerly looking forward for more.
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    The Great War: Western Front

    The Great War: Western Front from Petroglyph looks really interesting. Looks like we will get at least two good RTS games in 2023 (this and Tempest Rsing). Your thoughts?
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    The Great War: Western Front

    This game is available now. I don't have much time for gaming but I will give it a shot as soon as I get time. Anyone played yet?
  15. ApornasPlanet

    C&C 1 Documents

    Hmm, do you remember anything else?
  16. How come Kane has been around for thousands of yearts as he claims? Why didn't he get more hurt by the ion canon blast by the end of TD? Do we know any of Westwoods lore reasons for his immortality? I want theories! What are some common ways of doing immortaly in sci-fi? I mean there must be a lot of different takes on it. Doesn't Paul Atreidies become sort of immortal in Dune? Or at least he recieves great powers. What are your thoughts?
  17. That was very interesting! Can someone with Twatter or other anti-social media ask him or someone from Westwood? e: I think I have the Robot Dreams Collection in which Does a Be Care is published. Will check as soon as I get home! Must read. e2: While we are on the topic can we start listing the complete source of inspirations? The Bible Dune The Monolith Monsters
  18. They should leak Tiberium to the public.

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    The Great War: Western Front

    Agree! I have bought everything from them over the years just to support them in hope that they release something worthwhile in the future. However apart from Grey Goo (storytelling was great!) they haven't released anything good or interesting for a very long time. The good thing is that they aren't self-funding like with the 8-bit games and Forged Battalion. I'm hopeful!
  20. ApornasPlanet

    Tempest Rising

    Cool! I really like what I see and I hope the game turns out well. Excited to play it in 2023! What's you involvement in the development if I can ask?
  21. ApornasPlanet

    What's happened with Renegade-X?

    I have been looking forward to Firestorm, so today I checked their website for recent news but it appears Renegade-X is no more. Some people have stolen it. Wtf?!
  22. ApornasPlanet

    What's happened with Renegade-X?

    Ok! Thank God it's still alive. Renegade-x.com is higher on Google than Totemarts website so I didn't notice that one. I remember when Havoc89 left and I did check the site a few times after that. So the dude behind Renegade-x.com is the paria? Is there any truth to what he claims on his site?
  23. In Tiberian Sun GDI wants to rid earth of tiberium and go back to the way it was whilst Nod wants a tiberium future where humankind embraces tiberium. In the TS Nod campaign they talk of something called 'divination' which is described as the next step in human evolution. After 'divination' you can live in a tiberium world without being destroyed by it like normal humans. However in the Nod campaign they are very hateful towards mutants so obvioulsy mutants haven't been through a process of 'divination' as is meant by Nod. In one seen capured Umagon even screams that divination is a lie, a statement which makes Oxana want to kill her. I was wondering, what is the Nod concept of divination? Is it a real promise from Kane or is it just a lie? By the end Kane launches a tiberium missile that transforms the earth, do you think humans are already divined by then? How would you continue the story after a Nod ending?