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  1. Chimas! You're still alive Thanks for the link updates... I think I already got most of them, but I'll download them again and check!
  2. It seems the server links in your first post are no longer working (except for one of the Mega links, but that just appears to hold "work in progress" files, not the actual missions).
  3. I'm curious about a couple of things: The missions in packs SCG260 and SCG300 don't have "EA" at the end of their designations, but all the missions in the other packs do. Why is that? Also, the NOD campaigns (SCB090, 095, 900) don't seem to have any designations at all, but the GDI ones do. For example Nuclear Destruction: The Lone War has designation SCG091, but Rebirth of Nod - part I doesn't have anything. Why is that? Just trying to get my head around the technical aspects of it.
  4. Your dedication to this project is incredible. 4 years later and you're still putting it all together! Recently one of my favourite youtube channels started a playthrough of the NOD campaign (for a very amusing segment, watch 26:30 to 30:30 of this video: ) and it has made me want to get back into playing these
  5. How big are the files? I'd be happy to lend webspace if it's more convenient than a site like Mediafire. I barely use the capacity of my site anyway.
  6. I'm afraid I've fallen way behind in my playing and reviewing of these missions... and don't foresee I'll be able to resume any time soon (but maybe one day in the future?). So I'll just post the page I have at the moment. Only one and a half packs have been completed: http://www.nanacide.com/fan-made-missions-for-tiberian-dawn/
  7. Damn, these missions are coming out faster than I can play them (Though I am playing them painfully slowly...)
  8. Well I've played this mission a second time, and again, despite destroying everything, haven't managed to get "mission accomplished". There definitely seems to be something up with it.
  9. I downloaded the latest versions of the packs and I can confirm SCG100 works now (and what an awesome little mission it is too! )
  10. Well, the mix file I'm using for the first GDI pack dates back to the 30th of June at the latest. Was it updated since then? Or do you mean the game itself? I'm playing with V.1.06c r1f1. Update: I replayed SCG110EA, and there's definitely an undestroyable power plant in the top left corner. It seems to be superimposed over a temple, which can be destroyed, but the power plant itself is like a ghost - units can travel through it and any attacks on the same ground do no damage. Not sure how this was overlooked when the mission was made
  11. No rush - I'm sure I will have more questions about many more missions coming up But it's good to get a list of the potential problems put somewhere. In the meantime, I'll replay 109 and 110 to see if I encounter the problems again.
  12. Hi guys! I've been sending Solo my comments and questions, but now I have more, so I thought I'd sign up and bother everyone here with them instead I'm slowly working my way through the missions and, although it's slow-progress (I'm pretty busy these days), I intend to set up a webpage to rate them. Here are my questions so far: SCG100EA - my game crashes when I try to open this mission. Anyone else having this? SCG109EA - Half-way through the mission I got mission accomplished, even though I wasn't doing anything at the time. Could someone check the victory triggers for it to see what might have happened? SCG110EA - In the top-left corner is a power plant that seemed to be unattackable, making the mission impossible to win. I haven't replayed the mission to see if the bug is repeatable, but has anyone else encountered this? SCG111EA - large patches of the map won't render for me in this mission. SCG116EA - I swear I've destroyed utterly everything and scouted the entire map for possible stealth tanks, but this mission just refuses to give me victory... it would be a shame if I had to rate this one down for that because it was pretty damn fun