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Tiberian Dawn - Single Player missions

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.:::  FILES CATALOG for CnC Remastered  :::.

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Hallo Commander!
Please refer to the next post to understand how this topic works and/or is organized.

Electronic Arts is restarting the C&C franchise by remastering Tiberian Dawn, amongst others.

A thread requesting an IMPORTER for all these missions is being planned and I'll need SUPPORT of the fans for this demand.


::: GDI085 | List ::: GDI090 | List ::: GDI095 | List :::

::: GDI100 | List ::: GDI140 | List ::: GDI180 | List :::

::: GDI220 | List ::: GDI260 | List ::: GDI300 | List :::

::: GDI340 | List ::: GDI900 | List ::: GDI915 | List :::

::: Nod085List ::: Nod090 | List ::: Nod095 | List :::

::: Nod100 | List ::: Nod140 | List ::: Nod180 | List :::

::: Nod220 | List ::: Nod900 | List ::: Nod915 | List :::



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708 missions released in Single Player mode for Windows

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Hallo Commander!
In another thread of CNCNZ we've found a huge pack of SP missions in general and slowly we started to resort and fix some of these missions.
So here they are for download and play.

Some brief explanation:

  • LINK
    Will lead you to the storage site where you will find a ZIP file with all the usual file types for CnC95: *.BIN, *.INI and *.MIX
  • LIST
    Will lead you to the content of these files - the name of the missions and the authors.

Inventory Survey
708 missions in
single player mode for CnC95

855  missions* so far, estimate 83 % of the project achieved in November 2018.


* the difference are the missions only playable in DOS.

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GDI ::: Pack SCG085 ::: Link1 | Link2 ::: Cover


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GDI ::: Pack SCG090 ::: Link1 | Link2 ::: Cover


SCG090 - Cybernetics 'R US by Andrew Griffin - 05 missions - Desert theater


M1: Black Out

We have located Nod's main research centre and are planning an insertion force to destroy it. You must first destroy their advance warning radar system that the Brotherhood have set up on an island so they don't know of our attack in advance. Kill all the defenders so no one can report this attack.

M2: SAM Raid

A scouting unit has reported that the Brotherhood have installed heavy air defenses around their research centre. You are to destroy these SAM sites so that we are able to transport vehicles in, and to provide you with air support. Only engage those enemies that get in your way of Brotherhood troops is not your main concern.

M3: Good Hunt

Two Brotherhood troops that were presumed dead have fled the battlefield and are rushing to report our attack. You must stop them before they reach their base. Unfortunately, the only vehicle close enough to intercept them is a damaged APC. Do not waste any time.

M4: Kill Scientists

The taskforce has reached the research centre, but apparently the Brotherhood has heard of our recent attacks and had begun to fortify their base. You are to destroy the two technology centres and kill the three civilian cyberneticists. A local village has been attacked and it's occupants captured and held for later experimentation. Despite these potential hostages, you are to destroy the technology centres and kill the scientists at ANY cost.

M5: The MHQ

A search of the rubble of the technology centres has revealed disturbing news. It seems as though the Brotherhood were further ahead in their research than we though and have produced a prototype of their new command vehicle, which was away being tested during our attack. The base commander managed to flee the research centre before we could capture him and managed to reach the prototype. We cannot let this vehicle remain in the hands of Nod. Destroy that vehicle.

SCG091 - Nuclear Destruction: The Lone War by Sunny Lee - 04 missions - Desert theater



Nuclear Destruction: The Lone War M-01

You must find and capture a helicopter pad to complete this and the next mission because the next mission can only be complete with the help of helicopter. We do not want to use our own helicopter because that would raise suspicion and risk of being fired at. No news can be let out.

Nuclear Destruction: The Lone War M-02

Use your force to destroy all of their communications systems to prevent them from communicating with other locations. Silent every NOD!

Nuclear Destruction: The Lone War M-03

Locate their information, it is believed to be store in a crate somewhere. Destroy their mission center, and find their scientist and eliminate him. Plus, destroy them all to prevent news leak.

Nuclear Destruction: The Lone War M-04

Find and destroy all of their power supplies to the nuclear site. No one is to survive.

SCG092 - Tech War by TJ - 06 missions - Desert theater



Tech War M-01

Desert theater: This is a war of technology! Harvest enough tiberium to build a force. Then, use the commando to wipe out the Tech Center. That isn't going to be easy but it shouldn't be too hard.

M-02: Second Strike

Winter theater: Now you must destroy another Tech Center. There is a Tech Center in the area, DESTROY IT! There is a barracks for you to find. Once it is discovered, find the Tech Center. Beware, Kane probably has guards!

M-03: Visceroid Hunt

Temperate theater: Another Tech Center has been found! This one is studying things called Visceroids. Visceroids are tiberium-mutated lifeforms. Destroy the Tech Center to stop research.If NOD gets these visceroids on the battlefield, everything is lost.

M-04: The Trap

Temperate theater: We were wrong. That last Tech Center was not longer needed by Nod. They were about to abandon it anyway. They moved their research to a BioLab in this area. Destroy it to end the research of these demonic things! Nod is planning to mutate HUMANS into Visceroids!!!

M-05: Two More

Desert theater: A NOD Research & Development Base in this area. Destroy the BioLab to stop their research. They shouldn't have any use of this base. The rest is of no importance to Kane. There are two Labs. Destroy both of them to be sure all their work is destroyed!

M-06: Chem Crusher

Temperate theater: Use the team of commando's to infiltrate the base and blow up the farest back Tech Center. The Chem Warriors development is being finished NOW!! Destroy the right Tech Center and NOD is out of luck!

SCG093 - Tiberium Origin by Richard Heesbeen - 05 Missions



Tiberium Origin M-01

Winter theater: Dr. Moebius has been conducting Tiberium experiements on this area, and the Brotherhood is attempting to kill him. Nod has already established themselves and we need you to remove them so that we may get to Moebius safely. Destroy all Nod presence on this area.

Tiberium Origin M-02

Desert theater: Dr. Moebius has been conducting his research on Tiberium at a college in a neutral town and reportedly has made some breakthought. He now believes that Tiberium is a synthetic lifeform, and certainly not the production of natural evolution. The Brotherhood is already in the area searching for him. Fight your way thought Nod forces and get Moebius out in an evac chopper which will arrive shortly

Tiberium Origin M-03

Temperate theater: If Tiberium came from an Alien object, wouldn't it succest that Tiberium is the product of aliens? Major priority has now been given to obtaining the original fragments of the Tiberium object. An operative has located a fragment but was captured. However he first left a crate with the needed information in a small town. Find that crate and bring it to the chopper that will arrive. You may receive some support from locals.

Tiberium Origin M-04

Temperate theater: Now that we know it's location, Moebius is being escorted to the fragment. Nod SAM sites have forced us to send him by boat rather than chopper. Alerted, Nod has set up Turrets in wait of Moebius' blue unarmed transport boat. Use a GDI outpost in the area to clear any Nod Turrets so that his boat may arrive safely.

Tiberium Origin M-05

Temperate theater: The Tiberium object is nearby and Moebius is continuing his studies at a research hospital. Speculation has risen that perhaps Tiberium is a weapon designed to purge the planet of its life. Nod is just now erecting a base, where Kane is also researching the deadly properties of Tiberium. Destroy all Nod forces to protect Moebius. We'll send you reinforcements later. Good luck!

SCG094 - Tiberium Island by Andy Bridges - 15 Missions - Desert theater



M-01: Retrieval

Temperate theater: A tiberium comet has landed off the Coast of South Africa. It is extremely large and has effectively created a new island composed mainly of tiberum. Unfortunately South Africa is Nod territory and they have complete control of the island. Your mission is to capture the Nod Comm. Center and retrieve the co-ordinates of the best landing site to enable us to commence an offensive operation on the island.

M-02: The Tiberium Island

Now that we have the location of a suitable landing point, your troops have been dispatched to set up a forward attack post. The amount of Tiberium is very high, so use infantry with care. The Nod presence must be completely removed if the base is to function well.

M-03: Operation Colony

Now we have a base on the island to work from, we can start to press onwards. Your objective here is to end "operation Colony" - Nod's attempt to colonize the island. They have brought civilians from the main land here, because there is less tiberium in this sector. We have tried to stop them by sea, but some ships got through. You must evacuate the two civilian leaders as they are on our side - else Nod will execute them.

M-04: Trouble

A GDI base is under attack - but the Nod base in the area appears to be unactive at the moment. We do not know what is attacking the base, but it is imperative the base is protected. Reassemble the base, then destroy Nod and whatever is attacking us.

M-05: Tiberiate War

After your victory over what we can only assume to be some form of tiberium spawned life forms - tiberiates as dr Moebius calls them - we started an investigation into them. They appear to have captured both nod & gdi technology. a large tiberiate base has been located. the tiberiates are in the process of destroying the nod base in the region. you must eliminate the tiberiate's base. To this end, we have realigned the ion cannon, so its orbit passes over the new island, enabling you to use it.

M-06: Temple Trauma

Nod has built a temple here. destroy it before they start launching nuclear missiles at our bases. The tiberiates have been all but destroyed - there are, however, a handfull left. Possibly there are some here. Kane has sent some of his elite personal guard to work with the other Nod troops to defend the temple and the reserch center where Nod have begun experimenting with captured tiberiates - this too must be destroyed.

M-07: Defender

This area of the island was thought to be secure. It houses all our research on tiberiates, our best tiberium hospital, and our most advanced Bio-research lab investigating the effects of tiberium poisening. All these are critically important. Nod knows this and has commenced an offensive, flying in their troops in chinooks. You must hold the fort untill commander carter's troops have taken out the base in another sector. Moebius is not present at this time. His location is unknown.

M-08: World War III?

This is the location of Nod's Bio-research lab, a major part of their R&D operations. Destroy it and the guards on its island, as well as the Nod forces on the mainland. There are other organisations here, none of whom are very friendly with us, Nod, or each other. The MCV assigned to your team was intercepted by one such organization, and has been impounded. Retrieve it. you need not destroy any force other than Nod, but, if you need to, feel free to show them that GDI means business.

M-09: Enemies To Be Feared

There is a Research Center here containing all of Nod's Tiberiate research, which we must capture. However the only thing we can get into the area are a few commandos due to the radar site, which is unfortunately protected with a several obelisks. The power sites are dotted around the area. These must be destroyed before the radar base can be approached. When this is destroyed an engineer will arrive. If you need some help - just shout!

M-10: Operation Valkerie

Nod have one last attempt at regaining the island, known as Operation Valkyrie. They have set up a large airbase in the north-western corner of this region. All equipment of the project must be destroyed, but the Nod base need not be - unless you deem it necessary.

M-11: Certain Death

...... this is agent delphi....... important info..ation on AAF.....can not transmit ........ whats that? ................................... hhhhheeeeeeelllllllpppppp!! ........................... lt canns here sir ...... delphi located ............ we have a prob....

M-12: Destruction of AAF

With delphi's help we have located the AAF HQ. We plan a two pronged attack: from the north where an old, derelict nod base is located, and from the southern plain. You will need to control both bases effectively to penetrate the heavily defended AAF base in the north western corner. There is also a harvesting site in the plain - capturing this may help you.

M-13: Tiberium Heart

This seems to be the heart of the meteor, and......briefing terminated ........well, well, well. You seem to be stronger than we expected. Perhaps we have started phase 2 a little prematurely. Still, our plan *will* suceed... and your species *will* die. As will you.......... briefing recommencing....... you must eliminate the last of these creatures, then enter the pit at the center of the area to invesigate it.

M-14: Inside Out

Welcome to our little abode. Perhaps you wonder why we are here? Centuries ago we found that our world was dying, but we found another one - Earth. Phase 1 was to send the tiberium to transform the land, air, and life to that similar to our own. Phase 2 is to wipe out all sentient life, i.e. Humans, and to colonise this world with our kind. You alone stand in our way. You will die. For I am Ticrel, King of Tiberia, Nemesis of Mankind!

M-15: No Choice

You humans have a saying, 'he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day'. You may have defeated me but I shall return. Now, I intend to leave your world, but since I doubt you will allow me to, I have had to make... arrangements. This island will sink in a short amount of time. Sadly, Professor Moebius is trapped here. If he dies so does all his knowledge of tiberium and my people. You have no choice, you must save him. We will meet again. Soon. And next time you will not be so lucky.


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GDI ::: Pack SCG095 ::: Link1 | Link2 ::: Cover


SCG095 - Wounded Eagle by Henrik Lehtinen, Ville Laakso & Jyri Ryyppo - 15 Missions :::



Wounded Eagle M-01

Winter theater: In this first mission you'll only have a small squad under your command. Our intelligence scans report that the NOD base won't be too heavily defended. They will have some troops, but no heavy vehicles. Destroy the base and get the hell out of there!

Wounded Eagle M-02

Temperate theater: A NOD base is hidden inside this vast forest. Build up a base using the MCV we've supplied you with and destroy every NOD structure and unit in the area.

Wounded Eagle M-03

Winter theater: Upon an attack on a NOD island base, our troops found out, that NOD had built heavy defenses against our gunboats. We decided it would be wise to stay out of their firing range, and send a commando squad to knock out the turrets on the beach. Good luck.

Wounded Eagle M-04

Temperate theater: One of our contacts, codenamed Delphi has acquired NOD plans on an attack on civilians. Because of NOD's negative propaganda, we need to re-balance the scales in the public's eyes. Reach delphi, and a chopper will be sent to carry him out.

Wounded Eagle M-05

map damaged! taken out.

Temperate theater: Intercept NOD troops en route to a civilian massacre.. build your base, and keep NOD away from the civilians!

Wounded Eagle M-06

map damaged! taken out.

Desert theater: We have a possibility to destroy a sizable NOD base. Move in with your squad, and knock out all the SAM-sites. After this, several A10s in full load will be sent to take care of the remaining buildings. Help the planes in finishing off.

Wounded Eagle M-07

Desert theater: The GDI is concerned about NOD research on the use of Tiberium-based chemical weapons. Capture the tech center of this NOD research base, so that we can better evaluate the threat.

Wounded Eagle M-08

Winter theater: On your way out with shocking evidence on NOD chemical warriors, your chinooks were shot down while crossing a mountain range. Keep Dr. Moebius alive long enough to reach the chopper that will be sent for him. Good luck and stay alive.

Wounded Eagle M-09

Winter theater: During your previous crashland, you discovered a NOD base sitting duck, on top of the mountains. This time you're back, not to flee from it, but to annihilate the complex. Build up your base quickly, and watch out for enemy units.

Wounded Eagle M-10

Temperate theater: On your last mission, NOD was getting air support, which means we have to seriously damage their airborne troops. We have located one of the largest NOD air bases in the middle of a desert. Get in, and destroy it. Don't leave anything standing.

Wounded Eagle M-11

Winter theater: Our Hong Kong representative Takazoci has been captured in Europe. Scouts =say, that he is being held in a NOD Prison complex, and is scheduled to be terminated in due time. Stop the execution squad, and a chopper will be sent in to carry Takazoci to safety. Good luck, and don't waste time. Over.

Wounded Eagle M-12

Winter theater: Takazoci was retrieved, and is in good health. He says he wasn't treated very well, and since he has more than enough influence in the Iniative, you've been ordered to go down to the prison again, and kick every butt that moves.

Wounded Eagle M-13

Desert theater: A civil war is rampaging in this area. Be prepared to face other troops besides those of NOD's. Your objective is to capture their command center before the information is deleted by NOD technicians.

Wounded Eagle M-14

Desert theater: GDI has been training a specific commando squad for extremely complex missions. Now is the time for them to show what they're worth. Your mission is to co-ordinate the attack, and destroy the NOD island base. Note that tactics weigh more than manpower here.

Wounded Eagle M-15

Temperate theater: The Temple of Nod has been located. Deploy your base, build up troops and kick the NODdies of the face of the earth. That's an order.

SCG096 - The Arctic Missions by Steve Davies - 04 Missions - Snow theater :::



M1: The Village

Nod destroyed our way out of the island and is searching for our spy in a nearby village. The civilians are running away from the slaughter coming in our direction. A U.N. helicopter has been called to rescue them. Protect the villagers and as soon the situation is under control, strenghten up and hunt down the Nod base. Contact our spy to access the sat transponder of the region.

M2: Arctic Islands

Commander, we are no closer to being able to pick you up. You must wipe out all the SAM sites in this group of islands. Also, destroy the Nod base. Then find a way out of there. >MESSAGE ENDS.....

M3: Backdoor

This is it Commander. Somewhere on the island is a Temple of NOD. We believe it to be the command centre for the whole area. NOD is jamming our radar so details are sketchy. Get onto the island and proceed east. Take out as much as you can. Reinforcements will then be provided. Destroy the Temple.

M4: The Pickup

Destroy all the SAM sites and the temple. A chopper will then rendezvous with you. Take out the Advanced Communication Centre to the east of your current position (marked with a flare). We can then lock on your position and pick you up.


SCG097 - The Ossi Force by Andre Popp - 04 Missions :::



Ossi Force M-01

Temperate theater: Your mission as commander of a soldier force is: capture the enemy airfield, do not destroy the airfield. Capture for this mission the enemy outpost on the coast.

Ossi Force M-02

Desert theater: Escape from the valley and capture the Chinook helicopter. Help our alliance member in war against the foe. Destroy all units and structures or the mobile HQ to complete the mission objective.

Ossi Force M-03

Winter theater: We have information about a enemy military base in the NE corner. You must find it before you start a offensive against the enemy. Do not lose your commander, you need him for the next mission.

Ossi Force M-04

Temperate theater: The enemy flew to a group of islands. We'll send you reinforcements from time to time. All enemy forces are to be destroyed. Additionally you'll get our ION cannon.


SCG098 - In the Heat of the Night by Bradley Stephenson - 04 Missions :::



M1: A Firebell in the Night

Winter theater: There's massive confusion in both Nod and GDI forces after recent events in Europe. Commanders (of both sides) cannot be assured that all of their soldiers will remain loyal to them. Lately, there have even been cases of Obelisks and AGT's firing on their own base! Because of this problem, resources available are very limited. Your mission is to destroy the base in the Northwest. Do not lose **ANY** of our buildings in the southeast.

M2: Secession Winter

Winter theater: Recent events within the UN have sparked controversy within GDI. Almost half of GDI has "seceded" from the UN-controled GDI, and have set up their own organization, CDI. They have declared two goals: 1) the elimination of terrorism 2) The elimination of traitors in UN and GDI. Your mission is to reclaim the CDI base in the east and to destroy all Nod forces in the area. Once Nod has been eliminated, all you have to do is recapture the CDI base. IT IS NOT TO BE DESTROYED!

M3: Brother vs. Brother

Winter theater: In your sector, two Nod bases lie near each other. We were planning on attacking these bases later on when we had more forces to overcome them. That was before this Nod civil war. Now the bases are fighting each other! What we want you to do is this: Let the two bases fight each other. Then, when their forces are worn down, jump in and finish them off.

M4: Living Alone

Desert theater: Destroy all EDI units & structures. (European Defense Initiative) Destroy all NOO units & structures. (NOD split off)Destroy all CDI units & capture as many structures as you can - the Construction Yards are NOT to be destroyed. (Central Defense Initiative) Destroy all NOD units & structures.


SCG099 - The GDI Airforce by Joachim Bickel - 06 Missions :::



M1: Airbase 22F

Temperate theater: We have set up a new airbase (22F) in this area in order to destroy the two NOD bases. We have put one of them into the ground, but we need some ground troops to destroy the second one, so we are sending you in. You will get heavy air-support as long as the two mobile radar vehicles don't get destroyed. We have seen some crates in the destroyed NOD base. Go there as soon as possible, because we think NOD will rebuild this base. Your mission is to destroy every NOD unit and structure.

M2: Good or Bad

Temperate theater: We have reason to believe that there is a traitor in Commander Mitchell's airforce, maybe even Mitchell himself. You are here to find out more about it. If you see signs that this is true, we will send you reinforcements. You will get air-support, but you have to guard the two mobile radar vehicles. Mitchell's airforce will also be there, so be careful. If there is a traitor, capture him. If it's Mitchell, you will probably find him in the Techcenter in his base.

M3: Prevail

Temperate theater: Traitors in the GDI have tried to kill General Sheppard. He survived and is now in a hospital in this area. NOD has set up a base here in order to kill him. We built some walls, but their base is very big and well-equipped. You are here to remove it. Again, you will get air-support. But NOD has built a temple, which has a nuclear missile launcher system. They also managed to get one missile, so be very careful.

M4: Get'em NOW!

Winter theater: ... we need to kill these traitors. They are waiting for you in a Mobile Radar Vehicle in a heavy guarded NOD base. Destroy this vehicle and the base. We've destroyed a bridge, so there's only one way to get into your base. It's the valley at the west of your position. Show no mercy to these traitors! Get'em NOW!

M5: It's TOO LATE!!!

Winter theater: The Nod Base isn't a problem any longer. But the traitors managed to flee before their Mobile HQ could be destroyed. We've located it in this area. We are preparing A10s. Your job is to find the Vehicle. If you see any SAM sites, destroy them if possible. Be careful, this is Nod territory! But it's TOO LATE for these traitors now!!!

M6: Defender

Winter theater: Nod is preparing heavy attacks. You may sell the outer radar line, but defend the inner one at all costs. One of our agents told us that there might be a way into the Nod base. We've lost contact then. Destroy that base and hold the defence line. We'll drop you in a Mobile HQ in the nearby village. Get away from there as soon as possible.



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GDI ::: Pack SCG100 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover




  • SCG100EA - The Chemical Brothers by Andrew Griffin
  • SCG101EA - Tiberium Nightmare by Patrick 'Soya' Van Der Nat
  • SCG102EA - Assassination HQ by Andrew Griffin
  • SCG103EA - Helipad Salvage by Kestrel
  • SCG104EA - Surprise by Justin Haaga
  • SCG105EA - Death Mate by Justin Haaga
  • SCG106EA - Guerilla Elimination by Kestrel
  • SCG107EA - The Red Light District by Han Brunger
  • SCG108EA - Death Lake by Mikael "Armitage" Sundling
  • SCG109EA - Assasination Mountain by Richard Kee
  • SCG110EA - Delta Crossing by Jeff Fehric
  • SCG111EA - Out of Control by Sunny Lee
  • SCG112EA - A Bridge Too Far by Kam Yeung
  • SCG113EA - Rescue Moebius by Hans Nelisse
  • SCG114EA - Fortress by Daniel MacDonald
  • SCG115EA - Seek And Destroy by Jeff Fehric
  • SCG116EA - Commando Threat by Al Paterson
  • SCG117EA - Village People by Luc Parent
  • SCG118EA - The Cabal Computer by Nyerguds
  • SCG119EA - War Zone - unknown
  • SCG120EA - Desert Fire by Marc Fisher
  • SCG121EA - World War III by Matt Garb
  • SCG122EA - Ground Assault by Jeff Fehric
  • SCG123EA - Money War by Jeff Fehric
  • SCG124EA - Battle Of Hibenberg by Jeff Fehric
  • SCG125EA - Center of Attention by Jeff Fehric
  • SCG126EA - Syndrome - The Medical Facility by Mark Stevens
  • SCG127EA - Subversion by Al Paterson
  • SCG128EA - The Heart of NOD by James Relunia
  • SCG129EA - Jungle Fever by Henk Groenink
  • SCG130EA - The Ultimate Protector of the MHQ by Ing
  • SCG131EA - The Final Stand by Martin Klinkmann
  • SCG132EA - The Visceroid War by Nick Koston
  • SCG133EA - Maximum Operation Overkill by Arif Moinuddin
  • SCG134EA - The Battle at Elkhorn Tavern by Curt Warrington
  • SCG135EA - Desert Shield by Brandon Sage
  • SCG136EA - No Return by Kristian Tuszynski
  • SCG137EA - Overdrive by Kristian Tuszynski
  • SCG138EA - Tiberium Island by Kristian Tuszynski
  • SCG139EA - Defence Matrix One by Kristian Tuszynski



Edited by Chimas

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GDI ::: Pack SCG140 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover




  • SCG140EA - Action Man by Tom Collinson
  • SCG141EA - War in Greece - unknown
  • SCG142EA - The Great Pyramid - unknown
  • SCG143EA - Death & Destruction by Chris Peddecord
  • SCG144EA - Forces of Destruction by Michael McFall
  • SCG145EA - The Civil War - unknown
  • SCG146EA - Highlands by Christian Bauer
  • SCG147EA - Battle For Europe by Gamer
  • SCG148EA - The March to Prague by Jeff Buffett
  • SCG149EA - Trapped by Mel Olson
  • SCG150EA - The Sekt by Mikael Sundling
  • SCG151EA - Born to Die by Mikael Sundling
  • SCG152EA - Battle of the Rhine by Chuck Clemens
  • SCG153EA - Retake the Hills by Chuck Clemens
  • SCG154EA - Gandhi Nightmare by SandMan
  • SCG155EA - Operation Stealth Bomb by Mikael Sundling
  • SCG156EA - Kill the Noddies by Mikael Sundling
  • SCG157EA - Sandbox at Roswell by Mike Mooney
  • SCG158EA - Red Beach by Mike Mooney
  • SCG159EA - The Final Attack by Florian Mahrl
  • SCG160EA - Yucatan: Terror in the Peninsula by Gabe Molina
  • SCG161EA - Pure Water by Mel Olson
  • SCG162EA - Operation Wrath by Brandon Sage
  • SCG163EA - Cramped and Confused by Josh Coleman
  • SCG164EA - Nightmare!!! by Mark Smeltzer
  • SCG165EA - X-R47 by Mike Mooney
  • SCG166EA - Reinforce by Tsuyoshi Kihara
  • SCG167EA - Ambush by Tsuyoshi Kihara
  • SCG168EA - Hell Valley by Jonathan Chen
  • SCG169EA - In the Midst of Failure by Gabe Molina
  • SCG170EA - Peak of the Mountain by Jonathan Chen
  • SCG171EA - Road of Pain by Jeff Fehric
  • SCG172EA - Defend by Tsuyoshi Kihara
  • SCG173EA - The Orbital Ion Cannon by Tsuyoshi Kihara
  • SCG174EA - Under Siege by Tsuyoshi Kihara
  • SCG175EA - Genocide by Al Paterson
  • SCG176EA - Silent Destruction by Gabe Molina
  • SCG177EA - Valley of Woe by Jeff Fehric
  • SCG178EA - Northern Madness by Joe D'Amore
  • SCG179EA - Suicide Frontier by Gabe Molina



Edited by Chimas

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GDI ::: Pack SCG180 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover




  • SCG180EA - Dread by David Intihar
  • SCG181EA - Silent But Deadly by Richard Kee
  • SCG182EA - Escape from Alcatraz by Richard Kee

Franz Kohlrus GDI Collection - Missions from 183 to 205

  • SCG183EA - Air Bridge
  • SCG184EA - A little Chance
  • SCG185EA - Go West
  • SCG186EA - Last GDI
  • SCG187EA - Mountain
  • SCG188EA - Man to man
  • SCG189EA - Rock and Roll
  • SCG190EA - Runaway
  • SCG191EA - Roll Over
  • SCG192EA - Big Land
  • SCG193EA - It's party time
  • SCG194EA - Die to Die
  • SCG195EA - A long war
  • SCG196EA - Air Bridge 2
  • SCG197EA - Quadrophonia
  • SCG198EA - Don't Sleep
  • SCG199EA - Tiberium Tower
  • SCG200EA - Edge
  • SCG201EA - M&M
  • SCG202EA - Island
  • SCG203EA - A big Fight
  • SCG204EA - Landing GDI
  • SCG205EA - Forces
  • SCG206EA - Devil or the Deep Blue Sea by Yau Teng Yan
  • SCG207EA - Rescue Operation by Victor Szoltysek
  • SCG208EA - Special by Jon Magne Austenaa
  • SCG209EA - Mountain and Valleys of Blood by Shai Eilat
  • SCG210EA - Tiberium Desert by Sergey Alexeev
  • SCG211EA - The Gathering by Jon Magne Austenaa
  • SCG212EA - Crash2 - Cover
  • SCG213EA - Tiberium Testing by Tsuyoshi Kihara
  • SCG214EA - Mountain Crash by Gabe Molina
  • SCG215EA - Fast & Furious by Mel Olson
  • SCG216EA - Hell's Eruption by Mel Olson
  • SCG217EA - The Mountain King by mgP
  • SCG218EA - The Great Escape by David Dallaston
  • SCG219EA - The Confluence by Kung Chien Wen



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Nod ::: Pack SCB090 ::: Link1 | Link2 ::: Cover

SCB090 - Nod After War by GiftS - 05 Missions :::



Nod After War Campaign M-01

Briefing: Kane is dead, but Nod is not! Find a way through this area to access the entrance of an old Nod base. We will send some reinforcements to destroy GDI intruders in our path. Use them wisely.Good Luck!!!

Nod After War Campaign M-02

Briefing: Congratulations!!! You made it to the the abandoned base and it's already reinforced but GDI knows of your presence. They destroyed your Construction Yard so you'll be limited to these buildings. Your mission is to destroy the GDI bases. Beware of their offensive waves! Good Luck!!!

Nod After War Campaign M-03

Briefing: With GDI severely weakened, there is one more threat that must be decimated: The Ion Cannon! Build up a base and destroy the 3 GDI Adv. Com. Centers to eliminate the codes on the Ion Cannon satellite. Intel indicates that they will fire as fast as possible to prevent the destruction. Don't let it destroy you! Good Luck!

Nod After War Campaign M-04

Briefing: Now that the Ion Cannon is no longer a threat, it's time to eliminate the GDI Tech Centers to prevent futher technologies so GDI will remain weak. Destroy all Tech Centers! WARNING: Some of them are in mountains and you'll need an air transport. Try capturing the abandoned factories. We will send some credits. Good Luck!!!

Nod After War Campaign M-05

Briefing: With GDI Tech Centers destroyed they've lost hope for miracles! Finally GDI is weakened and these are their only bases. Also, we need to build a new Temple as a symbol of our victory! Destroy, Crush, FLAME GDI and build a new Temple of NOD. Good Luck!!!


SCB091 - Rebirth of Nod - part I by David Gali II - 13 Missions -



M-01: Civilian Attack

Briefing: It has been a month since the storming of the Temple of NOD. Those who survived were taken up on war crimes. However the good news is our beloved leader Kane has not been found. Could he be still alive? For now, we need to regroup. Here in this region is a small town. It is isolated except for a few U.N. soldiers that pass by. Destroy all dangers and civilians so we can set up a base.

M-02: U.N. Mixup

Briefing: Good job! This will show the brotherhood is still at power. However your job is far from done. Intelligence has reported the U.N. troops have set up a small base to heal the injured. The surviving town people have fled to the village on the other side of the lake past this outpost. Destroy the base and then destroy the village so that we can send a MCV to establish a base here.

M-03: Counter Strike

Briefing: Your efforts help well. Now it is time to finish the job. The remaing U.N. troops have been called in to attempt a final counterstrike before they give up this region. The first wave should arive soon. Luckily,
reinforcements have arrived along with the MCV. Build your base quickly and fight off the last attemps the U.N. troops are making to take back this area. Hold until they give up.

M-04: Blindside

Briefing: Because of you GDI has pulled out the U.N. troops to the Nigerian base 28 miles from here. At this location is the Base's early warning communication center. This is the perfect opportunity to blindside GDI. Take your commando and his secret squad and destroy the communication center. Our spy has pre-placed a flare on the island. Remember to take out the power grid first.

M-05: Pass

Briefing: Since mission five can't work right, i have to skip it...

M-06: Chemical Strike

Briefing: Our scientists have developed a new armor for the chem. warrior. It can now take more damage than before. We need this field tested in this area. GDI's main tiberium research plants are here. Destroy them and all the workers here. Our scientist are working on a battle support vehile for the chem. warriors but for now we will keep you informed.

M-07: Tiberium Scare

Briefing: Our Satellites have reported a large chemical blast in this GDI occupied area. Study has reported that buildings were damaged if not destroyed on contact. The origin of the blast was from the Bio Research Centers in the area. Patrols are being made to evacuate. Use our newly developed Visceroid to destroy the technology centers and tiberium plants too. Be careful about the patrols.

M-08: Power Test

Briefing: GDI's survivors have fled to a base south from here. We need you to destroy it. A victory here will prove that the Brotherhood is still a danger to the world. And as a result troops that have gone in hiding might come out, and even our beloved leader Kane. The penalty for failure is death.

M-09: Technology Leak

Briefing: One of our most prized possesions, the Obelisk of Light, has been given away to the GDI. They are working on it as we speak, and it's nearly bug proof. We need you to destroy it. None of it must remain. The Nod traitor has also given away prototypes and plans on our flame tank and other weapons. Destroy any prototypes of our vehicles and any other power grids that look like it belonged to us.

M-10: A Traitor's Death

Briefing: Our intel has reported that the traitor's name is Visbi'okls, one of the scientist who was leading the Visceroid project. Intel shows that he ducked out and got away before our forces got to the obelisk. But his luck has finally run out. We cornered him in the GDI medical base here. A Chinook will be here in 35 min. Stop his escape with his death. An overrunned outpost in this area will come in handy.

M-11: Technology Theft

Briefing: Before Visbi'okls met his demise we managed to find a map of a secret tech base in this region. This is where the Ion cannon was invented. We have already sent in a ground force but GDI has called in their Naval units to finish off our gun emplacements. We need you to reinforce and rebuild. The tech center will be ours. Capture the tech center then destroy all GDI presence.

M-12: Ion Theft

Briefing: We may have some of GDI's weapon technology, but it is all in vain when the
2=Ion cannon is still in GDI's power. We have discovered that the Ion cannon is controlled by 8 seperate Adv. comm. centers, to keep it from being stolen easily. One of them is in this region. Capture it so we can use it. You must first destroy the tech center so GDI doesn't send the fail safe auto destruct signal to it.

M-13: Operation Ion

Briefing: Our Scientist have claimed that they can take the Ion cannon. But they need all other centers to be taken out. Looks like we can get two birds with one stone. Somewhere around here is GDI's second center. We don't know where the fail safe is, so destroy all of GDI. While doing that rebuild the Temple so we can launch missles at the other centers. Use the stolen GDI Technology to assist you.


SCB092 - Rebirth of Nod - part II by David Gali II - 13 Missions -



M-01: Operation Ion 2

Briefing: The third Adv. comm center has been found. Our technicians have stolen the data and now it's time to destroy the center. Our nuclear missile will be ready soon. Move the technicians to a safe distance and use the missile to destroy the center. Then, go to the evac site in the southeast and get them out. And hurry. Our long range radar has picked up an air strike closing on your location. They'll arrive in 10 minutes.

M-02: Waypoint action

Briefing: Thanks to you we got our team away. But our Engineer team was intercepted.
2=GDI has figured out where the Chinook was headed and placed SAM's to stop us from getting to the waypoint. You must get to the south, to our docking base. Get to the comm. center so that we can start attacking the next adv. comm center. And hurry. Before GDI brings in it's Heavy Armor Units!!!!!

M-03: Power Drain

Briefing: Our intel has pinpointed the 4th adv. comm center on an island. The council has decided for a full frontal assault. But first we need to take out the power grid located in this base that protects the island from air assaults. Good luck and watch out for the patrols in the area.

M-04: Island Assault

Briefing: Good job on your last mission. Now that we've knocked out GDI's adv. guard towers, it's time to move in. We've found a waterway where the water is low enough to cross. But GDI has blocked this pass. Clear the fortification so our MCV can arrive. Use the resources on the island to destroy the adv. comm center. With no power the failsafe won't work.

M-05: GDI Strike

Briefing: Pack your bags. We have a problem. Sattelites have picked up an attack squad heading to our repair base. This is where captured GDI units are fixed and gassed for our use. Intel says the units will be repaired in about 45 minutes. HOLD them off until then. None of these units can be lost once they are to be used against the next adv. comm center.

M-06: Ion Theft

Briefing: We have a problem. GDI has retaken our adv. comm center. They slipped our radar by attacking our repair base. Now it's time to pay. Thanks to you, our captured GDI units are now fueled and ready. Use them to fight your way to the adv. comm center and capture it. You only have 1 engineer so protect him closely. We have sent a scout team ahead to hold a waypoint but it won't last.

M-07: Operation Ion VII

Briefing: Now that our adv comm. center is OK, it's time to move on. The next adv. comm center is located North from here. As the routine attack plan, destroy the tech center before destroying the adv. comm center. Watch out for GDI airstrikes as you progress. GDI rebuilt their main base north from here. Too bad for them they have not completely sold the old base. Take it over and use it against them.

M-08: Construction Sabotage

Briefing: We have a problem. Spy radars have reported that GDI is in the process of building an adv. comm center. We must stop this. To the south is GDI's early warning base camp. We sent a small task force in by chinook to take it over. Do just that and use their own forces against them. (note: you only have to destroy the adv. comm center, CY, power plant, and factories near it)

M-09: Operation Ion 9

Briefing: Invade the GDI outpost in the NW. Do not lose engineers or you won't be able to access the main land. Then, you have to seek out for the tech-center and the Advanced Comm-center. Destroy them!

M-10: Green Beret Grunts

Briefing: From the dry heat to the humid jungle are next target is here. North of
2=this jungle lies GDI's adv. comm center. We sent 3 teams in, Team Gamma, Alpha and Tango. They were ambushed, seperated and fell back here. Regroup them, make your way to the base, destroy the fail safe and then the adv. comm center. Be careful: GDI snipers are hiding in the trees.

M-11: A New Ally

Briefing: I have great news! Kane has spoken. message start...."Brothers, we shall soon be heard forever. The reason for my hiding is that I have been working with a new secret brotherhood. They have agreed to join us. They are known as the Brotherhood of fire. They shall help you destroy the last adv. comm center GDI has. Use them with your plans for our finial victory is almost upon" end message.

M-12: The fall of GDI

Briefing: Communication hook-up with Kane.../\/\..."My children, they shall soon pay. London, Paris along with most of the world has fallen. GDI's power can not stop us. And it is time for the final blow. GDI's prime HQ located in Washington. With our new allies head north to Washington. GDI has placed a blockade to stop us. Destroy it so our attack will be without much resistance."

M-13: The fall of GDI 2

Briefing: .../\/\...."My children of the NOD, this day was once a dream but now a reality. GDI's prime HQ located in Washington DC is North of this region. There's no special weapon, no allies to help them. Most of their allies are no more. The mission is simple. DESTROY......let no GDI color remain. With the help on the Brotherhood of Fire we shall be victorious against those who tries to stop us"

M-14: The fall of GDI 3

Briefing: Thanks to you GDI's prime HQ has fallen. Washington now belongs to the brotherhood. The remaining survivors of GDI have fled to an island North of here. There are many doctors treating their wounded. Destroy the base. SAM's guard the base so destroy them and a chinook will arive. A nearby villiage might tell you a good landing site if properly motivated.

M-15: The Rebirth of Nod

Briefing: After the defeat of GDI the UN attempted to fight back. However with the Ion cannon controlled by NOD they were no threat. The world is now in a dark time. However there is light. GDI's leader General Sheppard has not been found. Is he still alive? If he is then one day GDI will strike back to retake the Earth from its captures, and on that day it is to say the true battle for tiberium will begin...


SCB093 - Revolution by Guy Ulmer - 06 Missions - Winter and Desert theater



M-01: Radar Assault

Briefing: Some locals have found an abandoned building which contains very important info about nod bases in this area. They gave this info to the GDI forces - And they use it in order to mark their A-10 targets with the aid of an advanced radar system which they established in here. We have a small task force and we want you to destroy the radar and all the civillians and civillian buildings in the area so nobody will be able to find this info. Be careful with the A-10 raids!

M-02: Rottenness

Briefing: We managed to jam the A10 signals and to destroy most of them, But the GDI already bombarded our main tiberium refining base near Krakov and now they want to finish the job with their infantry. This area is rich in tiberium and we want to keep it for us! Now we want you to relocate the base and perform repairs. Then you should eleminate all enemy forces in the area. We will send you some reinforcements to deal with the enemy turrets. Be careful! There is something rotten in here!

M-03: Uncle SAM

Briefing: We knew it! The GDI got a much more A-10s than we thought! But now we have the support of the HFSA (Hungarian free standing army). They established a SAM sites line so the GDI wont bother us again with their A-10s in this area, But the GDI sent a small task force to deal with them. We have just one damaged APC in this area, but we will send you immediatly some of our new flamethrower troops. You will have to work extermely fast in here. Do not let the GDI units destroy all the SAM sites!

M-04: Grand Canyon

Briefing: Kane is starting to build a nuclear missile, but he needs some components. Our spies told us that the GDI forces are hiding such components inside crates in a small valley in Iraq. We want you to move in and steal them all. When you find the 3 crates we will automaticaly transfer their contents so you won't need a chopper after all. Go get them!

M-05: Spilled oil

Briefing: Our attemps to persuade Iraq to join us have failed! They are holding right now the only valuable resource except tiberium - oil. We want to make sure that all their oil wells in this area will be destroyed. And that is your job! There is a GDI base in the area and they destroyed the bridge that leads to the oil wells. The only way to reach them now is to destroy the GDI base. They got A10s, but we have a small airforce as well...

M-06: The Rock

Briefing: Some of our elite troops have been captured in a well guarded isolated prison in Israel. The only way out is by a helicopter, but we won't be able to send it until all the SAM sites in that area will be destroyed. When the helicopter arrives take your troops southward to the flare. Then look for the GDI tech center in the area and destroy it, so nobody will know about the escape. Use the enemy turrets stupidity to escape, but don't destroy them!


SCB094 - Dust by Henrik Lehtinen and Jussi Laaksonen - 13 Missions - Desert theater



Dust Campaign M-01

Briefing: In order for the Brotherhood to gain a foothold, we must begin by eliminating certain elements. Nikoomba, the nearby village's leader, is one such element. His views and ours do not coincide, and he must be eliminated.

Dust Campaign M-02

Briefing: There is a GDI base in this area. Get in with your troops, infilitrate it destroy and then get out.

Dust Campaign M-03

Briefing: These civilians have been helping GDI forces to establish a base. You are to destroy them utterly: To punish them and also to put the motives of the Global Defence Initiative under question.

Dust Campaign M-04

Briefing: You are to establish a forward attack post close to this oasis. There are also some GDI troops around, so wipe them out too.

Dust Campaign M-05

Briefing: GDI has made major advances in the field of aircraft targeting systems. They have shipped a prototype of this new device to a base near your location. It's up to YOU to get there, get in, get it and get out. Get it?

Dust Campaign M-06

Briefing: This base is the central of GDI's communications in Africa. Destroying it would leave the GDI forces remaining blind. Get in with your commando team and destroy their communicative capabilities.

Dust Campaign M-07

Briefing: This global news channel's African headquarters is a major link in global medialization of the matters here in Africa. Capturing it would advance matters towards our goal. There is also a GDI base in the area, so be very wary.

Dust Campaign M-08

Briefing: Due to our recent campaigning, the civilian population in your area is getting worried about their safety. A high-ranking GDI spokesman has been sent to brief GDI goals and safety matters with leaders of the nearby villages. Get in with your commando. Do not leave any civilians standing.

Dust Campaign M-09

Briefing: Thanks to the capture of the new aircraft targeting system, we are on equal footing in air strength with the Initiative. In this mission, we'll put our air units into use. Build up your base, and be prepared to defend it from airstrikes, as well as use your own against the GDI base.

Dust Campaign M-10

Briefing: Reinforcements are being sent to a small NOD base, which has just fallen under attack. You must eliminate the GDI base in the area.

Dust Campaign M-11

Briefing: A small rebel colony of arms dealers and smugglers has just been uncovered. Our forces are rushing in for the loot, at the same time as GDI forces are taking the rebels under custody. Get as many money crates as you can before you're knocked out.

Dust Campaign M-12

Briefing: Using the money, and ONLY the money you gained in your last mission, build up a base near this oasis. Then build a strike team, and knock out the GDI base.

Dust Campaign M-13

Briefing: Establish your base, then build and defend the Temple of Nod. All GDI forces are to destroyed. Kane has ordered you to defend the Temple at all costs, even your own life. Do not allow GDI forces to overrun you.



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SCB095 - Amazon Assault by Andrew Griffin - 06 Missions - Temperate theater



M-01: Find the map

The Brazilian government has notified GDI of a massive tiberium deposit in the Amazon jungle. We cannot let GDI get their hands on such a large deposit of tiberium, but do not know precisely where it is. We do know where a map is that will lead us to it, however. You are to take a small squad and retrieve the map from the comm. center in the NW corner. Unfortunately, the parachute drop of your APC went wrong and the vehicle is seriously damaged, though still in working order.

M-02: The Slog

Good work. We now know where this tiberium deposit is and have found a way to reach it. GDI has cut a road through the Amazon forest to reach this deposit, and it is this road which we will use. However, GDI has heavily fortified this road, so it is up to you to clear the way for our troops. Beware of A-10 attacks, especially in the difficult to maneouver space. You will get quite a bit of tank backup, as they get chewed up very quickly.

M-03: Destroy Refineries

GDI has stupidly set up 4 tiberium factories to pay for their equipment, but have yet to receive their harvesters, leaving them without a source of income. take a small force and destroy all four refineries before the first of these harvesters arrive. Don't worry about destroying the rest of the base, you don't have the equipment to do that. Don't take too long or GDI will get their production up and running and be able to start making tanks. Try to avoid a-10s. They can crush you.

M-04: Body Blow

Now that we have crippled the base, leaving it virtually without a source of income, you are to build your own base and destroy the GDI defenders. They have managed to strengthen their defenses and shipped in an emergency harvester, so they will put up some resistance. You should have access to enough tiberium to pay for your machines of war. Again, watch out for the heavy air support. We are working on putting an end to this continuing annoyance.

M-05: Swat the Flies

We found out how GDI manages to coordinate their massive air support. They are using a new orbital station to get real-time pictures of the battlefield. We have located the base where this equipment is stationed - you are to take in an assault group and destroy the advanced communications center and the 4 communications centers at all cost. A GDI commander is visiting this base to inspect the outer defenses. Destroy his MHQ before proceeding with the demolition of the commnications centers.

M-06: The Goal

At last, our forces are at the entrance to the tiberium field. This is the only access point to the deposit, and GDI have already set up a large base that is being used to collect massive amounts of tiberium. We must control this field. You are to build up your own base and destroy all GDI defenders. Once the base is destroyed, we will have access to the greatest tiberium field on Earth! Air support should be minimal, but keep your eyes open. Do not fail The Brotherhood! Fight! Win! Prevail!


SCB096 - Waffenklau by Tobias Janssen - 07 Missions



M-01: Routinefall (Routine Operation)

Winter theater: We plan to take over a GDI weapons factory. Fortunately it is not very protected, so that our troops could succeed. First you should take out the GDI refinery, as the power plants at that location feeds their whole power grid. When you've eliminated the power plants deal with the factory.

M-02: Kurzer Prozess (Swift Action)

Winter theater: Damn! Even though we now have the weapons factory, we cannot find the blueprints for the units anywhere. Our base, which controls reinforcements, was destroyed by GDI. So you have no choice but but to protect the weapons factory. We must not lose it again! In approximately 15 minutes special forces will send in reinforcements to relieve you.

M-03: Planerweiterung (Change of Plans)

Temperate theater: Okay, we have to steal the blueprints, which shouldn't be much trouble. GDI hid them in two parts. The first one is being kept in a metal crate, somewhere outside the GDI base. However, the other part is in the technology center. Capture it. When you got the crate, you'll get reinforcements from the Northwest, which will help you to get into the base. But first you should remove the beach guard.

M-04: Flucht (Escape)

Winter theater: We thought, GDI would give up. But we were mistaken. While we were after the blueprints for the tanks they planned an attack on our weapons factory. That means, that GDI will not neglect to destroy everything. Our prototype of their tanks is ready. We have to get it and the data car, which contains the plans, out of that area! Be careful! GDI has put up large scale barricades! GDI has planted multiple bombs on our tanks!

M-05: Das Geheimnis (The Secret)

Winter theater: ATTENTION ENCRYPTED MESSAGED RECEIVED... Quick!! Quickkk!!!! come on... .... oh, sorry, but we got problems with our M1A1 prototype. GDI uses all measures to prevent our tank to reach the base. We errected a secret weapons factory. GDI noticed our activities. Quick, see to that the GDI ..... from this area...... It seems they still won't give up! AHH!!!.......

M-06: Kontrollsturz (Overthrow of Control)

Winter theater: We became sloppy when we heard of your success. GDI rushed several mammoths against our emplacements. We'll try again to build a base in this area. It won't be a walk in the park. By the way, we intercepted a transmission which talked about a new weapon. If it's true, destroy it! If you need help, call for reinforcements on the northern coast.

M-07: Aktive Streitigkeiten (Active Quarrels)

Temperate theater: Do you remember where you retrieved the blueprints? GDI has pushed our remaining units back to that area. With our last forces we want to infiltrate the base housing the weapons factory. Whether we can pull it off depends on your talent. We can only hold position by completely taking over the GDI weapons base. Otherwise we will be forced to withdraw from this area.


SCB097 - Operation England by Tobias Janssen - 04 Missions - Temperate theater



M-01: Sicherheitssystem (Security System)

Long since NOD has planned a large scale assault on the GDI command centre. However, we couldn't disarm the security system. You may do the groundwork and break open their security system. Destroy all communications centres, including the ion-cannon uplinks!

M-02: Problematischer Transport (Troublesome Transport)

Our preparations for the big attack are nearly complete. However, we still need some nuclear transports, which hold our new nuclear warheads. They absolutely have to reach the camp in Gorsov. You have to lead all transports to their reprocessing plants. A few of our newest supertanks with improved armor will be at your disposal. The way to the plant has become difficult. You surely will come under fire from GDI. Over.

M-03: Anschlag aufs Hauptquartier (Assault on the Headquarters)

Everything is prepared for the attack on the headquarters. First try to build a base to repel all attacks. Then proceed to attack and eliminate that miserable bunch. However, you'll have to expect a lot of feedback from GDI. You won't have it easy! GDI has also blocked access to the tiberium fields! When you encounter problems we will send reinforcements!

M-04: Letzte Verteidigung (Last Stand)

After you have destroyed the flagship of GDI, our forces can now move to less critical areas. In this forest there are allegdly some forces holding out. Because it is the last area with a GDI base, it is heavily defended. Nevertheless, try to drive GDI out of that place. Then England will be part of our force. GDI has almost lost! Here we go!


SCB098 - Assault Campaign by Isaac Skibinski and Forrest English - 05 Missions - Desert theater



Assault Campaign M-01

The enemy base in this region has been giving our task forces a hard time. In preparation for a final attack, you are to take a small team in to remove their main defence force. There are rumors that they have taken some of our troops prisioner, free them.

Assault Campaign M-02

This strike you are to take out the base, no half ass job this time. They know that we're back so beware of instant retaliation.

Assault Campaign M-03

GDI wants the region you now occupy back pretty bad. Our satelites have detected a GDI strike force closing on your location. Defend your base and then counterstrike to remove all enemy forces.

Assault Campaign M-04

Our spies have located the base that sent those reinforcements. We want you to take a force in and totally destroy all of it. Oh, by the way, there is a small group of separatists GDI forces in the area. They are opposed to both the goals of GDI and The Brotherhood, let GDI deal with them whenever possible.

Assault Campaign M-05

A few of GDI's gutless troops had abandoned their positions when we struck at there headquarters in this region. Exterminate them.


SCB099 - D Day by Chris Johnson - 04 Missions - Winter theater



Day 1

This mission is of serious importance to the brotherhood. It is the GDI's last frontal defence. Kane is pleased with your actions but is wondering if he chose the right man for this task. You must establish and defend your base from massive GDI assault. There are rumors that they might have some of our technology they could be correct. Destroy all within your battlegrounds.

Day 2

The Brotherhood has just received a distress signal from their main fortress. It appears that they have lost their commander in a brutal battle with the Gdi. Kane wants you to assume the base, repair it if necessary and build a force to take out hope of Gdi advance. Then, we should be able to get access to the GDI's new weapon, the Ion Cannon. Do not fail the Brotherhood!!!

Day 3

Kane has ordered you to take control of the GDI's frontal defence bases. He believes that after years of bombardment the strongholds are weakening. No matter what the case may be, you are to give this mission your all, because this could be the Nod's last chance at taking an advantage over GDI and to finally win this battle which has seemed to be endless.

Day 4

This may be the last battle between are Nod and Gdi forces so you must make it a glorious victory. We have heard that the Gdi have many bases in the area and they all must be destroyed. In order to beat this mission. Good Luck!!



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  • SCB101EA - The Bionic Men by Han Brunger
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  • SCB117EA - Death Valley by Commando
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  • SCB120EA - Choppers, Choppers Everywhere by Niall Davidson
  • SCB121EA - Blood Force by David Dennis
  • SCB122EA - Mammoth Attack! by Richard Kee
  • SCB123EA - Avatar by mgP
  • SCB124EA - Thunder by Mike DeSeve
  • SCB125EA - Broken Arrow by Victor Szoltysek
  • SCB126EA - Farmers' Emnity by Mark Anthony Taylor
  • SCB127EA - Seizure of Assets by Jonathan Chen
  • SCB128EA - Two Hostages by Eug
  • SCB129EA - Island Storm by Gary Bryson
  • SCB130EA - Outland by Gary Bryson

All missions down to 135 by Mel Olson

  • SCB131EA - Flame Death
  • SCB132EA - Morning Glory
  • SCB133EA - Northern Lights
  • SCB134EA - Cold as Ice
  • SCB135EA - Final Jeopardy
  • SCB136EA - No Limits by Sebastian Jorgensen
  • SCB137EA - The BlackOut - unknown
  • SCB138EA - The Road to Golgotha by Harlequin of NOD
  • SCB139EA - Troopers - Unknown



Edited by Chimas

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Nod ::: Pack SCB140 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover




  • SCB140EA - AGT Ahead - Unknown
  • SCB141EA - The Repair Facility - Unknown

All missions down to 156 by Franz Kohlrus

  • SCB142EA - Partisan
  • SCB143EA - Not in Love
  • SCB144EA - Fly NOD
  • SCB145EA - GDI go home
  • SCB146EA - Badguys only
  • SCB147EA - Wild GDI
  • SCB148EA - GDI-Town
  • SCB149EA - Subway
  • SCB150EA - In and out
  • SCB151EA - Landing NOD
  • SCB152EA - Veni, Vidi, Vici
  • SCB153EA - Code Blue
  • SCB154EA - B.L.U.E.
  • SCB155EA - Airfight
  • SCB156EA - Mad
  • SCB157EA - Crash Override by Cover
  • SCB158EA - The Town by Julian Marks
  • SCB159EA - Waldorf Village - Unknown
  • SCB160EA - Neutralism by Jon Magne Austenaa
  • SCB161EA - THE by Jon Magne Austenaa
  • SCB162EA - Total War by Jon Magne Austenaa
  • SCB163EA - Desert Takeover - unknown
  • SCB164EA - The Framing by John Ruocco
  • SCB165EA - The Bridge by Sauron de Mordor

All missions down to 172 by Lin Kuei Ominae

  • SCB166EA - Nukes to GDI
  • SCB167EA - No way home
  • SCB168EA - Trial of Strength
  • SCB169EA - Only one way in!
  • SCB170EA - Hell Machine
  • SCB171EA - Island Battle
  • SCB172EA - Cold and Icy
  • SCB173EA - Armorities by [REDACTED]
  • SCB174EA - Tiberium Warfare - unknown
  • SCB175EA - The Uprising Of Nod 1 - unknown
  • SCB176EA - G.D.I.E 2 - unknown
  • SCB177EA - NOD Honour - unknown
  • SCB178EA - The Oasis of GDI - unknown
  • SCB179EA - The Twist of GDI - unknown



Edited by Chimas
GDPR claim

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Nod ::: Pack SCB180 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover




  • SCB180EA - Tha Temple by David Dennis
  • SCB181EA - Too Much Tax, GDI! by Jon Magne Austenaa
  • SCB182EA - Abyss - unknown
  • SCB183EA - Point Break High - unknown
  • SCB184EA - Hillside Battle - unknown
  • SCB185EA - Final Task by Pieksu
  • SCB186EA - The GDI base by MJ COOZE
  • SCB187EA - The GDI Home Town by MJ COOZE
  • SCB188EA - Dead - Unknown
  • SCB189EA - Civil Guard by Nyerguds
  • SCB190EA - Tiberium Poisoning by Nyerguds
  • SCB191EA - Tiberian Skirmish by Charles Hay
  • SCB192EA - Counterattack by Jafet Kackur
  • SCB193EA - Troops We Have by Trilobyte
  • SCB194EA - BBQ Party by Trilobyte
  • SCB195EA - Unfair Duel by Elso
  • SCB196EA - Counter Attack by Apollo
  • SCB197EA - No Remorse by Apollo
  • SCB198EA - Winter of Discontent by MrFlibble
  • SCB199EA - Avenger Desert by Robo Fish
  • SCB200EA - Carter by Mike McFall
  • SCB201EA - Speed - Unknown
  • SCB202EA - Avatar by Cover
  • SCB203EA - Operation Apache by Jonathan Chen
  • SCB204EA - Orca 3 - Hell on Earth! by Matchman
  • SCB205EA - Alcatraz by Matchman
  • SCB206EA - Blood Bath by Matchman
  • SCB207EA - Termination Force by Matchman
  • SCB208EA - BioLab by MattAttack
  • SCB209EA - Parking Lot by MattAttack
  • SCB210EA - War in Greece II - Unknown
  • SCB211EA - Sneaky Tactics by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCB212EA - Need for Speed by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCB213EA - Hostage Exchange by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCB214EA - Desert Run by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCB215EA - The Heat by Tore
  • SCB216EA - War Zone by ChronoSeth
  • SCB217EA - Death Valley by Commando
  • SCB218EA - The Shifting Sands by TrailHog250
  • SCB219EA - Chop Hop by MattAttack



Edited by Chimas

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The Repair Bay

A momentary folder where the broken missions are placed. List of the files at the repair bay:


::: GDI - Good Hunting - Map Ed

::: GDI - Orca Mission - Map Ed needed - no Triggers & Teamtype

::: GDI - Pitfall - almost 400 units - no TT

::: GDI - The Great War

::: GDI - Samsite Wallz - Nailz Boymgeenut

::: GDI - Dan Heath M16 and M17 - map missing

::: GDI - Recapturing CY - INI missing

::: GDI - Armagedon - End missing (I'm kidding)

::: Nod - Avatar

::: Nod - Mission Impossible - I think it's a mod



The Refinery List
Posted Tuesday, 7 June 2011 - 01:28 AM

Hallo Commander!

The Refinery is a folder where I simply throw all the SP missions that I get in order to take a primary approach later.
Much of them I see the INI, audit the triggers and teamtypes, separate single missions, mini-campagins and campaigns, etc.

These are the missions in the Refinery right now (mini<3, mid 4-7, Lrg>8):

  • 9 missions by Tobias Janßen
  • Operation Russland - 4 missions
  • Die Grenzstaaten - 5 missions

Suppliers so far:

Edited by Chimas

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Woah. Quite a project you got set up here.

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Woah. Quite a project you got set up here.

Yeah, Pretty nice work Solo!!

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Guest Rabbit

Pinned because it deserves it. I like what you've put together, Solo. :)

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Additional Comments

  • This is a group of independent missions and campaigns made by Tiberian Dawn fans in the last 15 years. These missions are a rich resource regarding the history and the stories of this RTS game. They were organized by their release date, but it won't be reclassified if other old missions are discovered or brought up.
  • Some missions have the briefing added, invented or edited. They were also revised for triggers, teamtypes and support game programming. In a recent phase some few map editing for refinements were made. In the other hand, a lot of missions were almost UNTOUCHED, except the case to add the list number.
  • Although waypoints and celltriggers seem to be less important, they were left for future rounds, because this type of editing might change the strategy of the map maker so it should be done one by one, out of this "assembly line". (Btw, whenever I could, I took the Chinooks out of water back to the game...)
  • After trigger and teamtype editing, the start of all missions were tested to see if any sudden crash would take place. So, all missions published are running, although they might have quality assurement issues standing still. When a crash happened and an instant fix couldn't be done, the mission was transferred to the repair bay.
    INI, BIN, MIX and ZIP files
  • Recently Nyerguds told me that some coding (EC and EE) for the INI/BIN files are problematic to MIX files. So, if you have a mission with a code like SCG100EC, the MIX file will get confused. The solution became reserving the 900 series for mini-campaigns (3 missions in a row) and below 100 to campaigns. Therefore, from 100 to 899 is being used for stand alone missions.
    Excel files
  • You might find some Excel files supporting this collection. Mission Index is the general list of the games. Some stats like number of triggers (in a mission), number of teamtypes have been added. This way the player will be able to evaluate a mission before the gameplay. Mission Consult is for revising the mission parameters. If you have any doubt related to these *XLS files, make contact.
  • The first supporter for this effort was 23Down who provided a pack. Later, HeavyLobster and Tore contacted me in CnCNet and sent more missions. AlexB sent me a link here and also Nyergudspointed me to his website where he maintains a lot of TD missions that are or to be included in this innitiative. If YOU or a friend have any old single player mission somewhere, send me and I'll take a look right away to add it to the list. If it's a NEW SP mission, publish it first in the proper thread in this and/or other communities.
  • One former author were contacted by e-mail: Tsuyoshi Kihara. He was told about the TD communities and invited to come over. If others are found they will be advised too.
  • Personally, I took a mini-campaign for a reform.The previous author called it Arctic missions and at that time there wasn't a snow theater. So, I'm converting it from WINTER to SNOW. Since it lacks triggers and teamtypes, I'm using it to train mapmaking.
  • Thanks for the regards but I must say that if you note that many missions started being made in 1996 up to our days, that seems to be a great achievement of all these authors that had a lot of barriers to overcome. Come back sometimes to this thread and check if anything else were added. Don't forget to update your downloads if the date changed. So, let's have fun!

Edited by Solo

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C&C for DOS
Hallo Commander!
Missions in Savegame format, apparently for DOS. It wasn't opened or edited.
::: Link1 ::: Link2 :::

Missions name code:

  • A - B
    Air Hunter, Always, Asylum, Battle fo the North River, BattleField, Blood Creek, Blood Zero, Bridge Assault, Brutal Battle, Bush Fire
  • C - D
    C&Th (?), CnC City, Commander Grullef, Dark Zone, Death Squad, Death Wish, Deep Sky, Der Urlaub, Destroy, Die Olfelder, Die Verschanzung auf der Insel, Die Wasserstelle, DieHard, Dynamical War
    Don Durie minipack - Lost at Sea + South of the Border + Surround
  • E - J
    End is Near, Extremities, Factory Wall, Failure, Final Fight, Fire Fight, Frontal, FrontLine Remix, Gun Down, Insanity, Intimidation, Irony, Island Fortress, Island
  • K - M
    Kampfbereit, Landing, Legend Lx, Lev3AE, Low Tech, LX-Oil, Massacre
  • N - R
    Nate Ruddick - GDI Campaign, Nate Ruddick - Nod Campaign, No Surrender, NOD Copter, Nod Mud Clan, OnSlaught, Out of Time, Power ON, Power Run, Prisons Edge, PsychoTrope, Rebel HQ
  • S - W
    SAM Destroy, Saved 1, Secret Ways, Seize, SportSter, StarMix, Strange World, Targe Biology, Target LX, Target One, Terror, The Swarm, TOFC, True Blood, Trust, Vicinity, Winter Mix



Edited by Chimas

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The Watch List

Hallo Commander!

I'd like to thank Zee Hipnotist, our moderator, for having pinned this thread.

Ever since, the views had increased and by consequence, the importance to keep this work.


I believe everybody is aware that this is not a complex task, at least for the changes that are being made right now, and or compared to other ones, mainly involving programming.

In the other hand, this task is extensive and expansive. Finally, it is a minor creative job, since it is more related to maintainance and there's already a structure set.


There's a GAP however that we should fill in the short term, a bit more complex, but not hardworking.


So, this is the idea.

It's a mapmaking job, just to finish a previous exhaustive job and to enable it to the rest of the community.

I made a review and listed missions with 3 or less TRIGGERS OR TEAMTYPES. These missions are suspects to be unfinished or poorly made.

I took out any contemporary author and focused in the ancient authors that might not be here to change them.


Here is the list


::: Brotherhood of Nod :::

  • SCB128 - Two Hostages ::: Triggers=4; Teamtypes=1
  • SCB137 - The Blackout ::: Triggers=3; Teamtypes=0
  • SCB140B - Wrath Of NOD ::: Triggers=4; Teamtypes=0
  • SCB140C - Oil War ::: Triggers=4; Teamtypes=0
  • SCB158 - The Town ::: Triggers=3; Teamtypes=0
  • SCB159 - Kane's Wife - Part I ::: Triggers=4; Teamtypes=0
  • SCB159 - Kane's Wife - Part I ::: Triggers=10; Teamtypes=3
  • SCB164 - Assault Campaign A - 05 ::: Triggers=2; Teamtypes=8
  • SCB165 - Assault Campaign A - 05 ::: Triggers=2; Teamtypes=8
  • SCB190 - Tiberian skirmish ::: Triggers=5; Teamtypes=0
::: Global Defense Innitiave :::
  • SCG121 - World War III ::: Triggers=5; Teamtypes=0
  • SCG123 - Money War ::: Triggers=5; Teamtypes=1
  • SCG133 - Maximum Operation Overkill ::: Triggers=2; Teamtypes=1
  • SCG140 - NOD Tiberium Experiments ::: Triggers=12; Teamtypes=3
  • SCG144 - Forces of Destruction ::: Triggers=5; Teamtypes=2
  • SCG160E - The GDI Airforce: It's too late!!! ::: Triggers=4; Teamtypes=1
  • SCG170 - Peak of the Mountain ::: Triggers=7; Teamtypes=3
  • SCG177 - Cyber War vol02 ::: Triggers=3; Teamtypes=1
  • SCG207 - Rescue Operation ::: Triggers=4; Teamtypes=2


This is what you have to do, in case you accept this small challenge:

- You'll pick one of those missions and let us know here in this thread (reserve it).

- If You change it , you'll put the BIN+INI files here for us in a ZIP file.


Three things might happen:

  • No changes - by some reason, you believe the mission must remain this way
  • Enhancement - The mission is finished but you've decided to make some improvements
  • Finishment - The mission has something lost and you've made adjustments and/or added the proper commands and units
It must be emphasized that the original mission, no matter the state it is, it won't be lost.

All the originals are in the packs right now. However, if the changes are welcomed by the community, it will be accepted.


I'm doing it this way because people want to contribute in some way, but don't want it to become a commitment.

Also it's not a boring task after all and it is a fast one, there is not much a risk in leaving it undone.

If you feel like doing it, let us know, you're welcome.


/edit much later


Why this not a surprise ehehehe: you might include in the list a well known "mission" called PATSUCKS PATSUX, once that it has no teamtypes and only elementar triggers WIN and LOOSE. I don't know even why they put a LOOSE trigger.

Edited by Solo

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Missions in Savegame format, apparently for DOS, or at least, not HIRES for patch 1.06

Um, hires has no relation to that... DOS savegames don't work on any version of C&C95.


Also, the next release (1.06c revision 2) will remove the separate hires savegames problem in C&C95 anyway.

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Mission Audit


I've been experimenting with this file.

  • MAP tab
    I've implemented the [bASE] section.
    You can see the list, which structure is part of it from it's number ID of the structure section and the CELL number on the map.
  • ARMY tab
    There's a [bASE] section simulator in this tab.
    First, choose STRUCTURES on B43.
    Change the number of priority in the Prior column and it will appear on the right at column W.
    Then it can be simply copied and pasted to the INI file.


note: Nyerguds cleared out details of a formula, so now it's reliable.

Edited by Solo

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TD Ratings

Hallo Commander!


This thread is quite a monologue. I'll give some ideas below. You might comment it here or via e-mail.

I'm thinking of setting up an Excel file called TD_Ratings for those players that want to classify missions played in all these packs.


Not only to flag good missions, it would give us the notion of how many players are playing SP missions.


Would be something like:


- A simple scale from 1 to 5 and the number of evaluations from each mission.


- Another important thing is to collect data from known players and avoid anonymous entries.

So, the player would have to fill, for example:

Alias (header) - Solo

Community source (header) - CNCNZ

Mission (line) - SCG900EA

Rate (column) - 3.0

Notes (column) - The build level is too low

The form would be 2 vertical lists - 1 tab for GDI and 1 for Nod, from SC...100EA up to SC...xxxEA, a basic database.

The result would be something like:

Mission | Features | Average | # of rates | Notes


SCG900EA | 62x62, Temperate, 10 Triggers, 8 Teamtypes | 4.1 | 3 players - Monster/cnc-comm, Kiwi/CNCNZ, IonKodak/TiberiumWeb |

Only below 5 players, I would add the Alias+Community.


For now, this is the scale:

1 ::: Poor state ::: bad map and/or programming, subject to replacement or upgrade

2 ::: Complete ::: nothing to add but in the other hand, put it in the end of your TO CONQUER list

3 ::: Standard ::: have all basic tricks you'll find in other missions

4 ::: Worth playing ::: Good timing and AI T&T - Triggers and Teamtypes

5 ::: Must play ::: Debatable "Hard", but at least balanced, it will take time to beat


Optional explanation for the scale (just for fun)

1 - Kane wanna talk to the author privately

2 - Meh!!

3 - Are you picking this up?!

4 - Silos Needed

5 - Do you want to play this mission again? (Hell yeah!!)


And finally, IF the idea really matters, we would turn it into a new thread: TD SP Missions - Top 10 List.

After a minimum of 20 missions evaluated by more than 20 different players, which would be updated from time to time.


Feel free to give ideas and comments.


Edited by Solo

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Recent Changes #1


I've took off the release dates on the Cover-post.

I put a list here to simplify the register process.


  • # - Pack - Mission
    Most Recent Changes
  • 1 - Pack SCB180
    Fixes in SCB181, SCB182, SCB187 and SCB198
  • 2 - SCB164ED - Assault campaign 04
    Triggers and teamtypes added
  • 3 - SCB219 - Chop Hop
    Late addition
  • 4 - SCB136
    MCV wasn't arriving not allowing the mission to finish
  • 5 - Pack SCB200
    RELEASED - (20 missions)


Edited by Solo

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