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Tiberian Dawn - Single Player missions

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Next Steps


Hallo Commander!

Its summertime here in the south hemisphere.

Lazyness is rampant after a tough, hard to handle 2nd semester.



This is the planning for the 1st semester:



1 - SCB pack


I'm trying to gather some Nod missions to another pack, let's see.

Pfff, not a chance.


I'll fill the blank codes that will be left out by the moving campaigns.



I've noticed that some reconstruction of BASES are not working, somehow.

I'll have to study these cases and see what must be done.

I case any of you notice this, let me know. Send a PM.



I'm moving them to the "safe zones" of the coding system.

Large Campaigns (above 5 missions) will be placed from 30 to 99 (maybe 40-99, I'm not sure right now)

Mini-campaigns (5 missions or below) will be placed above 900


GDI - done,Nod - on the way ...


4 - SCG pack

Tons standing still on GDI side


5 - XCC Crashes

Takes a lot of time to discover why certain missions crash on opening with XCC editor.

This way I'll create a folder here and store all of them there. Eventually I'll pass it to someone else.


6 - Trigger Codes

\edit Jan24-2012

Nyerguds warned that triggers with more than 4 digits will not work correctly.


I'm also finishing a single player mission, not related to this project, but it takes time.

And eventually I have to play the game for fun eheheheh


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I've found later, in that pack sent by Biggix, there are no new missions.

But thanks for trying, anyway...

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Updated this issue here.

RapidShare wasn't available anymore, so I moved to SugarSync to test.

There is a file version feature that is new amongst other "cloudsites" and i'll be testing later.

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CnC95 Catalog


Hallo Commander!

I've put all the MIX files with the games in one ZIP file, in case you'd be in a hurry or without patience:





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GDI ::: Pack SCG260 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover




  • SCG260 - Big Push by Pokey
  • SCG261 - Skunk Wars by Pokey
  • SCG262 - Opium Wars by Pokey

All missions down to 268 by Mel Olson

  • SCG263 - Land of Lakes
  • SCG264 - Massive Resistance
  • SCG265 - The Gauntlet
  • SCG266 - Middle of Hell
  • SCG267 - The March North
  • SCG268 - Desert Tech
  • SCG269 - Nuclear Holocaust by Michal Kiezik
  • SCG270 - GDIs Revenge in the Desert by Steven Hovland
  • SCG271 - The Bridge on the kwai by Julian Marks

All missions down to 275 by Lin Kuei Ominae

  • SCG272 - Kill it
  • SCG273 - Bomb the Base
  • SCG274 - Landing Forces
  • SCG275 - The Troublemaker
  • SCG276 - Simbody II by Scot Peeples
  • SCG277 - Combined Forces by Kerry Stevens
  • SCG278 - Dead Island by Kerry Stevens
  • SCG279 - The Woods of GDI Unknown
  • SCG280 - Gauntlet by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCG281 - Take-Over by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCG282 - A New Breed by M.J.COOZE
  • SCG283 - Blueprints by M.J.COOZE
  • SCG284 - Coast Zone by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCG285 - Go for a Nuke ! by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCG286 - No One Shall Live by sdsinsky
  • SCG287 - Doomed Desert by Nyerguds
  • SCG288 - Traitor Alliance by Nyerguds
  • SCG289 - Ground Control by Jafet Kackur
  • SCG290 - Hide and Seek by Jafet Kackur
  • SCG291 - Redemption Denied by Trilobyte
  • SCG292 - Tiberium Garden Skirmish by Trilobyte
  • SCG293 - The Siege by Apollo
  • SCG294 - Rescue and Retribution by MrFlibble
  • SCG295 - The River by Tore
  • SCG296 - The Hills of Hacienda by WarLord
  • SCG297 - Obelisk of GDI by RoboFish
  • SCG298 - Factories of Madness by RoboFish
  • SCG299 - Snowblind by RoboFish



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Damn, these missions are coming out faster than I can play them :P (Though I am playing them painfully slowly...)

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GDI ::: Pack SCG300 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover




  • SCG300 - Salvation by Al Paterson
  • SCG301 - GDI 99 - Unknown
  • SCG302 - Green Death by Ghost Stalker
  • SCG303 - GDI 1 - Unknown
  • SCG304 - The Great Escape by WarLord
  • SCG305 - Ti presento il Nonno by Ormond
  • SCG306 - Tallboy by Ormond
  • SCG307 - Lost Control by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCG308 - Free Willy by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCG309 - The Hard Invasion by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCG310 - Hill Defense by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCG311 - Bounty Hunter by Lin Kuei Ominae
  • SCG312 - Dikans Revenge by Midnight Green
  • SCG313 - Threatened by TrailHog
  • SCG314 - 4077 by MattAttack
  • SCG315 - Dirt City by MattAttack
  • SCG316 - Madness Beach by MattAttack
  • SCG317 - Orca Assault by MattAttack
  • SCG318 - The Hunt by MattAttack
  • SCG319 - Hover Crazy by MattAttack
  • SCG320 - The Rescue by MattAttack
  • SCG321 - Tiberium Irradication Force Bravo - unknown
  • SCG322 - Obelisk Destruction by Guillaume Pelat
  • SCG323 - Breakdown by Pichorra
  • SCG324 - The Other Side by cn2mc
  • SCG325 - High Stakes - unknown
  • SCG326 - Eagle Action by Chumingzhi2010
  • SCG327 - First Aid by Chumingzhi2010
  • SCG328 - SandScorpio by Chimas
  • SCG329 - A Base under ground by Chimas
  • SCG330 - Novice Massacre by Sauron de Mordor
  • SCG331 - Tiberium Garden Skirmish by Eaglpry
  • SCG332 - Clearing Out the Trash by Steven
  • SCG333 - Ride the Snake by Tarabas
  • SCG334 - Raining Bullets by Jeff Fehric
  • SCG335 - Good Hunting by Jeff Fehric
  • SCG336 - Destruction in the Desert by Jeff Fehric
  • SCG337 - Not Wanted by Toaster
  • SCG338 - Seals by Fackin Freak
  • SCG339 - Helpless Situation by Fackin Freak



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I just stumbled upon this... dunno if you saw it yet, but it might contain some new missions.






Holy crap. There's a ton of German campaigns in there.


btw, if you stumble on maarten.zip, ignore it, they seem to be old versions of my missions (Chemical War and such) :P


Oh, and don't bother trying to install the "invasion1.exe" in "Untamed Lands Levels"; it seems to be a Half-Life 1 mod that somehow ended up in the pack -_-

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Hi Nyerguds,


Yeah, I've noted it before.

It's the 23 down pack submited here in the first time when we started all this. He put it in 3 or 4 foruns, I believe.

I have one more SP pack (SCG300) to publish and then I'll start SCG080, SCB080, SCG900, SCB900 where these german campaigns and mini-campaigns will be casted.

I'll make a forecast list soon of how it will be organized.


But thanks anyway

; ]

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Allright. I should put some time into translating all these :)

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We have reached 10,000 maniacs (views) so celebrating it SCG300 will be released in a few days.


First I'll have to check if the packs online are the updated ones (I've changed "clouds" (i.e. links) recently, might have uploaded old packs - amateur!!!) ...



Yope, Sugarsync files are not updated *&%$$#$%, uploading now ...

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I just want to report a minor glitch:


GDI 111 - Out of control: In this mission you get reinforcements by 2 Chinook choppers one of the helicopters is turning around and flying out of the map making the mission x10 harder if not even impossible as the ai's spams a lot chemical troopers which kill your few units very fast. So far I've tested it 4 times & 4 times the 2nd helicopter did not just start each time somewhere else but also always turned around. Probably missing a spawnpoint plus extraction point.


I would also suggest that you create a 2nd topic solo which you call "Discussion & bug reports Solo mappacks" which should become sticky as well next to this topic here. So that your real production topic stays as clean as possible.

Edited by 23-down

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Hi 23-down!


I've seen the INI file and all stuff intended to be delivered is delivered. The other chinook can be seen as a decoy.

Even if there is lack of space, it would fly back cause the commmand is to UNLOAD. After this command the Chinooks fly back always, including the case of an empty chinook.


The other option is: the author wanted it to be doubled, like a second team with the same resources. I'll play the mission later with this alternative.



About the discussion thread the idea is to use this one and refer the beggining of every issue using the NOTES link in the cover that right now are disable. That is the strategy for the current flow. If more people start to come along, then I would tell your suggestion to our moderator. But right now it's still a low pace of discussions. The COVER is also designed to BYPASS the things you're not interested in. Let's wait more time before starting a new thread. I'll create later a note for SCG111, so you can have an idea of the concept.


Thanks for the feedback, as soon I got something I'll be here.

It will take sometime since I'm digging into a new old mappack Oedi has brought to us.

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GDI ::: Pack SCG340 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover


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GDI ::: Pack SCG380 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover


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GDI ::: Pack SCG900 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover

SCG900 - Cyber War by Elwood - Temperate theater ::: 03 Missions :::



Cyber War M-01

During a battle in the front, the Nod conquer our best Tiberium rending land. Without this land, we can not continue the war. The Nod has just built a small base. You must destroy this base, and reconquer this land. We give you all the found we have.

Cyber War M-02

Nod has just arrived in this area. They have build a bio-house and one or two turrets. You must destroy this structure before their reinforcements arrive. You don't have enough time to build a base, take your mobile HQ and lets destroy the ennemy. But be careful, if your mobile HQ is destroyed, you DIE.

Cyber War M-03

The Nod has established a base in this area. This way is the most frequently way by tiberium transport to Nod HQ. Capture this land. Destroy all Nod activites.


SCG901- Infiltrate & Forest by Black Baron - Temperate theater ::: 02 Missions :::



M-01: Infiltrate

The Brotherhood has reportedly been conducting Tiberium tests on live subjects. Their base is approximately 23 miles inside their territory. Your team has been deployed ahead of the main force to minimize the risk of detection. You must neutralize the base defenses to allow the troops to arrive safely. In order to prevent the base from receiving reinforcements, the transports are set to arrive in seven minutes.

M-02: Forest

The Brotherhood has built another facility and kidnapped Dr. Moebius to speed their research. Clear the LZ north of your position and wait for the transports. Rescue Dr. Moebius and destroy the research facility. It is advisable that you complete your objective quickly, as heavy Nod reinforcements are scheduled sometime soon.


SCG902 - And Justice For All by Richard Kee - Temperate theater ::: 03 Missions :::



And Justice For All M-01

Moebius is having more trouble with Nod. By the time our forces got there it was too late for him. He is being transported by chopper at this very moment. We need to get rid of a communications centre in this area. Once it's gone, we'll have drastically slowed Nods communication capabilities. Then we'll have a better chance of getting Moebius back, alive.

And Justice For All M-02

As it turns out, that communications center attack did little to Nod. We had to resort to something else. We tried getting Special Forces Agent Delphi into the Nod base to get Moebius. This plan failed. Agent Delphi managed to retreat and get to a nearby village and take cover. It won't be long before Nod finds him there. Protect him until we can get a transport there and have him on his way.

And Justice For All M-03

All plans have failed. We are going to a full attack: Nuclear, Ion, Air as well as Ground assaults on Nod. While this is happening, you are to lead a small Special Forces team into the base. Get Moebius out alive, before he's killed in the attack. We plan on leaving nothing of this Nod base left! If you fail this mission, the entire effort to get Moebius back is failed.


SCG903 - TankWars by Choemaster - Desert & Winter theaters ::: 02 Missions :::



TankWars M-01

Desert theater: Intelligence suspects that Hataris are being aided by NOD forces. Several Flame-tanks and Stealth-tanks are seen along with their M-15 Light tanks. The 35th Tank Battalion will be supplemented by 2 X-6 Mammoths. Lead the 35th Battalion, and destroy all Hatari terrorist units, along with the NOD units that you will encounter. Due to the nature of this mission, we cannot afford any reinforcements.

TankWars M-02

Winter theater: We've located the NOD battalion near the alps. It is rumored that they may be setting up base there. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU MUST SECURE THE AREA! Good luck.


SCG904 - The Gracewood Trilogy by Paul Reisinger and Andreas Koller - Temperate theater ::: 03 Missions :::



M-01: Gracewood Outpost

Nod has etablished a new Base in Gracewood, Austria. Martin Breakman, one of GDI's best commandos, is already there to investigate. He needs reeinforcements in this Mission. You have to take out every SamSite in the surroundings of Gracewood, so we can send Heliscopters to Breakman.

M-02: The Battle of Gracewood

After the destruction of the Nod Outpost, we can now send our troops to Gracewood. Martin Breakman awaits us there. Take out the Base and protect Breakman. He's an important factor in one of our top secret projects. He MUST not die! Good Luck!

M-03: Civilian Prison Gracewood

After the destruction of the Nod Base, we can with Breakmans help take out the Prison of Gracewood. Your Mission: Destroy the Laboratory and the Techcenter. These two Buildings are used by Nod Forces to test Bioweapons on civilians! Breakman will beginn the offensive alone. He must survive. We're trying to send reeinforcements as early as possible. Good Luck!


SCG905 - Holland Missions by BA - Desert and Temperate theaters ::: 03 Missions :::



M-01: Border Town

A little border town in Holland is being attacked by NOD troops. General Sheperd has sent troops to the border town to stop the invasion, but it will take a little while for them to arrive. In the mean time, you must stop up the invading NOD troops as long as you can, until GDI reinforcements will arive. All will be lost if the NOD troops destroy the town, so give it all you got.

M-02: Rhine River Invasion

After having succesfully stopped the NOD Troops passing the borders of Holland, Intelligence reports that NOD is planning a new invasion on the south of our country. NOD build a base across the Rhine River and has stationed many invasion vehicles there. Destroy the NOD Base and all the invasion vehicles before they can cross the river.

M-03: Air Strike

After our victory on the NOD's invasion force, NOD has started to bomb our country. Some of our agents have found their Airforce Base. They report that the Airforce Base can only be reached by an airstrike, because it's beyond the Great Woods. Take out all SAM sites with your troops, destroy all NOD troops in the area and destroy the Airforce Base through airstrikes. This should stop NOD from invading Holland all together.


SCG906 - Desert Fight* by Huey Phan - Desert theater ::: 02 Missions ::: *invented name



M-01: Desert Party

Our spies say that Saddam's son has gotten an Advance Comm centre so he has access to the Ion Cannon. Destroy it, is the only sake thing to do. The Noddies have stolen some Nuclear Warheads so you can expect a Nuclear Missile to cruise right into your office and land on your desk once in a while!


M-02: Desert Mongoose

Pentagon reported that their Supercomputer was infected with a deadly virus called MANTIS. They tracked it right back to an area not far from your base, so your mission is to blow up the Temple of NOD.##
UPDATE: Spies have informed that Multi1 has canceled an ally treaty with the Brotherhood.


SCG907 - The Mongolian Crisis by Scott Peeples - Temperate & Winter theaters ::: 03 Missions :::



M-01: Civillian Turmoil

Bio-engineering, remember that word. We suspect NOD has been doing some Bio-engineering near Kershelki in what was formerly Mongolia. Wipe out every trace NOD was ever there. And don't forget to vaporize anything that looks like it was used by NOD as guinea pigs for their new Bio-synthesis. The town has some volunteer defences, but we fear they will be over run quickly.

M-02: Strategic Retreat

In our haste to run the Noddies out of Monogolia we've outran our supply line. I need you to take the remaining troops down to a small outpost in the south-west corner of the map. There you will be supplied with reinforcements. Take the MCV and establish a base so you can knock out the established NOD forces already there.

M-03: Visceroid Termination

We've finally got a hold on those four scientists who created that blasted viceroid. Murder Them. You will have scant units, as we are rushing men up there while the scientists are still in the area. Try to save your Bazooka men, as they are the only ones who can blast through the wall surrounding the scientists.


SCG908 - Operation Scorpio - unknown - Desert theater ::: 03 Missions :::



M-01: Storm the Bastille!

With an impending counter-attack from GDI special forces into NOD controlled territory, we feel it is necessary to reacquire some of our top tactical planners, held in a prison in Bolshevik. I need you to get to the top of the map. We can't keep them surprised for long so you have 3 min. to get to there. Once there, you will receive further instruction and reinforcements. Oh, and be sure to save some men with explosive weapons for the gate at the top.

M-02: Run boy, run...

***INCOMING TRANSMISSION*** We have been detected! There is no time for the prisoners now. You must exit in the west. If you think you have the time, re-capture the outpost to your east. Maybe you can squeeze a Get past the gate in 3 1/2 min. NOD is prepparing a missile, 3 1/2 min. It's all the time you have before it is launched. Now, Go! ***END TRANSMISSION***

M-03: On the road again

One of our radar stations defected allowing Nod to establish checkpoints along the road in the region. Hurry! Civillians are to be attacked. You won't have reinforcements and Intel advises to disable all power plants in order to reach out the comm-center. (briefing invented)


SCG909 - Nod is where Tiberium Lies - unknown - Temperate and Winter theaters ::: 03 Missions :::



NOD is where the Tiberium lies M-01

NOD has attacked our conyard in this area. Track down their base camp. Once you're in,destroy the base and all the forces in the area.

NOD is where the Tiberium lies M-02

NOD wants this area. Find the NOD base and destroy it.

NOD is where the Tiberium lies M-03

There's a large tiberium deposit in this region, but Nod arrived first. It's our tiberium, wipe them out.


SCG910 - Invasion UK by Giles Young - Temperate theater ::: 03 Missions :::



M-01: The Landing

Move out from the landing site and establish a secure beach head. Then, eradicate all NOD forces in the area. It is vital that we gain control of the estuary if the liberation of the United Kingdom is to succeed. Good luck commander.

M-02: Supply Line

Capture the village to the east and establish a base. Assault the NOD base and secure the main road junction in the north west and eradicate all NOD forces in the area. Good luck commander.

M-03: Counter Strike

NOD's 9th armoured division the Steel Wasps are preparing an assault on the village of Bergholt. It is full of GDI dependents including the families of many of our top research scientists. Reinforce Capt Davies units in the field, repulse any NOD attacks, and then remove all NOD Units from the area.


SCG911 - OnSlaught by OmegaBolt - Desert theater ::: 03 Missions :::



M-01: Cleanup

Our campaign in Africa is going well, Nod has collapsed and its grip is decaying as we speak. There is a small Nod base in your area thats foolishly holding up; take it out. Our forces are spread thin so you must use what you get, but it should be enough. Good luck.

M-02: Raise the Heat

Those bastards! Just when they're losing they swing a cheap punch. Nod is destroying civilian towns - burning and looting everything they find. There are also reports of these sick freaks taking civilian prisoners! Because of SAM Site support we cant send in much, but if you destroy them we can use our own fire. Teach these mother****ers a lesson and send them crying back to Kane.

M-03: Heart of Fire

Intel has reported a large Nod installation - the cause of recent attacks on civilians. Taking out this installation is critical. Establish a base and make a full frontal assault. Beware however, they are capable of building high tech flame weaponry.


SCG912 - Strange Days by Tarabas - Temperate theater ::: 02 Missions :::



M-01: Strange Days

Wipe out the Nod forces in the region.

M-02: People are Strange

A NOD Counter intelligence facility is located on a hill to the Southwest. They have been using the facility to intercept and alter our battlefield Communications, the facility must be destroyed. Intelligence reports that NOD forces have deployed tactical nuclear weapons in the area so take care.


SCG913 - After M-15 by Dan Heath - Temperate theater ::: 02 Missions :::




A handful of NOD forces have regrouped in northern Germany. They must be completely eradicated. The media will be kept out of the area, so no prisoners are necessary. Air support will be available upon destruction of the communication facility blocking our communications.


GDI mop-up operations against a NOD stronghold are progressing poorly. General Unrath, assigned to the reduction of the stronghold, has been killed in action. You are to take over his command. An assault is underway and it is thought that your base may be in jeopardy. You have been supplied with a new MCV, which should prove unnecessary.


SCG914 - Villagers by James Collard - Temperate theater ::: 02 Missions :::



M-01: Mission Impossible

The villagers have joined forces with Nod. They murdered two GDI representatives execution style when they tried to allie with them once again. So, with GDI's remaining forces, find the Nod and the villager base and destroy it all.

M-02: The Villager's Avengence

The villagers now understand what they had let themselves into and allied back with GDI. Now, Nod is angry and out to get the villagers. They invaded a small territory in Europe that had a small village in it. An old GDI base was next to the them and Nod captured it. Nod have both their weapons and GDI's. Watch out. This is gonna be a tough one.



Below, Nyerguds is commenting this post here: http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/15306-tiberian-dawn-single-player-missions/#entry192846

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Haha, Defender. I remember that mission. Really nice mission, but the first thing I did there was sell that damn MHQ on a repair bay :P

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GDI ::: Pack SCG915 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover

SCG915 - Men of War by Jeff Fehric - Winter theater ::: 02 Missions :::



Men of War M-01

NOD has attacked our conyard in this area. Track down their base camp. Once you're in,destroy the base and all the forces in the area.

Men of War M-02

NOD wants this area. Find the NOD base and destroy it.


SCG916 - The Pain by Toaster - Temperate theater ::: 03 Missions :::



The Pain M-01

The NOD bio-research facility is located to the....(then suddenly ...WACK!) ......transmission ends.... Well, commander. It seems our operative fell prey to an obelisk. You`ll be put on the beach to find and remove this bio-research facility.

The Pain M-02

Recon confirms that your foe is nuclear capable, so act accordingly. Remove all Nod presence from the area! A medium size force is at your disposal for the task at hand and more is comming.

The Pain M-03

We don't know anything about the area. Get out there an kick their butts out.


SCG917 - Backflash and DIE by Justin Haaga - theater ::: 02 Missions :::










SCG918 - T by  -  theaters ::: 02 Missions :::








SCG919 - T by Tarabas -  theater ::: 02 Missions :::






Good Luck!

Not released yet


SCG921 - Place Holder by  ::: 0# Missions :::


SCG922 - Place Holder by  ::: 0# Missions :::


SCG923 - Place Holder by  ::: 0# Missions :::


SCG924 - Place Holder by  ::: 0# Missions :::



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Hmm, Solo, this page seems to have some missions that aren't in your xls file.




Ignore the "C&C GOLD map pack", it's just the Covert Ops sc-001.mix with the multiplayer maps replaced.

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Hi Nyerguds,


Yes, I've visited it before, I've been to that page a while now.

I took a time to answer you because when I've found them, these missions became a puzzle, half broken, others not related and so on.

I'll reproduce the list and comments:

  • C&C GOLD map pack by Dale Hamilton, lots single&multiplayer levels - Covert Ops required. - already addressed by you, but I have opened it earlier. Thanks for trying to warn me;
THE FOLLOWING ARE PUBLISHED IN ANOTHER SITE, maybe gamefront , don't remember now.
  • WIP - Civilian Rebel - by Tyler Frank. - not released yet, but I reserved for the SCG900 because it's a 2 mission pack. Also, Tyler Frank is not the author. I've found another mission without name made by Tom Collinson which I believe is this one.
  • WIP - A war that's going on... - by Tyler Frank. - This is the sequel for civilian rebel, according to the author. No briefing, triggers and teamtypes, I'll see what I can do about it when I get patience for this but it's away in my TODO list;
  • SCG172 - Defend - by Tsuyoshi Kihara - Excelent mission, I've got it even before finding this page, it's pretty much everywhere.
  • SCG212 - Crash!! - by C0V3R - a GDI mission. It was broken and I've fixed it. Became "Crash Override". I don't remember, but I think I got the name from the savegame. In many cases when I don't have the briefing, I open the savegame as TXT and almost always the briefing is in the end of the file, sometimes the name of the mission too;
  • Crash II - by C0V3R - Lost track of it and lost the reason why I've disregarded it
  • SCB157 - Crash III - by C0V3R - a Nod mission
Avatar Pack - 4 missions, by C0V3R - ok, this pack is even more weird. First, it's not a mini-campaign!
  • SCB202 - Avatar 1
  • SCB157 - Avatar 2 - Don't ask me why, but Avatar 2 and Crash III are the same mission.
  • SCG900 - Avatar 3 - This is actually, a mission called Cyber War Vol2, and recently we managed to find the rest of this minicampaign. The author is Elwood.
  • Avatar 4 - Lost track of it and lost the reason why I've disregarded it
These missions became an investigation (made without much interest I must admit) and, of course, a pain.

- "Cov3r" doesn't seem to be an author. It's probably a guy that just published what he had (or perhaps a thief);

- "Crash" is not the name of missions but an author, once I have found TONS of missions signed by some Crash Override and they are inside the SAVEGAME packs for DOS (6Mb). Yet, this "thesis" must be confirmed...


I'll keep Crash II and Avatar 4 for future reference until I remember which missions they are and/or why did I get rid of them.

Anyways, expect some PS in this post eventually ...


And I'm gonna do some heavy voodoo in a crossroad for this guy "Cov3r" ...

Edited by Solo

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Nod ::: Pack SCB900 ::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover

SCB900 - APC Antics by David Mayr - Desert theater ::: 02 missions :::



APC Antics M-01

Desert theater: We have hidden secret data inside a captured APC. You'll have to guide the APC to your base, but be careful, it must not be destroyed!

APC Antics M-02

Desert theater: After you have guided the APC through enemy territory into your base, you must now build up your base and destroy GDI forces in this area. But remember, the APC MUST NOT be destroyed!


SCB901- Surgical Strike & Clean Up by Lee Dove - Temperate theater ::: 02 missions :::



M-01: Surgical Strike

Temperate theater: One of our Engineers has defected to GDI.They might be able to build some of our weapons. Your task is to kill this Engineer before he gives away to many secrets. Our Intel reports that he is holding up in a village in the heart of GDI area. GDI are well setup here so you will have a difficult task. We will send any help as soon we can, but don't expect too much as we are starting a major offensive. Good Luck, its tough but you must kill him!

M-02: Clean Up

Temperate theater: Our Intel warned us about a large pilot training base is in the area. You are now tasked with locating and destroying these facilities. Watch out for air strikes.


SCB902 - Resurgence of Nod by Steven "Shadow" - Desert theater ::: 02 missions :::



M-01: Resurgence of Nod

Temperate theater: You must capture a GDI base and let the world know that no one threats the Brotherhood of Nod this way you must use your commando to take out GDI troops in the area, then reinforcements will arrive so you must secure the bridge. Engineers will arrive and you will guide them to capture the GDI base at NW Destroy the remaining GDI. Do not fail, failure is for the weak and is punishable by death.

M-02: One Passage of Destruction

Temperate theater: Establish your base, then find the civilian village and capture the civilian hospital. Once this is completed our agents will start recruiting civilians as soldiers to join our cause. Destroy all GDI.


SCB903 - Terrorist War by Steven "Shadow" - Temperate theater ::: 03 missions :::



M-01: Terrorist War

Temperate theater: You are one of the newly appointed generals of the terrorist faction S.I.N. (Spiritual International Nihilists) Locate the GDI base in the area and destroy all GDI structures and units, No GDI forces are to remain alive, leave nothing standing! Be wary of the Nod base in the vicinity it may prove dangerous but it can also be a helpful hand. Do not fail, the price of failure is DEATH!

M-02: Rival Factions

Temperate theater: In this region there is a Maffia Base which must be destroyed at all costs. This is high-tech warfare at it's most dangerous and deadly! There is also a Brotherhood of Nod base which survived the obliteration of their faction which may be of minimal resistance. You must also destroy the Temple of Nod to make sure The Brotherhood of Nod does not resurge and declare war on us.

M-03: In pursuit of Justice

Temperate theater: It's Do or Die time my friends. We stand on the cross roads of Destiny. To fail now will mean failure for S.I.N. But to win now and you and I will rule the Earth under our new order, the order of JUSTICE. Do not fail me Brothers. Remember failure means DEATH!


SCB904 - Return of the Brotherhood by Chris Peddecord - All theaters ::: 03 missions :::



M-01: Revenge of the Brotherhood

Winter theater: It has been 25 years since GDI captured the Temple of Nod. GDI has let down there guard and thinks Nod is dead. They thought wrong. Now, in the year 2099, aided by other terrorist groups, Nod has healed and is back, and out for blood. Nod now has ample strength to take the surrounding bases and, if you complete your task, the world. Take out every GDI unit in the area, make sure nothing is left of GDI.

M-02: Wrath Of Nod

Desert theater: They've *** h**des *f ***** an* *****, your ***sion ** to, wait a minute, OH S*** -- Signal lost -- Intelligence has been cut off, we are uncertain of your mission. Do what you can.

M-03: Oil War

Desert theater: In this region, there is an oil refinery which Nod deems fit of capturing. Take out all GDI units so it becomes possible to refine without interference.


Not released yet


SCB905 - The Chemical War by Nyerguds ::: 03 Missions :::

SCB906 - Kane Wife by Casey Slade ::: 02 Missions :::

SCB907 - Ion Offensive by Tobias Janßen ::: 02 Missions :::

SCB908 - Tobias Janßen series ::: 03 Missions :::


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I'll be checking the cloud share system cause both of them had updated their services.


Sugarsync for instance will no longer allow public links. They will become semi-public links since you have to register an e-mail AND instal their program.

I'll see what I can do. The first idea is to leave a general message like "make contact if you need access to this link" but this is not a solution.


Anyways, the LINK2 links (Sugarsync) will remain available up to the end of August.

I might move to DropBox, I gotta study the case.



I misunderstood a bit.

The changes being made apply to FOLDERS, not to FILES.

Therefore, the public links for files will remain and the folder access will be restricted.

Edited by Solo

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Solo, if you need somewhere to host your files try http://www.mediafire.com. I've used it for some of our CNCNZ.com files, had no problems at all.

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Solo, if you need somewhere to host your files try http://www.mediafire.com. I've used it for some of our CNCNZ.com files, had no problems at all.


Hi Sonic, Thanks for the tip.

I've tried Mediafire once and gave up on it but I don't remember what was the problem. Since these services are always being updated I'l try it again sometime soon.


Btw, I was thinking also that we could have a thread about Cloud computing services. What do you think about it?

I know it must not be much of a subject but since we have so many things in modding related to sharing, backing up and enabling things publicly, it could be interesting to have a thread on it.

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