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  1. You didn't mention the "minigunner" in C&C1
  2. Ahh, another glorious instance of fans overthinking things the games only added for the Cool Value
  3. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    Here you go: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cncstuff/cctxt/ccmanual.txt The savegames are basically straight memory dumps of the game, though. They can't really be edited.
  4. I let it loose on a bunch of renders... the results were pretty cool: Command & Conquer 1: https://imgur.com/a/2HhPlOz Red Alert 1: https://imgur.com/a/rC2AlC7
  5. Nyerguds

    Jim Vessella's Update on C&C Remasters

    Absolutely. Hyper helped me out a ton in the early days, and loads of the more advanced developments in the 1.06 patch could never have happened without his help. We started on fan-patching together, but he's always been way more motivated than me in getting to the bottom of things and figuring out exactly how it all worked.
  6. Okay, I made a folder to share all of these... http://www.mediafire.com/folder/co9jt14td8w2c/C%26C1_unofficial_mission_disks Uploaded so far: Are You Ready and Alert C&C Level Editor Vol III C&C Tiberian Massacre Wars Command & Craft Command & Fight Command Companion - The Eve of Domination Command Missions Vol 1 (original) Command Missions Vol 1 (8mb cleaned up version. The content browser program and some other junk in the original takes up about 380 mb) Commando Conqueror's Additional II Defcon 3 Red Dawn Super Fun Levels (Microboss) Tactical Operations Tactical Operations II - Beyond Destruction Toolkit For Command & Conquer And Warcraft II (Walnut Creek) War Command Explosion If anyone has more, please share so I can add them All the stuff you have that I didn't mention
  7. Nyerguds

    Future Nmenth's Research Labs

    Personnel-carried miniguns. You know. 'Minigunners'
  8. Nyerguds

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    I don't think you know what "suicide" means
  9. Nyerguds

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    By the way, I'm fairly sure the RA1 manual states that the demo truck is remote controlled... [edit] Yep, it does! "drone unit".
  10. Nyerguds

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    Yeah, a gun that makes your enemies die of cancer five years later doesn't seem very efficient on the battlefield
  11. Oh gods, it goes on, below that: "New! Lootboxes inside lootboxes!"
  12. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    Ugh. I really need to fix that default compat mode...
  13. Nyerguds

    CNCNZ.com Roundtable Discussion #37

    Whoo, hadn't actually taken a look at this. Lots of interesting views in there.
  14. So that means that if EA would ever ask him back he'd probably just point and laugh