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  1. Nyerguds

    Future Nmenth's Research Labs

    Personnel-carried miniguns. You know. 'Minigunners'
  2. Nyerguds

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    I don't think you know what "suicide" means
  3. Nyerguds

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    By the way, I'm fairly sure the RA1 manual states that the demo truck is remote controlled... [edit] Yep, it does! "drone unit".
  4. Nyerguds

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    Yeah, a gun that makes your enemies die of cancer five years later doesn't seem very efficient on the battlefield
  5. Oh gods, it goes on, below that: "New! Lootboxes inside lootboxes!"
  6. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    Ugh. I really need to fix that default compat mode...
  7. Nyerguds

    CNCNZ.com Roundtable Discussion #37

    Whoo, hadn't actually taken a look at this. Lots of interesting views in there.
  8. So that means that if EA would ever ask him back he'd probably just point and laugh
  9. Remaster, huh? Didn't I already do that?
  10. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    @Irishguy Sadly, 02cb002b is outside the normal addressing range of the game's program instructions (I added that to the first post now; the range is 00410000-00740000), meaning I can't look inside the program and check what it is actually executing. Usually this means it is an OS level problem rather than a specific internal C&C one. As the instructions in the first post ask, though... please describe what exactly was happening in the game at the moment it crashed, what system you are playing on, whether you were using cnc-ddraw.... Uh. You know you can use savegames in this game, right? I mean, after a couple of times... I'd have started saving in every mission
  11. Of course they aren't. Videos are never centered by the game, and all logic to stretch them is part of cnc-ddraw.
  12. Because no one ever asked, and it never bothered me? As for "select all units on screen", not sure how easy that is to do. The screen shake was specifically disabled in C&C95; I found traces of the function, but it was empty. This was most likely done for multiplayer compatibility since the screen shake depends on what you're viewing, and pauses the game for a second or two, which could lead to games getting out of sync. Not sure why they didn't just disable it for multiplay then, but yea... It might also be related to the switch to DirectDraw. Maybe they used some graphics buffer trick in DOS that simply didn't work in DirectDraw.
  13. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    Well, that's the same address (004ce54b) both times. As I said, something with drawing. The second value is rarely relevant since the crash itself means that the value referenced at that moment was corrupted. Knowing the corrupted value is sadly never any kind of indication on how it got corrupted, though As I asked in the other thread... Are there any specific circumstances you know about when it crashed? Certain units being / appearing on screen, certain actions you took? Scrolling to a specific position on the map?
  14. Nyerguds

    I Need Help with the Patch

    I'm fairly sure there's an option to adjust mouse sensitivity in the ccconfig tool. It's part of the cnc-ddraw options.
  15. Nyerguds

    CNC95 crashing

    @steven1395 There's a crash research thread at the Project 1.06 forum, but this address doesn't seem to appear in the current list. As far as I can see, the code at 004ce54b is related to drawing... something. Not sure what. It's identified as "draw_line", but it seems to be called for far more than just drawing lines. Are there any specific circumstances you know about when ti crashed? Certain units being / appearing on screen, certain actions you took? This kind of crashes could happen when you have corrupted sprites, though. Do you have any kind of mods or other 3rd party content installed? If you have a savegame from that mission, could you attach it?