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  1. Crash research

    The required compatibility modes differ widely depending on the system, but I never got an accurate list of which modes work best on which systems, so yes, it is entirely possible there are still errors in what is activated by the tool / patch. Thank you for this new information. Could you test what works best in general, to both get the game running and not get any graphics freezes in the map animations and in-game menu? I don't have a Win8.1 PC.
  2. Oh, wow, GamesCom 2013... that brings back memories. RIP Generals 2... And, oh man, Planet C&C... that place was my home on the internet for so many years. And now its forums are simply gone...
  3. Donate to CNCNZ.com

    Yea, it's not like all rare versions of C&C1 I bought from the donation money I got for the 1.06 patch immediately got uploaded as ISOs for the community, and/or used to improve the patch. Oh wait. They were
  4. Donate to CNCNZ.com

    Eh. Have you seen my C&C collection? I've spent money on sillier things than this
  5. Donate to CNCNZ.com

    This should keep you afloat for another year then.
  6. CNCNZ.com Will Prevail

    Ohh, nice!
  7. Try installing the CnCNet installer for YR online play. It has a bunch of automatic compatibility fixes.
  8. Oh, that's sad... but understandable. Well, it's been great. Thank you for everything.
  9. Hehe. Glad to (still) be of service.
  10. 1.06c development topic

    It's a setting in ddraw.ini. You can just edit it in there. I set it to 60 fps because that's the advertised frame rate on the game box. I guess I could make it a setting in the tool, but I kept it as one simple option for simplicity's sake.
  11. Unfortunately I was using it to convert to bbcode, not from, lol.
  12. Woah. Sleek! It's a shame that the bbcode editor is gone though. I like bbcode; it's reliable and doesn't ever mess up in weird ways like WYSIWYG rich text editors tend to do. (Also the legacy mode actually made this site into a handy way to convert large amounts of rich text to BBCode, something I (ab)used for content on a storywriting website I'm on ) I kind of wonder why they bother with a preview function, though.... by definition, WYSIWYG means your final result is the same as the editing mode.
  13. Goodbye Firefox, Hello Chrome

    jeffnz: the new Opera is just a Chromium derivative. Since theyjust started over from the Chromium engine, the new Opera has none of the things that made Opera 12 a great browser.
  14. 1.06c development topic