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  1. Ah, I gotta try this out
  2. Well, the Remaster actually has skirmish in C&C1 :p
  3. Eh, I may be biased a little bit, since I actually worked on the Remaster (they invited me as part of a community group with access to the inside development, so we could give our input and remarks), but, just the remastered soundtrack and the hours of behind the scenes videos are totally worth it
  4. Yea, you can mess around with the resolution somewhat in the config tool to get something better. I've experimented a lot with that. Do note that the aspect ratio of C&C is a bit odd; DOS C&C is a 320x200 game that was meant to be seen in 4:3, meaning its pixels are not supposed to be square. Its height is actually intended to be stretched out by 1/5th. I usually keep that in mind when setting the resolution, to get the game as it was designed to look. Because of that, my game is currently set to 856x400 stretched to 1920x1080, using nearest neighbour scaling. Without this aspect ratio correction, the optimal solution for showing a viewport close to the original on a 1920x1080 monitor is setting the game's resolution to 712x400 and stretching it to 1920x1080. Of course you can adapt this however you want as long as you do the calculations right. Though, note that due to internal engine limitations, the width of the game must always be a multiple of 8 pixels. If you actually want "C&C in high definition", though, go buy the Remastered Collection.
  5. As you said, this is due to the map being smaller than the viewport. There is nothing you can do about it. The game simply isn't meant to be played at this resolution. Opening and closing the main menu will reset the area back to black, but it still won't refresh properly, and anything painted over it (like tooltips) will still remain. Just don't play on stupidly huge resolutions like this. The game was not designed for it. The unofficial patch was only designed for widths up to 1024 pixels, and that's already more than one and a half times the game's intended viewport of 640 pixels.
  6. Nyerguds

    What's the first game you really loved?

    Dangerous Dave; one of John Romero's really old ones Not that I had any idea who John Romero was back then
  7. I doubt it. Those are the main pieces the pack was sold for, so it wouldn't make sense for someone to buy the pack but then sell these pieces of it. You'll just have to get your hands on the whole pack.
  8. The oldest three games in the series are freeware. For links on those, I suggest you take a look here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/C-C-The-Ultimate-Collection/Is-red-alert-1-and-tiberian-sun-now-freeware/td-p/5420723 As for how to start the campaign mode, uh... it's simply the "Start new game" option in the game's main menu.
  9. Seems the beta branch was deleted entirely now. By the way, the Remaster does not seem to update its version number; it's been stuck on 1.153 since release. The actual version number is only indicated in the build number, so I took the liberty of listing them up: 732159 - Original release (05/06/2020) 735514 - Patch 1 (22/07/2020) 740600 - Patch 2 (06/08/2020)
  10. Not sure. If they all explode out of an APC together right next to your CY, even a guard tower may not get them all before one manages to enters.
  11. I'm guessing the issue is that the rushes can apparently be executed before the opponent has any chance of building up any kind of defense against such tactics, since the kind of high damage defenses that could actually stop an APC from reaching the inner buildings (tanks and defense buildings I guess; infantry can just be ran over) are much slower to make than an APC and 5 engineers. And since TD engies are insta-capture, once the APC gets there you basically already lost.
  12. Nyerguds

    Songs' lyrics

    Stumbled upon this, and, using several different sources of the translation of the Yuriko song, I made a translation that seems to both capture the feel and intent of the song, and doesn't look like a machine translation: Have you heard the legend of the Demon Princess? The Demon Princess' thoughts call forth the slaughter Oh, our merciful emperor, the living god, Yoshiro What lies in the heart of this frightening Demon Princess When thousands of people flee from her in confusion? Oh, our merciful emperor, the living god, Yoshiro This is not a completely accurate translation. It is just meant to convey what the original song is meant to convey.
  13. Nyerguds

    Trailer of Dawn of Tomorrow released

    The changes are fairly well documented, but sadly a part of the mod-campaign relies on the mission option upgrades added by my 1.06 patch, like the custom remapping system, which the Remaster doesn't have. Not to mention, remaking all the custom graphics would be a ton of work as well.
  14. Nyerguds

    Trailer of Dawn of Tomorrow released

    Nope. This is 100% C&C95. I mean, isn't the original sidebar a hint?