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About Me

Hey! I'm Nyerguds.


At the moment, I'm probably best known for creating the unofficial 1.06 patch for C&C95, which fixes a ton of stuff and allows you to run the game in 1024x768 (although the credit for that particular hack goes to Komfr). I'm currently working on the third big version of that patch, version 1.06c


Download page for the current patch:




For those who never heard of me, I'm a C&C mod maker, pixelhacker, exe editor, and one of the people who had fixed several bugs in EA's First Decade pack long before they released their first official patch.


The most notable mods I've contributed to so far are:

what? A pattern, you say? Nah, must be coincidence wink.gif

Besides these I also made some small contributions to other RA1, TS and RA2 projects, mostly converting renders to SHP files and making 2D animations.


I've also contributed to TibEd's C&C95 support, and made a load of tools of my own, including a Dune II units/structures editor, a program that enables hidden beta options in C&C95, and a tool to edit the radar colours in TS/RA2 SHP files.


Since I seem to know more about the C&C classics (C&C1 and RA1) than EA does, I consider it my duty to help people on the official C&C Classics (or "The First Decade") forum, where I also contributed to Frankaz' Common Problems thread.


For the rest, I've made my own TFD Fixes page, with loads of patches and upgrades for both TFD and the vanilla versions of the C&C games, and a guide to help people clean up their TFD so it takes about 1.5 gb less space than a normal patched installation.