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  1. The oldest three games in the series are freeware. For links on those, I suggest you take a look here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/C-C-The-Ultimate-Collection/Is-red-alert-1-and-tiberian-sun-now-freeware/td-p/5420723 As for how to start the campaign mode, uh... it's simply the "Start new game" option in the game's main menu.
  2. Seems the beta branch was deleted entirely now. By the way, the Remaster does not seem to update its version number; it's been stuck on 1.153 since release. The actual version number is only indicated in the build number, so I took the liberty of listing them up: 732159 - Original release (05/06/2020) 735514 - Patch 1 (22/07/2020) 740600 - Patch 2 (06/08/2020)
  3. Not sure. If they all explode out of an APC together right next to your CY, even a guard tower may not get them all before one manages to enters.
  4. I'm guessing the issue is that the rushes can apparently be executed before the opponent has any chance of building up any kind of defense against such tactics, since the kind of high damage defenses that could actually stop an APC from reaching the inner buildings (tanks and defense buildings I guess; infantry can just be ran over) are much slower to make than an APC and 5 engineers. And since TD engies are insta-capture, once the APC gets there you basically already lost.
  5. Nyerguds

    Songs' lyrics

    Stumbled upon this, and, using several different sources of the translation of the Yuriko song, I made a translation that seems to both capture the feel and intent of the song, and doesn't look like a machine translation: Have you heard the legend of the Demon Princess? The Demon Princess' thoughts call forth the slaughter Oh, our merciful emperor, the living god, Yoshiro What lies in the heart of this frightening Demon Princess When thousands of people flee from her in confusion? Oh, our merciful emperor, the living god, Yoshiro This is not a completely accurate translation. It is just meant to convey what the original song is meant to convey.
  6. After a decade of work, Kilkakon is finally ready to release his massive storyline-centered total conversion mod for Tiberian Dawn, named "Dawn of Tomorrow". It features tons of new units, structures and terrain, and a story line replacing the normal campaigns, which features a complete custom-made world map for mission selection, and animated briefing cutscenes between the missions. The mod will release on the 30th of May. Mod website: http://kilkakon.com/c&c Mod Discord: https://discord.gg/dcJGAn3
  7. Nyerguds

    Trailer of Dawn of Tomorrow released

    The changes are fairly well documented, but sadly a part of the mod-campaign relies on the mission option upgrades added by my 1.06 patch, like the custom remapping system, which the Remaster doesn't have. Not to mention, remaking all the custom graphics would be a ton of work as well.
  8. Nyerguds

    Trailer of Dawn of Tomorrow released

    Nope. This is 100% C&C95. I mean, isn't the original sidebar a hint?
  9. Nyerguds

    Animation age ghetto?

    Psh. Respect the classics.
  10. Nyerguds

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    @MrFlibbleYou have to realise that, despite the comparison shown, the right side is not, in fact, an upscale of the left side. They used the PSX videos, which are mpeg format. Mpeg lends itself better to such upscaling, since it has less sharp edges, but it does blur out details. That said, the effect is less bad in C&C1 since these briefings are one-on-one, meaning the head you see is a lot larger in the video material.
  11. @Rich Nagel Found an odd bug on this subject... when I added sczounds.mix, the game refused to show the GDI/Nod choice animation on the New Game screen, and crashed when making the side choice...
  12. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    I've decided to make a new topic for this, simply because identified instruction addresses can be posted in one list in the first post this way. Guidelines for posting errors: Give the instruction address from the C&C95 error message (the "The instruction at XXXXXXXX" value from the error message) Give the referenced address from the C&C95 error message (the "referenced memory at XXXXXXXX" value from the error message). It's usually useless though, unless it's a small value, but post it anyway. You can post a screenshot of the error, just to be sure, but please, also write down the values. It makes my job a lot easier. Say if it is singleplay or multiplay. Describe what was happening at the time, and any specific action you (or anyone else in a MP game) were performing that could have caused the crash (e.g. click on something, mouse over the sidebar, give a command to a unit, place down a structure, etc) Give your PC details (Windows version, CPU, memory, video card). DO THIS EVERY TIME YOU POST A BUG, I don't want to have to look it up in your previous error reports every time. Note in advance: the instruction addresses The normal addressing range of program instructions in Command & Conquer is (hexadecimal) 00410000-004F0000. The code specifically added for the patch is in 005C0000-00640000. Overall, with the addition of data and memory sections, none of the addresses in the game can possibly reference anything outside the range of 00410000-00740000. If you do get a crash with an instruction address outside that range, they are not game bugs I can fix, but are most likely caused by some kind of incompatibility with the operating system, and cannot be fixed inside the program itself. This means external tweaks (compatibility mode, admin rights, external dlls like cnc-ddraw) must be used to resolve the problem. List of known crashes The values that follow are the Instruction Address you see on the typical C&C95 error messages. These represent an actual point in the exe, and I can check what code runs at that point, and the research in this thread might help me to figure out what caused it to crash at that point. Don't post repeats of the addresses listed under Fixed issues. If you have any additional information about the ones in the Current list, please share it. Current list: 0042a33b: Some IPXManagerClass error; internal C&C LAN-related code. No clues to solving this so far. 004386b1: Crash when a unit picks up an exploding crate that kills the unit. Additional information is needed on this one. 004afbf4: Seems to appear on game launch in cncnet. Marked in my db as "bug with player not being added to game." 004dbc37: Crash that occurred when scrolling down and to the left. Related to showing/hiding the mouse cursor. 004dbc4f: May be a variant of the same scrolling crash. Fixed issues: 00432421: Top-of-the-map crash. Fixed in v1.05. 00460b41: Stealth tank crash. Fixed in v1.06. 004b4002: Crash related to tree object T13 that appeared after adding the snow theater in v1.06b. Researched by Pichorra, fixed in 1.06b r2. 004dadde: Object overflow in multiplayer game. Solved by Myg, and fixed in v1.06c r2.
  13. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    The top-of-map bug is one of the issues the patch fixes, so it can't happen at all if you use the patch. Overall, though, no idea on all that; I never tried installing this on Linux. I believe cncnet has a Linux package, but it might just be a stripped-down package for multiplayer only.
  14. Nyerguds

    1.06c development topic

    @talbin In update 5, along with the updated config tool, I had taken the opportunity to add the updated Japanese voice sets from my Japanese C&C95 CD. However, apparently I forgot a few special cases in that, namely the Kane end speech, and the "GDI selected" and "Nod selected" from the Start New Game screen. These files were missing from the Japanese language after update 5, and someone reported to me via e-mail that if the game was set to Japanese, this made the game hang on the Start New Game screen. So, update 6 fixes this.
  15. For those who clicked my signature, but have no idea what this patching project is really about... read the introduction news post at ModDB. v1.06c revision 3 is released NOW! Go get it at the website! Read the 1.06c revision 3 ModDB release article. Read the 1.06c revision 2 ModDB release article for an overview of new features in r2 Read the addendum about CnCNet to see how to play online. --- Guess I should post this here again... As I did on cnc-sector, I'll spend a few posts re-posting information about the stuff I've already implemented. Hopefully, eventually, I'll get around to actually adding more stuff, too So, without further ado, I present, the Project With No End... just kidding. I'll finish it... eventually. Todo: Change the cycle order of the scoreboard/minimap in multiplayer so it switches to the zoomed-out map first. Make the name tooltip show up on tree clumps Look into power values displaying on the power bar label again 1.06d: Convert all changes to hifi's new automatic asm compiling system Implement all ini files to allow full modding Here's the current features list: Implemented (in reverse chronological order, so you might want to start reading at the bottom): 1.06c revision 4: (TBA) Added mouse wheel scrolling for the ingame sidebar (thanks to CCHyper and iran) The French briefing of Nod's second N64 Special Ops mission now has correct diacritics The engineer death when getting killed by the ArmorPiercing warhead now plays a correct animation. The custom strings system can now add strings from both mods and language packs, and supports end-of-line characters Removed the code that made the "Unrevealed Terrain" tooltip disappear after mission 3 Fixed the bug that made the commando give a move response together with the bombing response AI taunts and player messages now both give a message sound in multiplayer The game now shows tooltips on trees on the first 3 multiplayer maps (this was campaign logic that wasn't disabled in multiplayer) Adapted the client-side user interface of a LAN game to correctly show the 4 game modes. Implemented a system to detect people using the both-sides cheat. Their side will show up as "???" in the listings, rather than "GDI" or "NOD". Fixed a crash related to one of the AI taunt strings in German, which was way too long, making it corrupt the internal memory by writing beyond the reserved space. The taunt function can now handle longer strings, and the string has been shortened to actually fit on the screen in the 640x400 minimum resolution. The Comm Center, Tech Center and all base defense buildings detect stealth, but for some reason, the Advanced Comm Center didn't. This has now been rectified. There seems to be a way for people to get both GDI and Nod construction options in multiplayer. This is cheating, and has been fixed. 1.06c revision 3: (April 5 2012) Added SkirmishPlayers=[1-5] key in conquer.ini Made the 'UseCreditsMusic' key work correctly Updated ccconfig to set compatibility mode on C&C95.exe when CnC-DDraw is disabled A bug has been fixed that messed up the start locations detection in multiplayer maps, when the map itself contained no specific translated name for the game's configured language. CCConfig now allows disabling the "Back Buffer in Video Memory" option if CnC-DDraw is enabled. A bug preventing mods from loading their own custom music settings, rules.ini and mouse cursor files has been fixed The first letter of the side prefix added before missions in the New Missions menu is no longer used to determine whether the chosen mission is GDI or Nod. The last frame of the SSM Launcher's turret graphics without missiles is now coloured to house colour correctly. 1.06c revision 2: The "GDI" and "NOD" prefixes before missions in the New Missions menu are no longer hardcoded in the game, meaning they can now be modified by language packs and mods. Using very high resolutions on small maps no longer crashes when you have a radar minimap The maps in multiplayer now show the amount of players allowed on each map The maximum amount of players possible for a map will now be detected by the game, preventing bugs that occurred when there were less than 6 starting positions on the map. All game fonts have been updated to correct errors The Safe Scrolling option will no longer become enabled for other players in a multiplayer games when one player has it enabled The game can run in any resolution now, without restriction to the inbuilt 640x400 / 640x480 / 1024x768 modes, and as a result of this, the 640x480 mode now uses the full screen area Some maps which had random impassable or unbuildable tiles in them have been fixed All water animations in the graphics of the rivers and shores of the snow theater have been fixed A crash that happened in multiplayer games with a high number of players and a high amount of units on the map has been fixed Automatic network timing negotiation has been enabled for LAN, to allow smooth online play with CnCNet The player can now choose how the game fills in the in-between lines when stretching the videos Snow theater water crossings no longer look like they are two cells wide while only one cell is passable The same savegames can now be used in all game resolutions The radar minimap is no longer zoomed in by default Fixed the colour errors in the stretching on the Nod mission selection map and the Nod final mission info screen Added a new setup tool (CCConfig.exe), with integrated options for CnC-DDraw's advanced settings and windowed mode support The game now correctly checks if a theme exists; it was accidentally set to check if the theme length setting was 0 instead Some positioning errors in the sidebar elements were fixed Added a BaseLanguage option in conquer.ini to specify which language to use to fill in the defaults for partial language packs like Japanese Put the music settings back in the game configuration file Added a beep when receiving a message in multiplay Fixed the bug (from v1.06c revision 1) that made buildings uncapturable in multiplay (this fix already available through the hotfix downloadable from the website) 1.06c: All music settings are now read from an ini file, which allows easily adding new tracks For prerequisites, the Advanced Communications Center now also counts as Communications Center Using the arrow keys on the main menu now lets you go through the options in the right order The New Missions menu will now show missions with numbers up to 999 The highest multiplayer map number read by the game has been increased from 99 to 255 People can now change the music of special scenes (score/map/menu screens) in rules.ini Added the ForceBriefScreen option for missions, which forces the game to show a text briefing screen Expanded the Warheads array, for modding purposes Changed music settings in the dinosaur missions from "Untamed Land" to its internal code "J1", so it will still play the correct theme if the game is set to a language in which the theme names are translated Removed the ability to start a multiplayer game with a random theme, since it caused game desynchronization errors. The damage percentage calculated on armour is no longer 255/256 when it should be 100% RemoveBuildExceptions option for a mission removes all restrictions the game puts on single player build trees. This unlocks the Nod helipad, APC, MLRS etc, and allows captured construction yards to produce the other side's superweapons. Note that even with this key, normal build level restrictions still apply Moved all special options from the [Advanced] section in conquer.ini to a new rules.ini (inside updatec.mix), to separate user settings from game settings Fixed reading order of mixfiles, so sc*.mix mod addons can override the updat*.mix files added by the patch Fixed the firing sound of the SAM site The steel crate pickup animation now plays for both sides Removed the special dinosaur death sound logic from the game, and linked the death sound to their dying animations instead Player-controlled visceroids now respond using dinosaur voices instead of normal unit voices The computer opponent can no longer capture your Advanced Communications Center The Advanced Communications Center is no longer capturable in multiplayer games Specified building types can now be made capturable in specific missions Renamed the Covert Ops and Special Ops mission files so they all have consecutive mission numbers, so fan-made missions can't show up in between the official ones Dinosaur campaigns added as two mini-campaigns (one for GDI, one for Nod), and put at the top of the New Missions list Radar logo can be overridden through the mission file NoEgoScreen option (to disable the score screen after the mission) can now be added in the mission file Mini-campaigns of up to 15 missions: missions started from the New Missions menu will now try to continue to their other variants (EB, EC, ED...) Official Japanese language from console versions added to the game (unit and EVA sounds only) Mission-specific house colour changes, controlled with ini keys in the mission file New language system that is 100% independent from settings in the exe file, allowing anyone to add new language addons. This system allows the names of multiplayer maps and missions from the New Missions menu to be overridden by the ones specified in the briefings file (normally mission.ini) Added numbers before the multiplayer game mode, so people see there are 4 of them (for example: "[2/4] Capture The Flag") Changed the fact helicopters stay passive in Nod mission 7 to an option in the mission's ini file, so people can use it in their own missions Added 3 new destroyable triggers for mission programming, bringing the total up to 6. You can now destroy triggers named UUUU, VVVV, WWWW, XXXX, YYYY and ZZZZ. This should facilitate multiplayer scripting since it's possible to make one destroyable trigger for each multi-House (typically, for "All Destroyed".)
  16. @PurpleGaga27 Dune II is literally the first C&C game.
  17. Woah! I've seen the Commemorative Edition, but I've never seen this one before! Can you show pictures of its contents? It says "signed"... who signed it?
  18. Nyerguds

    1.06c development topic

    I finally added FunkyFr3sh's updated config tool, along with the updated cnc-ddraw,
  19. Hmm... that was the letterboxing option in the original... You can just replace it with "Nearest neighbor". The result is identical.
  20. Uhhh... why on earth do you think you would need Direct3D 9? This is a 100% 2D game. I'm not really sure I understand your issue here. Why do you want to use that other dll? There is an updated config tool and cnc-ddraw dll available through a little pack that FunkyFr3sh put together. I advise you to install that: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8821-cc-1-tiberian-dawn-installation-on-windows-10/
  21. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    @Tore No, that's exactly the kind of glitches you get when loading a savegame of the mission that was saved in a lower resolution. I put code into the game to reset the viewport, but it is tied to opening the sidebar, so if the sidebar is not open it is not automatically executed on mission load.
  22. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    @Nongulavu That resolution glitch issue is mentioned in the readme. Just press tab to open the sidebar and it'll perform a refresh that stops that glitching. As for the crash, check if compatibility is enabled on the C&C95 executable. If it is, disable it. Note that CCConfig will re-enable it, because it was made for WinXP where Win95 compat mode worked best.
  23. You didn't mention the "minigunner" in C&C1
  24. Ahh, another glorious instance of fans overthinking things the games only added for the Cool Value