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  1. Uhhh... why on earth do you think you would need Direct3D 9? This is a 100% 2D game. I'm not really sure I understand your issue here. Why do you want to use that other dll? There is an updated config tool and cnc-ddraw dll available through a little pack that FunkyFr3sh put together. I advise you to install that: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8821-cc-1-tiberian-dawn-installation-on-windows-10/
  2. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    @Tore No, that's exactly the kind of glitches you get when loading a savegame of the mission that was saved in a lower resolution. I put code into the game to reset the viewport, but it is tied to opening the sidebar, so if the sidebar is not open it is not automatically executed on mission load.
  3. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    I've decided to make a new topic for this, simply because identified instruction addresses can be posted in one list in the first post this way. Guidelines for posting errors: Give the instruction address from the C&C95 error message (the "The instruction at XXXXXXXX" value from the error message) Give the referenced address from the C&C95 error message (the "referenced memory at XXXXXXXX" value from the error message). It's usually useless though, unless it's a small value, but post it anyway. You can post a screenshot of the error, just to be sure, but please, also write down the values. It makes my job a lot easier. Say if it is singleplay or multiplay. Describe what was happening at the time, and any specific action you (or anyone else in a MP game) were performing that could have caused the crash (e.g. click on something, mouse over the sidebar, give a command to a unit, place down a structure, etc) Give your PC details (Windows version, CPU, memory, video card). DO THIS EVERY TIME YOU POST A BUG, I don't want to have to look it up in your previous error reports every time. Note in advance: the instruction addresses The normal addressing range of program instructions in Command & Conquer is (hexadecimal) 00410000-004F0000. The code specifically added for the patch is in 005C0000-00640000. Overall, with the addition of data and memory sections, none of the addresses in the game can possibly reference anything outside the range of 00410000-00740000. If you do get a crash with an instruction address outside that range, they are not game bugs I can fix, but are most likely caused by some kind of incompatibility with the operating system, and cannot be fixed inside the program itself. This means external tweaks (compatibility mode, admin rights, external dlls like cnc-ddraw) must be used to resolve the problem. List of known crashes The values that follow are the Instruction Address you see on the typical C&C95 error messages. These represent an actual point in the exe, and I can check what code runs at that point, and the research in this thread might help me to figure out what caused it to crash at that point. Don't post repeats of the addresses listed under Fixed issues. If you have any additional information about the ones in the Current list, please share it. Current list: 0042a33b: Some IPXManagerClass error; internal C&C LAN-related code. No clues to solving this so far. 004386b1: Crash when a unit picks up an exploding crate that kills the unit. Additional information is needed on this one. 004afbf4: Seems to appear on game launch in cncnet. Marked in my db as "bug with player not being added to game." 004dbc37: Crash that occurred when scrolling down and to the left. Related to showing/hiding the mouse cursor. 004dbc4f: May be a variant of the same scrolling crash. Fixed issues: 00432421: Top-of-the-map crash. Fixed in v1.05. 00460b41: Stealth tank crash. Fixed in v1.06. 004b4002: Crash related to tree object T13 that appeared after adding the snow theater in v1.06b. Researched by Pichorra, fixed in 1.06b r2. 004dadde: Object overflow in multiplayer game. Solved by Myg, and fixed in v1.06c r2.
  4. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    @Nongulavu That resolution glitch issue is mentioned in the readme. Just press tab to open the sidebar and it'll perform a refresh that stops that glitching. As for the crash, check if compatibility is enabled on the C&C95 executable. If it is, disable it. Note that CCConfig will re-enable it, because it was made for WinXP where Win95 compat mode worked best.
  5. You didn't mention the "minigunner" in C&C1
  6. Ahh, another glorious instance of fans overthinking things the games only added for the Cool Value
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    Crash research

    Here you go: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cncstuff/cctxt/ccmanual.txt The savegames are basically straight memory dumps of the game, though. They can't really be edited.
  8. I let it loose on a bunch of renders... the results were pretty cool: Command & Conquer 1: https://imgur.com/a/2HhPlOz Red Alert 1: https://imgur.com/a/rC2AlC7
  9. Nyerguds

    Jim Vessella's Update on C&C Remasters

    Absolutely. Hyper helped me out a ton in the early days, and loads of the more advanced developments in the 1.06 patch could never have happened without his help. We started on fan-patching together, but he's always been way more motivated than me in getting to the bottom of things and figuring out exactly how it all worked.
  10. Okay, I made a folder to share all of these... http://www.mediafire.com/folder/co9jt14td8w2c/C%26C1_unofficial_mission_disks Uploaded so far: Are You Ready and Alert C&C Level Editor Vol III C&C Tiberian Massacre Wars Command & Craft Command & Fight Command Companion - The Eve of Domination Command Missions Vol 1 (original) Command Missions Vol 1 (8mb cleaned up version. The content browser program and some other junk in the original takes up about 380 mb) Commando Conqueror's Additional II Defcon 3 Red Dawn Super Fun Levels (Microboss) Tactical Operations Tactical Operations II - Beyond Destruction Toolkit For Command & Conquer And Warcraft II (Walnut Creek) War Command Explosion If anyone has more, please share so I can add them All the stuff you have that I didn't mention
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    Future Nmenth's Research Labs

    Personnel-carried miniguns. You know. 'Minigunners'
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    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    I don't think you know what "suicide" means
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    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    By the way, I'm fairly sure the RA1 manual states that the demo truck is remote controlled... [edit] Yep, it does! "drone unit".
  14. Nyerguds

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    Yeah, a gun that makes your enemies die of cancer five years later doesn't seem very efficient on the battlefield
  15. Oh gods, it goes on, below that: "New! Lootboxes inside lootboxes!"
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    Crash research

    Ugh. I really need to fix that default compat mode...
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    CNCNZ.com Roundtable Discussion #37

    Whoo, hadn't actually taken a look at this. Lots of interesting views in there.
  18. So that means that if EA would ever ask him back he'd probably just point and laugh
  19. Remaster, huh? Didn't I already do that?
  20. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    @Irishguy Sadly, 02cb002b is outside the normal addressing range of the game's program instructions (I added that to the first post now; the range is 00410000-00740000), meaning I can't look inside the program and check what it is actually executing. Usually this means it is an OS level problem rather than a specific internal C&C one. As the instructions in the first post ask, though... please describe what exactly was happening in the game at the moment it crashed, what system you are playing on, whether you were using cnc-ddraw.... Uh. You know you can use savegames in this game, right? I mean, after a couple of times... I'd have started saving in every mission
  21. Of course they aren't. Videos are never centered by the game, and all logic to stretch them is part of cnc-ddraw.
  22. Because no one ever asked, and it never bothered me? As for "select all units on screen", not sure how easy that is to do. The screen shake was specifically disabled in C&C95; I found traces of the function, but it was empty. This was most likely done for multiplayer compatibility since the screen shake depends on what you're viewing, and pauses the game for a second or two, which could lead to games getting out of sync. Not sure why they didn't just disable it for multiplay then, but yea... It might also be related to the switch to DirectDraw. Maybe they used some graphics buffer trick in DOS that simply didn't work in DirectDraw.
  23. Nyerguds

    Crash research

    Well, that's the same address (004ce54b) both times. As I said, something with drawing. The second value is rarely relevant since the crash itself means that the value referenced at that moment was corrupted. Knowing the corrupted value is sadly never any kind of indication on how it got corrupted, though As I asked in the other thread... Are there any specific circumstances you know about when it crashed? Certain units being / appearing on screen, certain actions you took? Scrolling to a specific position on the map?
  24. Nyerguds

    I Need Help with the Patch

    I'm fairly sure there's an option to adjust mouse sensitivity in the ccconfig tool. It's part of the cnc-ddraw options.