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  1. my second problem is every time the game and launcher closes the compatibility settings revert to the original status, I am using the first decade i have moved the files into a folder and now do not use the disk he is talking about the download from the installer you suggested cncNet since it asks if you'd like to install this with no option to then installs it anyways onto your desktop the option of next that is. there is a checkbox whether you'd like to install it but i assume that to use any multiplayer functions you need this
  2. I seem to have a similar issue after messing with all compatibility options and two hours i still am getting the same issue. The black screen. this problem was not fixed by any of the solutions above including the downloads provided i changed the compatibility settings and have uninstalled and reinstalled 42 times the reason for editing is to acknowledge that the downloads provided got it to this stage where the only problem left is the black screen. before yuris revenge would not load and red alert 2 was at black screen status. no they are both at black screen status and i cannot find gamemd or ra2 files unless they are loaded up and i access them via task manager. i can click and affect the game however the game does not load any video