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    Kane's Wrath Running slow

    Sorry for bumping this old topic but recently I felt like playing c&c3 Tib wars and Kanes Wrath again on Windows 10 (Retail disc release). After some digging and ultimately applying the Nvidia high performance work around setting I managed to get that one to run and it works charming Multiplayer included with C&C Online client. But Tiberium Wars on the other hand wont run at all and I'm somewhat at a loss as there haven't been any notable fixes or work around been mentioned in the web. It would appear I'm only 1 of 2 people that had this problem. At least what I had seen by reading the posts. When I'm attempting to launch Tiberium wars it throws following error message at me: this application is not compatible with the installed operating system. Please upgrade to Windows 98SE, Windows2000 or better. Kinda funny that it asks for an OS that came long before Tib Wars was even released. Either way got any idea how to fix this? Considering KW runs which isn't that much different Tib Wars should run too without incident and for most people that seems to be the case. Win10 64bit Professional Nvidia Gforce 660TI ---- As you can see kinda old Tech around 4,5 years old. Patch 1.09 is applied and so is the game and mod launcher. The compatibility setting plus admin mode didn't do the trick not that it usually ever does for most games.
  2. Ok then I know what's going on good. And now a report about a mission I just played SCG260: It's called the bridge on the Kwai. In this mission you've broken out of prison. Now it's your task to capture a NOD base to the east and destroy the prison to the north. When I finally reached the prison some enemy reinforcements appeared killing the prison themselves which also was under NOD control. While all other surroundings were under enemy GDI control. I believe that needs to be fixed. Replace the prison owner from nod to that specific GDI side. Because once the prison got destroyed by them the mission was accomplished while I was still fighting with their defence turrets.
  3. Hi I just wanted to report that both download links for SCG096 - The Arctic Missions by SID seems to be dead. I'm not even sure if I need to download those or if they are included in SCG095. Why aren't those files listed on the first main page is something wrong with them?
  4. Well the videos just didn't work.. But don't worry I'm sure they will work fine. After days of testing I figured out that my isos which I had running with virtual cds in the background were interfering with the mixes inside the the red alert folder. That's when I decided to put all vids into one mix and disable all isos as the 2 exe files are already patched as no-cd exe files. But that didn't work for me as well. In the end I deleted all video mix files out of the C&C folder and am playing now with the isos again. That seems to work fine for me. If you want me to I could test your mix files again but this time without having the isos enabled.
  5. I give up it's impossible to mix all 4 packs into one. Guess it has to stay splitted up. So Ra95.exe for regular campaign videos & raAM.exe for AddOn videos.
  6. why would scmovies.mix work but not movies1.mix movies2.mix this doesn't seem to make sense unless all mix files with SC are getting some sort of extra priority? Well I'll try it anyway thx.
  7. How sad but yap it sounds reasonable not to go there if it's more trouble than useable. But anyway I wasn't necessarily thinking that it has to be a super weapon controlled by the player. Just imagine the scripted possibility in Singleplayer missions to do it. Sending a bunch of Chinooks unloading tanks while some planes drop by a bit further ahead dropping paratroopers. Code and voxels could be probably ported. Never the less you're the C&C master what you decide is law.
  8. Ok I've tested both variants. The method from Sonarpulse unfortunately didn't work at all. The variant from FunkyFr3sh works fine however there remains one little problem. The main.mix contains only the video of one side either the soviets or the allies. Now I did try to copy movies2.mix (soviets) into my allied main.mix inside my red alert folder unfortunately it gets entirely ignored. Then I tried to extract movies1&movies2.mix into the red alert main folder itself and moving main.mix outside the red alert folder. It still wont work though. Any Ideas what I can do to get both the videos from both sides working at the same time? I know it's possible as I had it working in the past but I can't remember how I did it. At least the aftermath, counterstrike videos & regular videos unrelated to any sides are working fine so far. Then another question. Can I implement the "TLF" extra missions into my Counterstrike, Aftermath folder somehow? Not sure how to do that in red alert1 in c&c95 it would be a lot easier.
  9. I thank you both for your suggestions and I will try both variants out. The one that works better will stay...
  10. While this is already an older topic the question remains for me... I also want all movies & music tracks available for Red Alert plus both AddOns + TLF pack. How can I get the movies to play. Do I need to copy all movies from the different cds into one mix. file with XCC mix Editor or so? I can't really remember how I did it in the past. Also what is in your opinion the best and fastest and safest way to install Red Alert (64bit) these days? Shall I use this fullra or rather go for Nyerguds approach or any other? It seems there are several download & installer packs, patches available for Red Alert. It's a bit overwhelming if somebody like me hasn't played Red Alert1 in a while.
  11. I just want to report a minor glitch: GDI 111 - Out of control: In this mission you get reinforcements by 2 Chinook choppers one of the helicopters is turning around and flying out of the map making the mission x10 harder if not even impossible as the ai's spams a lot chemical troopers which kill your few units very fast. So far I've tested it 4 times & 4 times the 2nd helicopter did not just start each time somewhere else but also always turned around. Probably missing a spawnpoint plus extraction point. I would also suggest that you create a 2nd topic solo which you call "Discussion & bug reports Solo mappacks" which should become sticky as well next to this topic here. So that your real production topic stays as clean as possible.
  12. sounds very good nyerguds and as usual I wish you best of luck in succeeding. One of the features I would like to see is to enhance the gameplay aspect itself. Giving mappers more possibilities like Paratroopers & parabombs of red alert 1 etc. Also it would be awesome to get sea forces. Basically just adding extra code lines without ruining the compatibility to older missions or the original code. Now I'm not sure if that's even possible but by now you have broken so many of the former hard coded things even added own codings into the game if somebody can do it then you and if you can't then it must be impossible period.
  13. So Jehal did you get it working or do you still need help?
  14. Ah nice... Ye I read about that.. Not sure however how to use it.. I will investigate that further thanks. Anyway does no one has anything to say regarding the campaign? Is no one playing Red Alert1 anymore unbelievable. In my eyes red alert 1 + c&c1 were the best c&cs after that red alert2 + tibsun,firestorm..
  15. 23-down

    Huge C&C1 Singleplayer mappack

    Isn't it possible to load the games in DOS version decompile them with a dos specified tool and then convert them to c&c95 format? Not sure I mean in the ini you can basically edit anything? At least I wouldn't see any other possibility in theory.. And no solo I can't do that. I'm no coder I just posted about theoretically things which could be or could not be possible based on the intel Nyerguds provided. Even if I could do something like that I simply lack the time due to job stuff etc.