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  1. I have uploaded all the photos finally. Thanks everyone for the interest!
  2. I replied to all emails. The Soundtracks are promo only from Europe. Never seen any of them before. Snagged them on ebay a few months back
  3. FirePower would be a 8/10. Soundtrack Collection would be 9/10 (opened but mint) and the TS Soundtracks range from 5/10-9/10
  4. I have bigger and better things in life to move onto. I dont enjoy it like I used to. I have spent a small fortune getting these items and Id like to be able to enjoy my other hobbies (My cars for example). Also...if you guys are interested, please email me offers to: [email protected]
  5. Thanks for the compliments guys. Plokite: The poster is 2-sided. So the Nod/GDI is the same poster. I dont know the shirt sizes, Ill have to check.
  6. Ill see your 0.10 and will gladly decline!
  7. As stated, email your best offer or if you have questions ask. Many of these items are still new and sealed. Many were originally sealed with the soft plastic wrap and was dirty, torn, etc...so I had many of them re-wrapped to protect them. I also probably included a lot of my original games I actually play. Ill have to remove those. Whoops
  8. *Mods: I hope this thread is ok. I am trying to keep my collection within the community. I have loved C&C for the past 15+ years, but its time for me to move on....sadly!* First, let me introduce myself. I am SSWarBird. I happen to me one of the few OG's from C&C. Some may know me, most probably wont. I Have been around since the beginning. Im saddened to say that I have grown up enough to have to sell off my collection of C&C items. I have spent the last 5-6 years collecting C&C items and have quite a vast assortment. I am probably the biggest private collector in the USA. Please visit my site for info and items. https://sites.google...candcollection/ NOTE: Please include your handle and website you visited from in your email. I will begin honoring offers on 11/12/11