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  1. Ok so I think the weapon bonus SOLO_AI_HARD in gamedata.ini is what is used for the handicap but so far I haven't found a way to apply it. Do you have any ideas about how to apply it ?
  2. Emil Georgiev

    annoying bug or whatever it is

    because it's much easier to simply download a single savefile and because I want to keep all my modifiactions?
  3. Emil Georgiev

    annoying bug or whatever it is

    Loading the mission from a savefile that starts right after the intro is over will work. That's how I played the campaign missions with various mods such as shockwave. I know the issue is somewhere in those modifications, but I just am way too lazy to download a ton of files and replace what i've modified when I can just ask someone to throw in a savefile. It's much quicker. and just to add, if someone can upload one, be sure to make it on hard difficulty.
  4. Emil Georgiev

    annoying bug or whatever it is

    AI modifications only so a vanilla save file would work
  5. Emil Georgiev

    annoying bug or whatever it is

    Restarting doesn't work. Not the patrolling humvees but the stationary ones. Apparently I've done something that made every AI controlled unit much more aggressive.
  6. Emil Georgiev

    annoying bug or whatever it is

    ****** humvees killed those rpg dudes who were supposed to blow up the usa base in gla mission 2 and the intro wont end now. OAWPDMF#()#J(AFJMA#F#FE can someone give a save file of the hard version of that mission ?
  7. anyone have a clue on how to add those two generals to single player ?
  8. Stinger Soldiers! Those little dudes kick so much ass! Question: how2make 'em buildable(for vanilla and the other GLA generals)? I'm a virgin when it comes to modifiying Zero Hour , so I'd appreciate it if someone could put up a guide on how to make those Stinger dudes buildable ( ^ . ^ )
  9. @AZ-Stalker, damn.. i will play around with world builder and see what happens. Thanks for your help and attention mate. :} Have a nice day x)
  10. @AZ-Stalker, you have a point, but is there any way to confirm this? Also could you look at my second question and see if you can help? Thanks :>
  11. @AZ-Stalker, I'm not exactly sure if they are seperate factions or not. There are a lot of differences betwen those and the original two.
  12. Hello everyone. There are two unplayable generals i think nobody noticed( i searched so long). First General: In GLA mission 2 you are up against the stealth general, but that general isn't the one you are playing with in skirmish/multiplayer. He's different in many ways. I'll just point a few differences - 1. every unit he builds( besides the rocket buggy) is stealth. 2. every building he builds is stealth while under construction and after without the need of upgrading. 3. he can build up to 5 Jarmen Kells that are different from the others. They are stealth whatever they do (shooting, using ability..), and their special ability recharges SUPER FAST!! you face him in GLA mission 2 and you also spot some of his units in chineese mission 5 ( the ones garrisoned in the buildings in the USA base) as far as i know. Second General: The general you are facing in USA mission 5 is also a lot different from the one you play in skirmish/multiplayer. some differences: 1. cool looking rpg troopers 2. tanks look like they are fully upgraded trough salvage drops when they are not. 3. i'm not really sure, but i think his soldiers and workers are invincible to any kind of poison ( once again, not sure). Now for my question regarding those two generals - How can i make them playable in skirmish? I have also noticed that between the difficulties (easy/medium/hard) in generals challenge and in campaign, the AI controlled player is different in other ways besides behavior. In easy difficulty, in both modes, the enemy units seem to be exactly 1 rank behind you. I mean they shot slower and are much weaker. If, lets say a scorpion tank, BUILD by the AI is rank 1 and attacks your scorpion tank which doesn't have any rank, you'll see that there is no difference in the damage/firing rate between the two tanks. The same thing effects EVEN base defenses, particle cannon and some general powers ( yes! they show slower!), as well as every unit the AI builds. In normal difficulty, the AI units are equal to yours, i.e no rank handicap. In hard difficulty the enemy units, base defenses, ect. all shoot faster and are more powerful than yours. A heroic paladin is damn near indestructible, freshly build auroras ( inexpirianced) blow defenses in 1 shot. It is like everything they build comes out with an 'invisible rank'. A rank 2 tank is the same ( SAME!) as your heroic ranked tank. Pretty unfair, i know ( we asked for it xD). If you want to confirm this you can try playing the campaign/ challenges in different difficulty, clear out an enemy tank ( best example is the quad cannon. Play GLA mission 2 and take out one of stealth generals' quad cannons, capture it and compare the firing rate between it and a quad cannon build from your war factory). Question regarding this - can I apply this effect to me or different AI players in skirmish? and/or can i boost myself in campaign and generals challenge this way, and make lets say the AI controlled player on hard difficulty to fall on 'normal level'? Thanks in advance for your help x) Have a nice day.