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  1. Guess we going to need LUA expert here? @Mjjstral @Madin ?
  2. I found bug while messing with the behemoth, when you kill it and use engineer to recover it, it will use the Coming out of war factory animation right after showing the getting up animation, looking at the xml it seem that User_17 is the one who causing the issue, but removing it and order the animation the same way as normal Juggernaut will result in the behemoth don't show it's bunker coming out of factory animation and will make broken cannon animation instead (just when it goes out of the WF ofc) as the cannons also sort of have "unpacking" animation while getting out of WF, while it does solve the "recover by engi" bug it add new issue over the other. I don't recall seeing it in the old days of ver 1.00 or in command school videos which showed the engi+behemoth tactic Can someone here look at the xml and see if there's a way to fix it? I don't sure what even trigger user_17, the recovery still just use user_5. I will add pic and xml later but you can simply peek on the default xml as it happenes on unmodded KW as well (and I pinned it down to user_17 which seem to be relate to the bunker and cannons animation )
  3. I think it 4 without the " " indeed (at least from quick look at the lua) But it still don't works :/
  4. Ok, I tried it, unless I mess up something it don't seem like it working I added <EventList Name="STJuggernaughtFunctions" Inherit="BaseScriptFunctions"> <EventHandler EventName="OnCreated" ScriptFunctionName="OnSTJuggernaughtCreated" DebugSingleStep="false"/> </EventList> to the scriptevents And this to the LUA script: function OnSTJuggernaughtCreated(self) ObjectHideSubObjectPermanently( self, "MuzzleFlash_01", true ) ObjectHideSubObjectPermanently( self, "MuzzleFlash_02", true ) ObjectHideSubObjectPermanently( self, "MuzzleFlash_03", true ) ExecuteAction("UNIT_SET_MODELCONDITION_FOR_DURATION", self, "USER_17", "4") end And ofc was sure to add it to the Behemoth's AILuaEventsList, and deleted all the out of war factory models and animations.
  5. Sorry meant to GUBEHMBLDA_SKN, You meant to delete the all the models and animations that have JUST_BUILD and COMING_OUT_OF_FACTORY and the weapon thingy? exclude user_17's right? That what this topic is all about
  6. I got what you meant back then, what I meant was that I think I realized how the switch for the bunker animation work : P The strange thing though is that the bunker animation not visible at the x3wviwer I thought abut trying to use the GUBEHEMOTH_BLDA model as default but was sure it won't look right, Maybe I can try to add COMING_OUT_OF_FACTORY USER_17 to all the necessary conditions and see how it goes... Unless you know of better way to trigger it like LUA?
  7. I think I understand what going on, EA made another model (only for the war factory) for the behemoth that use user_17 as trigger right? (that model can't be view with the x3wviewer as well no matter what shader you use btw) that model is the one the behemoth skip if we delete user_17 and the trigger and go straight to the PARSE_DEFAULT model which... despite working well with the war factory animation in the viewer.. seem to not work with it in-game, So while the behemoth skip the model that don't have trigger that let it appear temporarily, it will use the default model and will look broken. So any ideas how I can use that model on for coming out of factory condition? adding it as condition don't work as long as it don't have something that trigger it, and adding COMING_OUT_OF_FACTORY in the animation AttributeModifier don't seem to work from my few first tests At least now I got why they used fireweapon module that only work for few secs...
  8. If only there was a way to give the fireweapon a condition it may solve it, normal conditionyes won't work though Edit Increasing or decreasing the BuildFadeInOnCreateTime will result in the behemoth just wait standing in the war factory till it his cue to move (if Increasing) , Or just spawn standing from the air (if decreasing) and start move fast to the exit . As for speeding up the animation, I don't sure which part to speed but I assume it will make it look funny. I think the lua will be the best option but don't sure how to trigger the modelcondition from it, Is three any unit out there that uses lua for it model?
  9. Already deleted it, but it easy to recreate it, and it the result I got in 99% of my testing anyway (aside that one time I made him to somehow not show this broken model, but after few secs he just standed midway and walk outside the WF instead , unfortunately I was stupid enough to not save this xml cause I was sure I could recreate it easily...) To create this broken animation/model all you need to do is delete the user_17 model and animation or delete fireweapon. The animation start normally for few secs and then the model changes to what you see in the picture above so it may be fast animation or model shifting as you said but I can't find what wrong in the xml, even mimic the original Juggernaut xml will result in the same thing probably cause the behemoth have different time for the animations. I never really used the lua for anything aside hiding or showing sub objects, how can I use it as trigger for user_17? and is it possible to make it to use the coming out of factory condition so it won't repeat itself when the behemoth recover?
  10. Thanks for your time, I tried almost anything you all suggest here or anything I know and still got it broken in one way or another, I don't understand the mechanism behind that animation thingy but it may be coded... and if it does I can't do anything to solve it :/ Here a pic of how it looks like when the behemoth's bunker and cannons don't start "unpacked" in case you curious....
  11. I see, well either way I still run into issues, changing user_17 condition or removing it (and now also removing the fireweapon module) will fix the recovery animation as I stated in the first post but it still show broken Coming out of factory animation, this time however it looked different, it will show the bunker and cannons alright but will stop middle way and show the behemoth just walking outside normally, I done some tests and also tried to change the condition of the AttributeModifier_BehemothBuildAnimation from user_17 to COMING_OUT_OF_FACTORY while removing all the user_17 models (I must do either way or the game will crush from having the same models and conditions twice) but it didn't help. I think now it have something to do with the animation frame time code (that in the game object) or something else that stop it mid way? Or maybe I can try something else and somehow make the fireweapon module code to work only if it come out of factory? I don't sure if I can set condition for it though Edit, looking at the animation there are few things that may look weird (at least for me) <AnimationState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_NORMAL" ConditionsYes="USER_17" StateName="STATE_built" EnteringStateFX="" FrameForPristineBonePositions="0" ShareAnimation="False" AllowRepeatInRandomPick="False" SimilarRestart="False"> <Animation AnimationName="GUBEHMBLDA_BLDA" AnimationMode="ONCE" Distance="0" AnimationBlendTime="5" AnimationSpeedFactorMin="1" AnimationSpeedFactorMax="1" WeaponTimingOrdering="PRIMARY_WEAPON" WeaponTimingSlotID="1" AnimationPriority="1" FadeBeginFrame="-1" FadeEndFrame="-1" AnimationMustCompleteBlend="False" UseWeaponTiming="False" FadingIn="False" /> </AnimationState> <AnimationState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_NORMAL" ConditionsYes="COMING_OUT_OF_FACTORY" StateName="STATE_built" EnteringStateFX="" FrameForPristineBonePositions="0" ShareAnimation="False" AllowRepeatInRandomPick="False" SimilarRestart="False"> <Animation AnimationName="GUBEHMBLDA_BLDA" AnimationMode="ONCE" Distance="0" AnimationBlendTime="0" AnimationSpeedFactorMin="1" AnimationSpeedFactorMax="1" WeaponTimingOrdering="PRIMARY_WEAPON" WeaponTimingSlotID="1" AnimationPriority="1" FadeBeginFrame="-1" FadeEndFrame="-1" AnimationMustCompleteBlend="False" UseWeaponTiming="False" FadingIn="False" /> </AnimationState> Animation will start and end in -1 (don't know if it alright unless the Behemoth start standing) Only user_17 have AnimationBlendTime set to 5 The animationpriority set low (though there aren't any other animations that have bigger priority so I don't think it issue unless that mean the game can randomly ignore it)
  12. Thanks, will try it, Is there any point in delete the fireweapon module if user_17 won't be used anyway?
  13. Thanks for the help. The thing is that simply remove user_17 (or it's trigger) will break the getting up animation of the bunker and cannon and Not the animation of the behemoth itself (the bunker and cannons also have unpack animation or else the bunker will pop out of the war factory) . There's any way to make a user/upgrade/trigger that will show the animation only once for every behemoth unit per life time even after being respawn from husk? I thought about user that trigger it and then being replaced by other user or some other trigger that can come only from the war factory, any ideas?
  14. Both versions are messed up and have their own minus and pluses, I have 3 different version of WED 1.07 (beta, gamma, modify one) and 2 versions of 1.08 (gamma is messed up and ignore all of my modifications), I use some random 1.08 version I found long ago which seem to do the job, the only minus is that it extract the xmls in different way and don't include some code line, However unlike all the versions of 1.07 it DON'T mess up any line, it just won't show them, what I do in these cases is extracting the same xml from 1.07 and look for the line I need WHEN I need it.
  15. So, any idea what even trigger user_17? D : It don't seem to be in the war factory, faction's upgrade, or any of the sort
  16. WED ver 1.07 tend to remove or mess up some code lines, Multisound and AudioEvent are one of them, that why I uses 1.08
  17. look at the end of the veichle xml, there should be code with name like crusher and crushable something (don't remember the exact name), this code define what the unit can crush and what can crush it with levels, since you want it to only effect the inf you should go to the inf's xml and edit/remove that line.
  18. Start by posting the xml so we can see what code may got messed up :9
  19. Here image and xml SteelTalonsBehemoth.rar
  20. I learned that in WED if I mess with Existing sound code (not new sound I added) I must put the xml in the static folder or it won't work, don't think it your issue though, It can also happened if there is a sound that attracts to effect and you don't know how to dig in the chain xmls and find it, one last thing that comes to mind is case where you don't use the multisound probably and dk how to dig in it's xml as well and add/change the right lines
  21. can't download the file atm but assuming you done everything right and your game patched up to the last version or not broken somehow, it should work... did you put it in the costume maps folder? and did you made costume map or modded map?
  22. There's any way to order your own unit to attack allies without to hold the control key simialr to C&C4 engineers style? I really need the attack cursor to appear without the control key or the unit will look useless, EA got away with it with the MRT that have drons that auto heal things and have lovely ablilty to heal unit (which doesn't work~) I would prefer the attack cursor over chained ability if possible
  23. I do, but I also know that EA love to make things they never uses, so I wanted to ask people with better modding experince if there was such a thing that can be used. The unit I think about adding will have weapon that can only repair aircarfts, is the only method I can use for it is chained ability cursor similar to the master mind? cause I don't sure how to do it, I think the last time I checked it was coded to the mastermind and other mind control units... (hope I'm worng here)
  24. I always used the normal Notepad, have no idea how notepad can change all the inner IDs and names of the w3x files so they can all detect each other like the original did (but ofc without replace the originals) without any personal edit.