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  1. Exciting times... Petroglyph Games as developers
  2. Awesome, what a relief
  3. fox34343

    C&C Community Summit December 2012

    Looks like you guys had some fun. I'm excited to give this game a try, roll on the beta.
  4. Only 800 points? Very good deal. The download it 2.1GB if anybody is interested, very big for an XBL Arcade title.
  5. Sweet trailer, C&C4 is looking better and better all the time.
  6. fox34343

    Scanned Screen Shots from PC Jeux

    I think it looks pretty good too, I'm looking forward to this game:D
  7. fox34343

    13 Days Until Red Alert 3: Uprising

    Only £14.99 in the UK, amazing. KW was £24.99 on release day last year.
  8. They showed these adverts at the London launch event:D
  9. fox34343

    Red Alert 3 UK Launch Event

    Not just England... It's near Wales too.
  10. fox34343

    Red Alert 3 UK Launch Event

    I really hope I get tickets:D
  11. fox34343

    Red Alert 3 Super Powers Trailer

    Oh Gawd, I love this game already!
  12. Sad, sad news. I was really looking forward to this one:o(