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  1. For this week's instalment of Throwback Thursday we are remembering the first ever CommandCOM event that took place during Gamescom 2009 in Cologne, Germany. This was one of the biggest community summit events to have ever taken place. As Command & Conquer fans from across the globe assembled in Cologne to get a inside look at Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. Obviously looking back now, the actual game did not live up to the event but a fantastic time was had by all who attended. And like many of the community summits over the years, CNCNZ.com was there! If you would like a detailed trip down memory lane you can read the CommandCOM 2009 Report, plus there are plenty of photos inside our CommandCOM – August 2009 gallery. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  2. Just like E3 back in June, once again long suffering Command & Conquer fans have lucked out, EA have had their Gamescom 2015 Press Conference and no surprise announcements about the future of the franchise were made. Traditionally, Command & Conquer has always had some form of a strong presence at Gamescom in recent years. So where does this leave the Command & Conquer franchise moving forward? Unfortunately we can't answer that, but it doesn't look good at all. With August 2015 being the 20th anniversary of the original Command & Conquer it was the perfect time for EA to bring Command & Conquer back. Sorry EA, you've missed the boat here and failed to capitalise. If you're interested in what EA did announce at Gamescom, you can watch the full press conference right here. Alternatively, GameSpot have good summary.
  3. We still have more content and coverage to share from CommandCOM, even though the event was about a month ago now. You have probably read through Alex06's detailed report, but now you can get a different perspective, and some extra details about the new Command & Conquer, inside @Koen's CommandCOM 2013 report. Just a small sample below... You can read the full CommandCOM 2013 report from Koen right here. Don't forget to check out the images galleries from Koen and Alex06 as well.
  4. There are three new trailers for the new Command & Conquer coming out of this years gamescom. They are faction specific, one each for the GLA, EU and the APA. Apparently they were captured from EA's live stream on Twitch TV. You can watch the GLA trailer below. Watch the EU and APA trailers on , via our YouTube Channel.
  5. GameReplays.org have posted their Gamescom interview that they had with Victory Games GM, Jon van Caneghem. This lengthy video interview covers a wide range of subjects about the new Command & Conquer such as the technical side of the game, future plans and expectations and much more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sesQDQ51QjU This video interview was originally posted here.
  6. Earlier today we uploaded about 70+ photos from our teams trip to Cologne, Germany for CommandCOM 2013 and of course, gamescom. Its a rather varied collection of photos, hopefully they give you an idea of what fun and festivities took place. We still have more to share in the next few days as well. This first batch have been supplied by @Koen. Check out the full gallery for more. You can also view the same gallery on our Facebook or Google+ pages.
  7. Here's another interview with Victory Games’ General Manager, Jon Van Caneghem, this time from from El33tonline.com. This one is a more traditional text interview, no fancy video here. It's still somewhat informative, though. Check out the sample below.... You can read the full interview right here.
  8. Last month, gamescom, one of the biggest gaming conventions of the year, took place and with it, CommandCom. I, Alex06 of CNCNZ.com, was lucky enough to have EA fly me to Germany to participate in this massive community event. During said event, we met and talked with developers and our fellow community leaders (Official C&C and C&C fansite admins, staff and forum moderators), played the latest build of the upcoming free to play Command & Conquer game, took part in feedback sessions with the developers and went on a boat cruise, notably. As a result, I have produced a report to share my experience with you. But that's not all - This report not only contains details about my 3 and a half days in Cologne, Germany, but also new and exclusive information about the next C&C game and its development, which you won't be able to find anywhere else! More after the break. Here's a short snippet: Click this link to read the entire report.
  9. The Community BattleCast Primetime team is putting the finishing touches on their next episode, but before that, they decided to upload their interview with EA_CIRE they recorded at this year's CommandCOM. They asked him about the singleplayer campaigns, which will be released in several smaller packs in shorter periods of time and will be available for both solo and co-op play, making a difference from Red Alert 3, where co-op was forced and had to be played either with the AI or a friend. Stay tuned for an update on CBCPT Episode 23.
  10. Victory Games has uploaded a recap video from this year's CommandCOM in Cologne, Germany. It shows a quick recap of Victory Games' and Command & Conquer's presence at Gamescom 2013 in a minute-long video. Missed any gamescom-related news? Click here to catch up with anything you've missed out on.
  11. We may possibly have our first indication of what you could be potentially be paying for in the new Command & Conquer. The base game will and always be "free-to-play", but at some stage, you would expect a monetary charge for something. If you watched the gamescom Command & Conquer Demo Room Video we posted about earlier, you probably saw some ingame screenshots showing the Command & Conquer Premium options. The team at CnC-Inside.de have some extra info (in German), but from this we have learnt that Command & Conquer Premium will give you.... 50% Bonus CP and XP Queue for specific game mode(s) Extra custom game options Select map Pick faction colour It should be noted that we suspect that these premium features are a work in progress, but we can be sure there will be a premium service in the game. Hopefully, we will find out more about Command & Conquer Premium over the next few days.
  12. The first instalment of our CommandCOM 2013 coverage has arrived in the form of a video interview with the C&C Community Manager, Eric "EA_CIRE" Krause. In this interview @Koen asks about the beta, when fans can expect to get in, some of the current game play features, plus you get a look at the CommandCOM testing room. Check back soon for more coverage from CommandCOM 2013.
  13. Zéphyr from CnCSaga.com has made a short interview with Jon Van Caneghem two days ago on the new Command & Conquer. Other than restating the campaigns which were announced a few days ago, Van Caneghem explained how the exclusion of oil as a secondary resource was due to the alpha testers' feedback and when can beta applicants expect their keys. Stay tuned for more information from gamescom.
  14. The first demo room video of the upcoming Command & Conquer has been uploaded on EA's official YouTube page. For the first time, we can see long gameplay footage, as well as a peek at the game's interface and menus. Stay tuned for more gamescom info.
  15. During EA's press conference, Victory Games had its say on Command & Conquer. This new trailer was released, in which we can see that the singleplayer campaigns will be released in 2014. The missions can be played either alone or cooperatively. The release date of the game itself is still uncertain, but it is obvious that multiplayer and singleplayer will launch apart from each other.
  16. The CnCSaga.com team is currently at GamesCOM and has taken a picture of the part of C&C's booth where the previously announced tank is. Between PCGames.de's behind-the-scenes special and now, the tank has been repainted to the APA scheme, nullifying all speculations about the USA being the fourth faction... at least for now. Stay tuned for more GamesCOM and CommandCOM coverage as new information arrives.
  17. If you have been reading our posts on Facebook and Twitter you will be aware that three of the CNCNZ.com team are on the ground at CommandCOM in Cologne, Germany. We currently have a whole archive of various photos and assets to share with you all, as well as game information and hopefully some video in the coming days. However, it takes time to sort through it all and edit video content. For now, though, here's a photo of @Koen standing next to the big tank that can be seen at the Command & Conquer booth at gamescom. We have more to post in the coming days so keep checking back. And don't forget to check our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  18. We've posted twice in the past two days about the APA tank that can be seen at the Command & Conquer booth at gamescom. The team has uploaded a video displaying how the turret was made and how the tank was transported over the night through German highways and finally to the gamescom booth. Stay tuned for more info from gamescom.
  19. Watch Command & Conquer take to the big stage at EA's Gamescom 2013 Press Conference. Plus you can watch the epic showdown between the two Command & Conquer community managers, who will be crowned the "King of Köln". This new video also includes the trailer for the recently revealed campaign missions.
  20. PCGames.de has uploaded a video which takes us behind the scenes of EA's gamescom booths while they're still being set up. Their focus are the stands with large props, like a Titanfall mech and a tank at the C&C booth, which, curiously, has US Army insignia. This has led to speculation that the USA will indeed be the fourth faction in the upcoming Command & Conquer game. You can watch the video above or right here. Be sure to . Note that the video is in German.
  21. An announcement has been made on the official C&C Facebook page regarding EA's press conference prior to gamescom. During that time, on August 20th at 3 PM GMT, two C&C devs will battle it out on the latest alpha build of the upcoming Command & Conquer game to determine who will be the King of Köln: CIRE or Erhard. The conference and the match will be broadcasted here. EA will also plug all gamescom events on its Twitch.tv profile.
  22. As it was announced, EA would be present at this year's GamesCOM event, which will take place from August 21st to August 25th. EA staff has released information about the event over at EA's GamesCOM website, answering a few important and frequently asked question, notably about tickets and location. EA's booth, which will be located in Hall 6, will include a Command & Conquer section, where fans attending will likely be able to see a gameplay demo and/or play the game, alongside some other surprises, as is seemingly hinted at by the presence of a massive tank at the C&C kiosk's entrance. To see an interactive map of the EA booth, click here. Additionally, each EA game will have PCs designed to specifically run the respective game. Attendees will also be able to participate in a contest and win one of the customized C&C PCs that will be running the game over at EA's booth during the event. You can see a run-down of the Command & Conquer PC's system specifications below: Command & Conquer - PC Hardware Motherboard: MSI 970FX Processor: AMD FX8350 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD7970 Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8 Go (2x 4 Go) 240-Pin DDR3 1866 Hard Drive: 120 Go SSD Corsair Neutron GTX Power Supply: Corsair GS800 Cooling System: Corsair Hydro Series h100i Case: Corsair 300R Black Peripherals: Mouse: Razer Taipan Mousepad: Razer Goliathus Keyboard: Razer Deathstalker Headset: Razer Pro Kraken The source for this information can be seen by clicking here, although the page is only available in German.
  23. As we mentioned last week, the new Command & Conquer will be on show at gamescom 2013. And now, here's other important news: CommandCOM 2013 will also take place alongside gamescom in Cologne, Germany - it's another important Command & Conquer summit coming up. CommandCOM 2013 was announced on the Official C&C Twitter page this past weekend. We are sending three people from the CNCNZ.com team to CommandCOM 2013 to get the important details about the new Command & Conquer. CommandCOM was last held back in August 2009 for the much loved Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. CNCNZ.com was there, and you can relive the 2009 event by reading this lengthy report.
  24. Via a press release issued today, EA has unveiled the games that will be presented at gamescom 2013. This, of course, includes the new Command & Conquer. On August 20th, the day before the event, a press conference will take place at 4 PM GMT to showcase some of the games' features. Check out the press release below. As mentioned, the press conference will be streamed live here. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for awesome new stuff to be revealed.
  25. Yes, you read it right! When no one expected it, BioWare Victory released a new trailer with actual gameplay at Gamescom. It is unclear why did they leave out the Generals 2 logo in the video title and the ending, but you can still feast your eyes on this long awaited material. In other news, the official Facebook page shows a free-to-play tag. I guess that all we can do is wait until this becomes clear. UPDATE: The Generals 2 section on the official website is gone. The game will simply be called Command & Conquer, with all (dis)advantages Free-to-play gameplay gives, according to IGN.