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Found 2 results

  1. I had a topic like this that I started at the time of our last major from transition. As I've mentioned, I'm still tidying up and fixing colours around the forum theme. So I will keep a running list here of changes I make (from today). It's mostly for me so I don't loose track of what I'm working on. Also look out for another topic that I will be posting soon to highlight some of the cool new features we have on this version of IPS. There is all sorts of quirky little things that you may not have discovered yet Items Fixed/Changed/Added Fixed many of the blue link styles, removed underline formatting. Changed the emoticon icon in the chatbox, it's no longer the big ugly yellow icon. Unread content should now display as bold text. Made the small pagination in forum view (1 2 3 4 5 etc....) easier to read. They will highlight when you hover over the row. Fixed reputation point counter box. You should see a bit more separation in forum and topic view. Basically darkened the line the provides the separation. Fixed the C&C Profile Icons. You will have edit your profile and reselect your favorite game though. Added dark border to quoted text boxes. Change the tag colours to a lighter grey. Restored bottom banner ad. Moved "Leaderboard" and "Chatbox" menu links to "Browse" submenu. One small change to the how the Post Editor works when you press the ENTER key. It will now start a new paragraph as the default action. If you want to the cursor to move to the next line (as in not start a new paragraph) simple press SHIFT + ENTER. Fixed the Post Editor colours. Especially for the tag entry field. Text is now readable when you enter the name of a C&C game. All C&C games have been stored in the tag system. So just start typing a name of a C&C game and the correct one will pop up in drop down menu. Fixed colours for the small reputation counters on each post. Removed the white backgrounds from avatar images that have transparency. Fixed a bug that prevent user hovercards from displaying on certain text links. Made some layout changes to the main index. Member Stats, Forum Stats, Who's Online are now on the right sidebar. Added the Popular Contributors section to the right sidebar. New look rank system set up. More details here. Changed the colour of text in some areas from white to a shade of grey. Mostly on the main forum index and the text inside the Post Editor. To Do List New look for CNCNZ.com team badges. Current Bugs If you share a link to another topic or post in your current post a preview box will display, The box is mostly unreadable though. Until this can be fixed please click the "Your link has been automatically embedded. Display as a link instead" prompt that appears at the bottom of the Post Editor box.
  2. There are still few things to sort out after the upgrade so I'll be using this thread to keep a running list of what changes I make, stuff I update or add. Bug & Problems That Have Been Fixed/Changed/Added Rebuilt all user Avatars (now called Photos), if yours is missing you will need to upload it again Removed Interests from being displayed on topic view, these only appear on user profiles Enabled Sphinx for faster searching Updated CSS to correct bugs with quoted text Increased the number of reputation points users can give every 24 hours, you may give out 20 per day, this is done via the "Like This" button to the right of every post Cleaned up the ajax loading images so they look better on the blue backgrounds Restored avatars sizes to 150px on topic view Patched in some extra CSS code to clean up old style quote boxes from IPB2 Tweaked the colours of the newer quote boxes News system for main site is now complete and back online Changed user reputation system to a positive/negative system Removed old video posting BBCode tags, replaced by Media tag now Fixed the background colour of the "Source Editor", its now white Fixed CODE background colour, text is readable now once colour coding is applied to displayed code Installed a hook that fixes a bug which prevents topic tags and prefixes from being changed by anyone except the original topic starter Cleaned up all the emoticons (aka smilies). Removed the ugly IPS default set. Restored the classic set from the IP2 theme, Sorted the order for most commonly used, and the mini C&C game specific icons Added Mod DB video code to the Media tag Made a smaller change to the quote boxes Removed the gender from being displayed on topic view, these only appear on user profiles Colours fixed for unapproved topic/posts. Only admins/mods can see them though Added quick access icons for the Lightbox and Media tags to the toolbar on the Post Editor Enabled Facebook and Twitter integration, full details here Added a group legend bar to the bottom of the index Calendar added, full details here Cleaned up the help files Enabled the Also Tagged With feature. At the bottom of the topic view and if the topic has tags, other topics with the same tag(s) will be displayed underneath the fast reply box. Some various forum re-ordering and others. More details here. Users can now no longer delete their own posts. If you require something to be deleted you will need to report it or PM an Admin or Mod. Fixed GameTrailers.com video embed code for the media tag. Full details here. Added IGN videos to the media tag Ads are now enabled on the mobile theme Renamed the Command & Conquer - Free to Play forum to Command & Conquer (2013) Tweaked some of the fonts here on the forums so they match up and fit in with new design on the main site. Added the new Shoutbox, more details here http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/18555-new-shoutbox-added/. Removed the Member Map. Renamed the Command & Conquer (2013) forum to Command & Conquer: Untitled Future. Merged the Command & Patch forums into the Hosted Projects category. The Hosted Projects has been moved further down the main index, its now below the Command & Conquer Modding Community category. Added icons for Renegade X and The Ultimate Collection to the Favourite C&C profile field. BBCode for the Shoutbox has been disabled. Tweaked some of the forum font colours, eliminating a lot of the darker grey colours that aren't technically part of the overall site colours, or colours that have been phased out. Many of the these have been replaced with this blue or just plain white. Updated the Media tag. Vine videos and content from Sketchfab can now be embed in your posts. More details here. Posts with 5 or more reputation points will now be display with a star icon. View it here. Enabled the "Best Answer" feature for all modding related forums. The "Best Answer" feature allows a mod or admin to mark a particular post as solved, hence the best answer to a given question. More details here. Tweets can now be embed in posts via the Media tag. More details and how it works can be found here. Made some minor changes to the profile fields for your Command & Conquer Profile. Mostly to reflect the differences between C&C: Online and XWIS. Fixed a CSS bug the prevented bold text from displaying in new or edited posts. You can now display the name you use for Renegade X online as part of your Command & Conquer Profile on your profile page. Added a new sub forum for Renegade - http://forums.cncnz.com/forum/114-renegade-x/ New forum created for The Ultimate Collection and The First Decade http://forums.cncnz.com/forum/115-the-ultimate-collection-the-first-decade/ Found and fixed the problem causing guests or logged out users from seeing the "Last info" on the forum index. The Hosted Projects section has been moved to the end of the main index. The TibEd.Net Forums have been merged in to the Hosted Projects section. Also take not of the fact that the Command & Conquer Legos / Tiberium Legos, Tiberium Chronicles RPG Project and YR: Generals Mod have been archived, they are still open but work on these projects has ceased development. Status Updates are have returned to the main index of the forums. Add support for Imgur GIFV to the media tag. More info here. Fixed a bug that prevented guests or logged out users from using/seeing the "cncnzNewBlue" forum theme. The "cncnzNewBlue" theme is the default. The older "cncnzBlueRes" theme is still available, as well as the standard white IP.Board theme. Updated the YouTube embed coding to use the HTML5 player. Videos also appear slightly larger. Cleaned up the YouTube embed code. Player will always be the HTML5 player, no longer displays the video title information or suggest videos at the end. Updated the appearance of how the Spoiler tags are displayed. Renamed the tech forum to Tech Discussion & Support, and updated its description. Cartoon and Conquer is now archived and moved down the list in the Hosted Project category. Fixed Tweet Embedding. Tweets that are embedded in a post will now be centred on the page. Known Issues/Bugs & Problems still to be Fixed/Changed/Added If you edit a post (sometimes when posting) with an embedded tweet it may not display after you save your changes. Reloading the page will make the tweet display again. The page needs a full reload, it doesn't like the AJAX reload. Same thing happens with the Imgur GIFV. When you post or edit a post with an embedded Imgur GIFV it may not display after you save your changes. Reloading the page will make the Imgur GIFV display again. The page needs a full reload, it doesn't like the AJAX reload.