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  1. AnNo1935

    CnCSaga.de Closing Down

    Wait for more informations. Coming soon. gamesStrike.com is closed now. MineCraftStrike.de is closed to.
  2. AnNo1935

    CnCSaga.de Closing Down

    CnCsaga.de is not dead.
  3. AnNo1935

    Happy New Year from CNCNZ.com

    Happy new year from Germany and CnCSaga.de!
  4. Thanks for the news post! We re-design the Commando, looks liek superman! ^^
  5. Now live: The Tiberium Essence Tournament! Livestream: http://www.livestream.com/cncsagade
  6. When TE v 1.5 come at our registration phase, then we change, but not before. We have start a voting, and TE have win.
  7. Thanks for the news! Please make only 1 registration, only 1 guy. We make later the teams. Its a Casual 2v2 Tournament.
  8. Join our Tiberium Essence Tournament! Make a registration on www.cncsaga.de and sent AnNo1935 a PM with yoir ingame nickname and e mail address. More informations coming soon! More informations here: http://www.cncsaga.de/foren/viewtopic.php?id=2308
  9. THIS GAMES are all ADD ONs! Not the reale game. we have only the maingames, look the video now is 9:56 Mins, waht can we do for the add ons, all parts 10 sec? I dont think so.
  10. We haven´t ignored any critic from the last video. That is not right, what you think. We have taken every critic to heart and had transposed them. Sadly, we couldn´t transposed everything. And to the topic Sole Survivor: Firstly: It was only a Online-Game-variation from Tiberian Dawn. So it was not a great part in the C&C-History. Secondly: It was not really published. Thirdly: If we are going to implement Sole Survivor, then we must integrate Tibeian Incursion and "Tiberium". The Video would be too long.