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Favourite C&C

Found 2 results

  1. I was asked for a clean version of the Command & Conquer 20th Anniversary logo that has been used on our recent news updates. Here it is.... Its transparent background is great to create your own Command & Conquer 20th Anniversary wallpapers and artwork. Credit goes to Neogrant from http://cncnet.org for making this
  2. 20 years ago today, Westwood Studios released the first Command & Conquer and redefined Real Time Strategy games forever. 31st August 1995, do you remember where you were on that date? Were you even born? Well yes I was born, but I sure as hell don't remember anything important that far back. But that's how long it has been. 20 years is a fantastic achievement for a gaming franchise, and I feel it is something we, as the fans, can be proud of. I'm sure the original development who were at Westwood all those years ago are just as proud. While the future of the franchise remains unknown, we can at least celebrate the Command & Conquer 20th Anniversary and enjoy the legacy of the franchise. Why not mark the occasion by playing some classic C&C online via CnCNet. We invite you to share favourite and fondest memories of the original Command & Conquer in this 20th Anniversary news topic. 20 years of Command & Conquer. Here's to another 20 years!