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combining 2 mods

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ive got 2 mods (lockdown v 0.76 a balancing mod and no super weapons) and i want to combine them. what would i need to split the mods open? i have a .big file extractor but yeah everything is in .bin files so i dont know whats going on.


i have the skd and world builder etc. tutorials are useless.


this is all for my own use btw so no worries about ripping the mod creators off.




(using c&c3 not KW)

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The short answer is: You can't.


The long answer is: You can't because the engine is closed-source. You would need the original source code for the mods and any art files there might have been. The process of compiling the mods into a playable form renders the code unreadable to anything except the game itself.


Sorry. :-/ Modding just isn't as easy as it used to be.

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No, it's not possible. But you can do it by modding (there's an SDK isn't there?)

So you create your own mod with those changes you want :/

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