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Red March

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Hello, Old timers, noobs and regulars alike.


I'm the community manager a company known as Bayonet Studios, previously developers of the "Red Alter" mod for Tiberium wars, here to deliver a little bit of news. Following a recent development decision, we have ceased production of Red Alter and are currently working on a new Strategy game named "Red March". Concieved as a cure to the recent trend of oversimplification of strategy games and the dilution of their portrayal of war, Red March intends to combine the fast-paced and frantic gameplay of old-school games, such as command and conquer, and combine it with the innovative concepts of more recent games which have become standard, such as infantry cover systems and destructible scenery.


Our origin was working with Command and Conquer 3 to bring our idea of the Red Alert universe to life, following the release of Red Alert 3, which we felt was far too comical a game to show a World War 3 scenario. I mean, come on... parachuting bears? Disillusioned by publisher influence on our favourite game series, we decided to produce a mod that would show how grim an atom-punk world war 3 would be. However, two years after this, we decided to begin work instead on an indie game that could have more resources and could be produced on a newer engine. And so we need your help:


If you, like us, are sick and tired of Soviet factions in RTS games being clowns; if you are bored of the repetitive dumbing down of what is supposed to be one of gaming's most intellectual genres; if you want a game that combines the best of the old with the best of the new, then join us. We need people to spread the message of Red March, to be the core of our campaign. We need donors to give us funds so that we can hire the best talent we can in modelling, designing and programming, to buy the finest game engine we can and to continue our progress. We need you, the fantastic Command & Conquer community, in any capacity you can offer.


In return, we will give you a vision of a World War that has devastated the entire globe, with an extended single player campaign experience, and frantic multi-player. We will keep you updates, posting progress reports every single week. We will listen to your suggestions, and we will actually incorporate them. This won't just a game, this will be the game YOU want to play. But most importantly, we will give you a game that you will be happy and proud to own, that you can enjoy with friends with as little hassle as possible, or play by yourself if you want to follow the darkest war in humanity's history.


So, comrades, we ask you to donate what you can, follow our game on moddb, on facebook, twitter and youtube, share the news with your friends. We are dedicated to our fans, and a total war needs every last soldier it can get.


Donate here: http://www.indiegogo.com/redmarch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Red_March

Facebook: https://www.facebook...457765287588689

Youtube: http://www.youtube.c...e?feature=guide

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