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XWIS Yuri's Revenge Prize Invasion

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Throughout the month of August, XWIS will be bringing a prize invasion to Yuri's Revenge! The idea is simple, play ranked games and win prizes. Everyone and anyone has a chance of winning. Players will be randomly selected to win prizes, plus there will be other prizes awarded for meeting certain challenges. These challenges are detailed below.


  • Being the player who has played the most ranked games (QM and CM)
  • Being the player who has played the most games played against the Yuri faction
  • Best video of a game recorded (will be decided by the community)
  • The most 2v2 or 3v3 CM's played
  • Most quick matches played

Other prizes will be randomly decided and all prizes will be awarded at the end of the month. Check this thread on the XWIS forums more details.

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Guest Stevie_K

If only RA2 was on Steam.


I'll join in some time, when I have found the DVDs.

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