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Share Your Tiberium Alliances Tips

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The Tiberium Alliances team are looking to start a new weekly feature and the input from the Tiberium Alliances' fans is required for this. Its time to share your Tiberium Alliances playing tips, get them featured in the game and win some TA Funds!





Attention Commanders!!

We are seeking to add tips and/or hints to the Tiberium Alliances loading screen, if that happens your tips could be featured. So if you want to help your fellow soldiers out with your extensive knowledge of CCTA? Why not share with them that knowledge through your very own tip of the week!

Each week, on Fridays, we will choose 3 tips from this suggestion thread and highlight them for all to see. The 3 chosen will receive 1000 TA Funds.

As mentioned if your tip/hint is good enough, it may even be featured in the game!!!!!

It doesn't have to be a certain skill either, your tip could serve as a simple pick me up or a joke for fellow commanders . A one liner can be a great incentive before heading into battle.

So.... What tips/hints do you have to share?


  • Please try and keep the tips/posts short & to the point!
  • You may only post 1 tip at a time and a maximum of 2 a week.


So if you have some tips to share, post them in this topic on the Tiberium Alliances forums.

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