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Guest MasterWonka


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Guest MasterWonka

This is a pre-post letting everyone know that i plan to begin modding Zero Hour. everyone interested in helping should let me know as soon as possible. i am not sick of the ZH addon yet so you have some time. everyone who joins the mod team will get in the credits that the game comes with :lol: and also will be instructed how to add the mod without messing up the original game so you can switch between the two and/or others.


some things to expect... many new units and buildings. new generals. new medals. possibly a new resource. new countries. and much more that i cant post here because sadly instead of joining me few but some people are goin to take my ideas listed and throw in a great lack of effort and knowledge and totally destroy it. (can you tell that this isnt my first attempt at this? i have modded all of the command and conquer series starting way back in the day with the original)




join now or you may lose your chance, although more people the better if i get a bunch of people ripping me off again i might limit the amount of people that can work on it.


if you become an active member you can be put on a list with other modders and that way everyone can contact each other. ever wish you could play someone online that isnt goin to tank ruch you like a coward. this is your chance to get a list of hardcore gamers!


if you arent interested yet then i am sorry to say that you arent worthy and will most likely be downloading the public release of my mod shortly 8)




Leetnet Admin

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ruthless.com, MasterWonka was only trying spread news about his mod, there was no reason to reply in the manner you did. I've deleted all those posts so this thread can continue in the way it was intended.


Everyone, including ruthless.com should read our forum rules http://forums.cncnz.com/viewtopic.php?t=4 :roll:

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Guest Brownm1

wonka i would like to help you just tell me what u want

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