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  1. Actually, I managed to fix the "merging" issue. Apparently, the yellow crane and door, did have their own model, so deleting them from the model that I modified fixed the issue. However, there is still the problem of explosions not displaying as the building takes damage. Also, what is the difference between NEWSKIN and NEWSKIN_FILL ? Here are the models and textures, as well the Allied WF XML: If you need anything else let me know.
  2. I think the whole building is merged with another model of the same look. Because I noticed that as I rotate the camera or move it, the yellow crane thingy actually flickers in a way, that shows there is something within it. This doesn't exist on the original model. This keeps getting confusing... Also I noticed that the war factory stops displaying explosions and debris as it takes damage. It only displays its debris when its completely destroyed...
  3. Thanks a lot, I managed to restore the animations, but now I am faced with a new problem. After editing the Allied War Factory model, it has a buildup animation and production animations and all that, however it would appear that there are 2 models that are exactly the same , which are merged together. The following screenshot will explain it:
  4. Ok, I can now select the building after I set the "obbox" and "hide" in the W3D settings, but when it comes to retaining the animations, I'm still confused. How can I re-apply the WW(skin) to the building? There are so many options.
  5. Thanks a lot for your help. I will let you know what happens .
  6. Thanks for the reply. The RA3 mod sdk also has documentation , but its very very confusing I was unable to understand anything from it. I will look into the wwskin modifier. But what about the lack of ability to select the structure in game ?
  7. I am facing a series of problems when it comes to exporting the Super reactor. I combined all the meshes,obbox, containers and hierarchy into a single W3X and it imported just fine.(I did not include the animations). However when I export, should I select "simple mesh" , or heirarchial model? Also do I need to take apart the whole thing again after export or what? Moreover, ingame, the modified model appears fine, however the building lost its animations, I cannot select it anymore, and when I want to build a new one, the building appears right away without unpack animations. What am I doing wrong? This is very confusing.
  8. Hello. Before I get to the actual problem, I want to clarify that I am posting this here instead of the RA3 modding forum, because the TW/KW modding is more active, than that of RA3. Moreover, the issue that I am about to share could be common between RA3 and TW/KW. I recently installed 3ds max 9 SP2 on win 7, and I pretty much installed all the plugins and scripts that came with the RA3 mod sdk, to my 3ds max 9 folders. I then downloaded bibber's W3X to 3DS max importer which is working fine. I did this because I plan on carrying out some changes to the original game buildings. The problem is , when I attempt to import an original W3X, in this case a W3D Mesh, it imports, but the model appears to be cramped in a very strange manner, as shown in the following screenshots.(In this case it is the Soviet Super Reactor) This happens with pretty much every building I try to import. Can someone please explain to me what's going on here? Thank you in advance.