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  1. I get a slightly different error when I try to export an animation using an exisiting skeleton. It says "MISSING BONE: roottransform" , eventhough the hierarchy I am exporting actually has the bone. Any thoughts?
  2. Ok! I solved it ! Basically, I opened up the new W3X model which I exported from 3DS max, using notepad++, and in there, I went to the W3D Container section, and I assigned the model the original NEWSKIN and NEWSKIN_FILL . This will not affect the stuff that I added, and the building will now display explosions and lose parts and everything . Thanks a lot to everyone who helped
  3. The original animations are working perfectly fine actually, even with my new W3X. The good news is, I managed to get the explosions to appear again, simply by exporting my new W3X using the existing Skeleton that contains the Bone Contact Points. However, even with the explosions, the building is not losing its parts. There is just that 1 thing left to solve.
  4. Actually, I managed to fix the "merging" issue. Apparently, the yellow crane and door, did have their own model, so deleting them from the model that I modified fixed the issue. However, there is still the problem of explosions not displaying as the building takes damage. Also, what is the difference between NEWSKIN and NEWSKIN_FILL ? Here are the models and textures, as well the Allied WF XML: http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/0OvesBsu/file.html If you need anything else let me know.
  5. I think the whole building is merged with another model of the same look. Because I noticed that as I rotate the camera or move it, the yellow crane thingy actually flickers in a way, that shows there is something within it. This doesn't exist on the original model. This keeps getting confusing... Also I noticed that the war factory stops displaying explosions and debris as it takes damage. It only displays its debris when its completely destroyed...
  6. Thanks a lot, I managed to restore the animations, but now I am faced with a new problem. After editing the Allied War Factory model, it has a buildup animation and production animations and all that, however it would appear that there are 2 models that are exactly the same , which are merged together. The following screenshot will explain it:
  7. Ok, I can now select the building after I set the "obbox" and "hide" in the W3D settings, but when it comes to retaining the animations, I'm still confused. How can I re-apply the WW(skin) to the building? There are so many options.
  8. Thanks a lot for your help. I will let you know what happens .
  9. Thanks for the reply. The RA3 mod sdk also has documentation , but its very very confusing I was unable to understand anything from it. I will look into the wwskin modifier. But what about the lack of ability to select the structure in game ?
  10. I am facing a series of problems when it comes to exporting the Super reactor. I combined all the meshes,obbox, containers and hierarchy into a single W3X and it imported just fine.(I did not include the animations). However when I export, should I select "simple mesh" , or heirarchial model? Also do I need to take apart the whole thing again after export or what? Moreover, ingame, the modified model appears fine, however the building lost its animations, I cannot select it anymore, and when I want to build a new one, the building appears right away without unpack animations. What am I doing wrong? This is very confusing.
  11. Hello. Before I get to the actual problem, I want to clarify that I am posting this here instead of the RA3 modding forum, because the TW/KW modding is more active, than that of RA3. Moreover, the issue that I am about to share could be common between RA3 and TW/KW. I recently installed 3ds max 9 SP2 on win 7, and I pretty much installed all the plugins and scripts that came with the RA3 mod sdk, to my 3ds max 9 folders. I then downloaded bibber's W3X to 3DS max importer which is working fine. I did this because I plan on carrying out some changes to the original game buildings. The problem is , when I attempt to import an original W3X, in this case a W3D Mesh, it imports, but the model appears to be cramped in a very strange manner, as shown in the following screenshots.(In this case it is the Soviet Super Reactor) This happens with pretty much every building I try to import. Can someone please explain to me what's going on here? Thank you in advance.