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Petro-Gamers Archive

Archive of threads which used to be connected to our former sister site Petro-Gamers, which focused on games by Petroglyph Games from 2006 until 2009. The site used CNCNZ.com forums as its discussion board in 2008.

These forums are read-only.


  1. Petro-Gamers Front Page News

    All the news that could be seen on the main page of Petro-Gamers can be viewed in this forum and commented on.

    This forum is read-only.

  2. Petroglyph's Legacy Games

    Combined subforum for Star Wars: Empire at War (with the Forces of Corruption expansion pack), Universe at War: Earth Assault, and Mytheon.

    This forum is read-only.

  3. Petro-Gamers Archived Site   (144 visits to this link)

    Latest stored archive of the Petro-Gamers website, available for historical reasons.