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  1. Aw. What a pity. The game was actually pretty fun to play. They just weren't ready with adding in all the units for all the generals yet. It looked like a lot of the hard work had been done... though some of the complex units probably needed work. I wonder if they'll reuse anything or reboot the project...
  2. Koen

    TibEd 1.71 Crashes with C&C95

    I'm not sure. If you include rules.ini support, then I'll have to update TibEd 1... that would be archeology... It could also be that you selected the wrong language version?
  3. Robosaur is in addition to Cire. Cire will just be doing more promotional activities for the game, and be less involved with the community.,
  4. Koen

    TibEd 1.71 Crashes with C&C95

    Nyerguds' patch might be changing the layout of the executable file. By doing that, it is breaking the support within TibEd...
  5. Koen

    TibEd 2.1: test it now

    The likelihood of a new release with better C&C3 support is higher than RA3 suport. Although I started on RA3 support, it wasn't actually working yet with the compiler and stuff. However, I can tell you for sure that it will be months before anything happens... work, work.
  6. I would find it quite acceptable if I'd have to pay for the singleplayer missions. After all, not everyone is interested in them and I don't see how you can make money from selling e.g. skins for the singeplayer.
  7. It's red lasers. Nod is red. GDI/Forgotten don't use red lasers (GDI would rather use blue ones).
  8. Heh, I'm in - with a personal invite. Is there a CNCNZ alliance yet?
  9. Frostbite 2 "debuted with Battlefield 3. It takes full advantage of the DirectX 11 API and 64-bit processors, with no support for DirectX 9 (nor, therefore, Windows XP)." Looks like the RTS games finally get to push the system requirements again, instead of having to run on 5 year old hardware.
  10. Well, in a certain secret brainstorm session at CommandCon, they were thinking about an MMO-type RTS game which could feature units from multiple universes (where a new universe could be DLC). But this is as concrete as that got, and it was just one of the many ideas to take C&C in another direction.
  11. Koen

    TibEd 2 won't open my progject

    You could try mailing the file to me. Does TibEd give any error message? Is it possible to open the debug log?
  12. Koen

    ZH Dialog Boxes

    But does it still work after these dialog boxes?
  13. Koen

    RA 2 editing problem

    Some levels contain changes inside to explicitly disable certain units - your changes do not override changes inside levels themselves.
  14. This Medieval Sims guy is making a fool of himself... ... and what did he mean by 'Sims will never be tortured'? I had high hopes for those torture chairs...
  15. Why are you still at home? Go there, jump the stage, and announce the next C&C