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  1. The question replies you have on record might need adjustment. "What was the first C&C game?" I replied Command and Conquer (which is the correct answer, I can send you a pic of the box. lol). "Name one of the Red Alert Add-ons?" I said The Aftermath, again, correct answer but refused. I suggest that the replies accepted need to be broadened according to Caps and other variables. If that isn't possible it should be removed as a Anti-Bot feature. I started to make a new account (as I forgot I had one), and the questions, while neat, got very annoying since they didn't accept the correct answers and stalled me there at account creation for over 20 minutes... To which I would normally tell you to 'bugger off' instead of continuing. Anyways, I thought Id bring this up as there is a very large community out there and perhaps they're not coming here for those very reasons. Regards, Dak/AJ
  2. This is an excellent question for sure. I've been temped to clone a Technical for this very reason. To see how it's handled. As a unit it has no initial weapon... It auto-upgrades from Tech build 1 etc. to determine it's complete build. Seems more like they were playing with it themselves (devs) 'cause it didn't need to be that confusing. During my messing around... I'm not as into Mods as many... I cloned a Helix and changed all 'attachments/upgrades" to work all at once. Didn't crash the game, but only one graphic (likely mesh) add-on was displayed. However, you can also change the details of cloned versions and call those into use via upgrade. Is that what you were asking? hmmm.... The add-ons are their own units, ie "ChinaTankOverlordGattlingCannon" is a unit, and as such editable as a unit to use "PRIMARY GattlingBuildingGun" can be "PRIMARY BuggyRocketWeapon". I've not delved into the meshes, so not going to talk about the look, or the positioning (I did try to edit that before and sucked at it. Likely didn't help, but enjoyed sharing. Dak
  3. Dakados

    Major file problems with C&C TFD

    I just posted here: http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/19606-can-anyone-help/ The complete removal is not hard, just a pain in the booty. As I stated in the previous post, delete or rename all the game folders and files then remove all Registry entries related to C&C, Generals, ZH etc.. Delete the Shortcuts as well, odd things happen for some reason with old Shortcuts even if they point to the correct files. Re-install TFD completely then patch with tfd-103-rev4.exe​ it resolves many issues including the CD/DVD Copy Protection failure related to the recent security update from Microsoft (affecting Win Vista -> Win10) which completely disables SPTD, both old and new installations, which is required for SafeDisc Copy Protection. My TFD works correctly from the launcher. I apply Compatibility adjustments to the individual Executions, then run from TFD launcher without issue. You may contact me in PM if you require more info or help... I'm happy to. Regards, Dak/AJ
  4. Dakados

    Can anyone help ?!

    Hi there georgeparr, I suspect your issue is related to your operating system and far from over when you fix this problem. Win Vista -> Win 10 had a security update which disabled the SPTD required for Copy Protection. Depending on your version of Generals / ZH (ie, I have the standalone Deluxe as well as T.F.D.) there are different cures or workarounds. The error you're having this moment is easy, in the app Properties, turn off 'Run as Admin', then right click and Run as Admin. Part two.one (lol): If you have TFD, use the update "tfd-103-rev4". After that, use Compatibility "Win XP SP2" on Generals.exe in both folders (Generals & ZH). Run the Apps from the TFD Launcher, Problem Solved. Part two.two: Standalone Deluxe version, update Generals to 1.08 and ZH to 1.04 then find no-cd cracks for each as the SPTD cannot be bypassed (at this moment... SPTD2inst-v207-x64 installer does not function with current Win Vista -> 10). They still need the Generals.exe compat set to XP SP2. Part Three: In My Documents find your game folders and add or edit the file options.ini changing it to this: "AntiAliasing = 1 CampaignDifficulty = 2 GameSpyIPAddress = Gamma = 50 IPAddress = IdealStaticGameLOD = High LanguageFilter = true MusicVolume = 55 Resolution = 1024 768 SFX3DVolume = 79 SFXVolume = 71 ScrollFactor = 36 SendDelay = no StaticGameLOD = High UseAlternateMouse = no VoiceVolume = 70 " Settings can be changed again once you're in the game. (there was a runor that changing Resolution = 1024 768 to 1920 1024 works better, either worked for me... Oh and in ZH options.ini those settings are the same except Resolution = 1024x768 or 1920x1024 notice the 'X'. That's all I know at this time and only because I've been on/off fighting these issues since upgrading to Win 10. P.S. clean installs of all related programs and mods will really help... This means searching 'generals' in config after uninstalls to eliminate all mentions of C&C Generals. Careful not to delete references to the CD/DVD or unrelated applications. Then in Your Documents find your Generals & ZH data and (if like me) Change their names adding .Bak on the end so the folders are not removed but put aside for now. Regards, Dak/AJ Sources: http://www.daemonpro-help.com/en/problems_and_solutions/registry_and_sptd_problems.html describes how to remove current SPTD http://duplexsecure.com/downloads download of newest SPTD (does not work with win 10 as of Dec 17, 2015 http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/425607-command-conquer-generals-universal-fix-thread/ More info specific to Generals and ZH edit: I mentioned the options.ini file because I've, first hand, experienced a splash screen loading and complete drop to desktop with no error reported... changed the options.ini (created the file in a separate install) as directed and suddenly the game worked. So, more than once that fix worked for me. I hope it works for you all as well.
  5. Dakados

    TibEd 1.71/Win 8/TS Won't Run

    Thanks for the reply, though I suspect others may have a solution to this and it may have been related to fixing TS to work with Win 8. TibEd was launching TS fine before the repairs. Reversion is not an option as it's one of 2 ways to make TS work in Win 8. Regards, Dak
  6. Hi, OS 8, TibEd 1.71, TibEd will not start Tiberiun Sun after TS was repaired to run on Win 8 using Update 1.03 for TFD and "TS_Win8fix". Is there a solution, as any changes do not seem to take effect while starting from either the TFD Loader or from the original Execs in the Sun folder. Any help is appreciated (If you need help getting TS to run on Windows 8 I can give you direction) Regards, Dak P.S. have reinstalled TibEd 1.71 twice.