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  1. ? so what is the good way? add it on other forum?
  2. nothing happened...anyway.is there a place here to release my map? because i have a good work too that's is working fine...
  3. OH I WANNA TO EXPLAIN SOMETHING ( sorry for caps ) first time i did chrono transfer ( reinfrocmnet by chrono ) : i gotta the things that i selected on the map and it were attacking my army as well.but it stay at thier position...now..after the chrono time come...the game crashes ..and it says : internal error and now i tried removing the chrono units ( chrono here = reinforcment ) and then it works fine.now i tried moving them to water ( on the water ) and when i start the game it get internal error again .. now i'm gonna try making a new way point and then get them back to land but so away..
  4. forget the abouve...now i wanna to know...why when i load the map it gets not loading the last 30% ?
  5. OKAY,,,,....,,,anyway can i copy some objects like when i mark alot of programs with mouse?or anything else? beacuse i don't wanna do every thing i did in every player in every reinforcment
  6. Oh i wanna to ask how to make alot of countdowns ?
  7. I did it correctly now.how to make thge reinforcment by chrono working for every player i select ? and how to select time they appear in? and how to make thier countdown with it's text? do i just have to make new one only ?
  8. ok i will try it now and tell you what have i got... oh,i forget..and how to make a chrono transfering units? and how to give it for a team? or speciefic player ? [edit]: well it works fine.the countdown with text is working...
  9. ok...how to write something near the countdown?
  10. Thanks..now after that.... how to mix that trigger with a trigger that's getting the player ( or i will do what i want with it ) that i select or team to win if something happen? and if some buildings still alive...the speciefic team wins ?
  11. well thanks man...it works.. but i don't it like saying something online..and if it what i want, it's not showing how much mintues remining after the 20 minutes remining i wanna it like 20:00 and then 19:59 and then 19:58 and etc... if you don't know here it shown... i think it's right under (( too under and too left ))
  12. Thanks man...anyway.... i did it like "18 Elapsed time" or with your mind "8 Any event" but now i wanna to know....how to make a time remaining text like the one in some allies missions "Time Before Yuri's Forces Reach" and etc... how to do that ? and if i used "18 elapsed time" if i do 1200 : how much seconds is that ?or minutes ?
  13. Ok thanks,i have fixed out the buidlings problem///.... but..i think you gotta what i want..so how to do that out ?