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    PortableRA Beta

    After looking into this further, it seems that there is some issue with Multi1-8 deploying their MCVs under IsCoopMode. If I make Multi1-8 start off with construction yards instead of MCVs, everything works like it's supposed to, with no triggers needed. I've basically got this map working the way I wanted now. The player has a fixed starting location, but that's minor.
  2. CP5670

    PortableRA Beta

    I just realized you were saying that this is already in the game. However, I can't really get it to do the right things in that map. With IsCoopMode enabled, the extra AI (GoodGuy) does auto base building properly, but the Multi1-8 AIs won't do it for some reason, even though their IQ is set to 5 (and they also need to have predefined starting locations/units/etc.). The Multi1-8 MCVs just sit there doing nothing, unless the player attacks them. I wonder if there is any way to get the "housekeeping" function you referred to called for the other houses while still keeping it a skirmish/multiplayer map, without using the full singleplayer logic that IsCoopMode does?
  3. CP5670

    PortableRA Beta

    Awesome, thanks. It should be easy to add in the usual multiplayer win triggers in that map manually. Looking forward to a new build with this.
  4. CP5670

    PortableRA Beta

    I looked into those issues in 3.03. The auto base building doesn't work there either. In 2.00, some other AI triggers don't work in multiplayer either (like making the AI build teamtypes), but this particular trigger does work. This map has an extra AI with a big base in the center who attacks everyone (like The Hills Have Eyes), so this command allows the AI to keep building stuff. Is it possible to make the game do that stuff for the extra houses, at least getting it to work like it used to in 2.00? The darkness crate bug is also still present in 3.03. I used a really small map and increased the minimum crate count to test that. However, the flags are the correct color.
  5. CP5670

    PortableRA Beta

    This is a very impressive project. The higher resolution and new features are great, and the best thing is that most of the random crashing in the original RA has been fixed. I often play RA skirmishes with a custom mod (basically a heavily modified version of the old Future Wars mod) and the game is a lot more stable now in general. Thanks for all the work you've put into this. I noticed a couple of minor issues from what I'm used to in 2.00. I normally use this instead of 3.03, as the official 3.03 changed some things like AI allying. I have a custom map with an extra base building AI, which works properly in 2.00 but not here. The "auto base building" trigger no longer does anything in skirmish. I can upload the map if it will help. In capture the flag mode, everyone's flag is the player's color instead of their own color. CTF works fine in skirmish otherwise (and did in 2.00 as well, which had the right colors). The AI might not always go to "easy" mode with the difficulty set to "hard." I have a lower cost setting for [Easy] in rules.ini so the AI will build more stuff, but the AI appeared to run out of money more easily in some situations. There may be nothing wrong here, but I seemed to see it frequently on one map. There is a very minor bug in 2.00 where the darkness crate powerups can't be fully disabled, with Darkness=0 in rules.ini not doing anything. It might be already fixed here, but thought I would bring it up. You had posted a screenshot of the AI building naval units earlier. Is there some way to enable this, or any of other things the AI never builds? It would be great if those could be turned on.