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    Star Wars, Star Trek, Command & Conquer and many favorite things
  1. Videogamer13

    RA3 AI Co-Commanders

    When I play as the Soviet against brutal Warren in one on one battle, I always lost to him, because he keeps sending wave after wave of his full arsenal. It is impossible to defeat brutal Warren for me.
  2. Videogamer13

    Star Wars Fan Based Story

    The Chosen One is a Jedi prophecy which means anyone who bring balance to the Force. I hope maybe Zhana Agonskaya will be second Chosen One after Anakin Skywalker.
  3. Videogamer13

    Star Wars Fan Based Story

    I hope the Apocalypse tank would be a secret weapon for the Rebel Alliance. But Imperial AT-AT walker is larger than Apoc tank but almost match. BTW How about Zofia will become a Jedi Knight in 17 ABY then Jedi Master in 26 ABY? Zofia has gained a Force-sensitivity in 6 ABY (two years after Battle of Endor). In 17 ABY, a reborn Jedi Master Luminara Unduli gave Zofia a lightsaber and intended to train her, thus Zofia becoming Luminara's new apprentice. Zofia eventually became a Jedi Master in 26 ABY as she has a great Jedi skill and Force user. Later, Zhana Agonskaya was trained under Jedi training by Master Zofia, thus Zhana became a Jedi Knight as well Zofia's apprentice. In 40 ABY, Zhana duelling Darth Caedus in lightsaber combat and Caedus eventually cuts off Zhana's right arm. Moments later, her master Zofia arrives and fight Caedus while injured Zhana watching. At the end of the duel, Caedus managed to escape. Quotes (Zofia in Jedi training - 17 ABY) Zofia: What is this? Luminara Unduli: This is a lightsaber, a Jedi's favorite weapon. Now I will have to train you, as usual, and you will become a Jedi like my Padawan Barriss Offee. Zofia: No, I’m just the ordinary woman, and I’m a different species other than you. You should train your same species. Luminara Unduli: Just try it, Zofia! The Force is in your hand now. "Reborn Luminara Unduli is about to train Zofia" Quotes (Zofia as a Jedi Master in 40 ABY) Zofia: May the Force be with you, Jaina and Zhana! I hope both of you can defeat Caedus. "Zofia to Jaina Solo and Zhana Agonskaya"
  4. Videogamer13

    Star Wars Fan Based Story

    Because the Apocalypse tank has a very heavy armor and has a powerful cannon that could take out anything including AT-AT walker. But the AT-AT is bit larger than Apoc tank. Mirage tanks are also used by the Rebel Alliance to ambush the Imperial forces. But Mirage tank has no match for AT-AT walker due to Mirage has a light armor.
  5. Videogamer13

    Star Wars Fan Based Story

    The Rebel Alliance leader Mon Mothma obtained the Apocalypse tanks used to fight against large group of Imperial forces. While the Rebel Alliance has an Apocalypse tanks, and the Galactic Empire has an AT-AT walkers, the Imperial AT-AT walker has no match for the Rebel Apocalypse tank. The Rebels will deploy many of Apocalypse tanks for full-scale assault on Imperial controlled planet. Story quotes: Mon Mothma: We have a secret arsenal, the Apocalypse tank, armed with dual heavy cannons that can devastate Imperial forces with ease. Any of Imperial walkers are no match for it. Thanks to General Zofia for providing us an Apocalypse tanks.
  6. Videogamer13

    Star Wars Fan Based Story

    I also interested about Star Wars fanon (fan based Star Wars story). What if I imagine about Zofia from Red Alert 2 became a Jedi Knight after she was trained by reborn Luminara Unduli in 17 ABY.
  7. Videogamer13

    RA3 AI Co-Commanders

    I like Zhana and Lissette.
  8. I also playing and modding Star Wars Empire at War/Forces of Corruption sometimes. Here are Red Alert characters in my personal Empire at War mod screenshots.
  9. Videogamer13

    Request for unofficial patches/mods

    I haven't tried the mod you have provided. Before I try it, have all campaign-only units (such as Shogun Executioner, Tesla Tank and etc.) included for skirmish in that mod?
  10. Hi. I'm new to Command & Conquer and I'm currectly stick with Red Alert 3, and I'm here to request for unofficial patch for both Red Alert 3 and Uprising. Can anyone make an unofficial patch which includes campaign-only units like Shogun Executioner, Greater King Oni and Tesla Tank for skirmish mode for Red Alert 3, and Ursa Major and Chief Scientist for skirmish mode for Uprising? It will be so much appreciated.