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    TibEd 2 virus?

    Thanks for the help. And I am sure my antivirus is giving a false positive. I disabled my antivirus and downloaded and installed TibEd and am now messing around with values. I now wonder how long it will take me to make a super unit. Thanks again, Ryhen
  2. Ryhen

    TibEd 2 virus?

    Thanks for the reply. And yes, I am downloading from the official site. Do you think Avast antivirus is giving me a false positive?
  3. Ryhen

    TibEd 2 virus?

    Yesterday when I tried to download TibEd 2 I had an unknown network error and for the rest of the day I could not even start the download for Tibed 2. Now today, I tried again and the download started but it was only 7.4 MBs but the link to the download page says 9 MBs. After a few seconds into the download my antivirus pops up and says it was a Win32:Dropper-gen. Now here I did a really stupid thing. I disabled my antivirus and re downloaded the file, then after it finished I scanned it. The thing was a virus. I then downloaded TibEd 1. There are no problems with this file. I apologize if this post rambles. Thanks, Ryhen.