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  1. Installing on Win10

    Wouldn't download at all like a bad mirror (Not saying it was a bad link)And yes I am using the first decade disc, just install ra2/yr from that and patch/fix? Also everything else I've downloaded from here have downloaded perfectly, it just has problems with the ra1 installer
  2. Installing on Win10

    Right, after a couple of days of trying not to put a hammer through everything I own, I am focused enough to deal with this! Firstly I was using the disc versions to install everything... Secondly I've tried to download the RA1 installer that you guys provided but it keeps failing before finishing... I cleared my browser cache (Firefox) and it didn't help, should I change browser and try again? Thirdly and finally what about Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge? Disc version with compatibility fix? Again I'm sorry for my ineptness and being a flake. I couldn't install it on a separate machine because the laptop was killing every new component I was replacing (Of all the damn luck! Struggled to install tfd on windows 10, and then the replacement machine dying all in the same week! Grrr)
  3. Installing on Win10

    I seriously tried and I couldn't even get that far to configure them! Here were my steps! I downlooaded freeware versions, opened c&c95, EVA installation window came up with option to install game, clicked on install, windows error message came up! Can we all just drop this now because I feel like you're attacking me for not having the right version of windows
  4. Installing on Win10

    Clearly not! I tried installing C&C95 and it wasn't compatible with my version of win10! Guys, I'm sorry but they just don't work for me
  5. Installing on Win10

    Ugh, sorry for this but I've had constant issues with this so I've decided to take a different route! 1. Install new hdd to rig 2. Install Windows XP 3. Install TFD from disc and possibly patch 4. ???? 5. Profit I'm 100% certain that it will work! Sorry for wasting everybodys time :-(
  6. Installing on Win10

    Grrrrr! Ran into another issue! Downloaded the freeware version of C&C Gold, mounted iso in virtual drive, checked compatibility, ran install and then got a message saying it has an incompatibilty to 64-bit win10... I hate win10
  7. Installing on Win10

    AAAAAHHHHH! OHMYGOD THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sorry if you've had to post this a million times before... You've saved my childhood!
  8. Installing on Win10

    Alrighty TaxOwlbear (Cool name btw), I'll give it a try :-) Plokite_Wolf, would I need to install these patches if I'm using the freeware versions? Or do they only fix my disc based TFD after unofficial patching?
  9. Installing on Win10

    So if I get the freeware versions of C&C/RA/TS they will definately work? What about RA2, Yuri's revenge, and renegade?
  10. Hi guys, I doubt that this will even be read by someone else considering the last post was last year but what the hell... I'm having a real problem trying to install TFD properly and getting it to run properly! I bought the disc version a month ago and attempted to install yesterday without the guide hosted here and it ran moderately ok (C&C95 had scaling issues, RA let me only play the russians, Tiberian Sun and RA2 didn't work at all thanks to an apparent missing dll and Renegade worked smoothly for about an hour then gave me some error message and ctd! Didn't try Generals as I lost my enthusiasm) I had it installed on my other drive instead of the standard C:, also had patched with the UNOFFICIAL patch... Uninstalled and tried again installing on C: drive instead and followed the guide here only to find that the whole thing doesn't work at all! I don't think I'm doing anything wrong but guidance would be amazingly helpful! If you need my specs just ask Any ideas? Thanks in advance :-)
  11. How to play C&C 95 on a 64 bit OS

    Yeah that doesn't really help man! I don't know if it makes a difference but I am using a wireless mouse
  12. How to play C&C 95 on a 64 bit OS

    Mouse scrolling ridiculously fast, sidebar not appearing so unable to build anything... The game runs fine apart from them issues
  13. How to play C&C 95 on a 64 bit OS

    Hi guys, I'm having a very infuriating issue with playing C&C95 on my win 8 64 bit os! I have already installed the 1.06 patch but it still isn't displaying properly (Sidebar not showing so can't build anything) and mouse issues (Scrolling way to fast)... I've also been through the c&c95 setup program to set it up to my resolution but that didn't help, tried compatibility through properties and again it didn't work and disabled scaling NOTE: It almost worked before I installed the 1.06 patch Any ideas? Also my specs are:- AMD A8-6500 APU with Radeon HD Graphics (Quad core) AMD Radeon HD 8570D (4gb) 8 gb RAM WIN 8.1 64 bit 1 TB HDD