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    PortableRA Beta

    I think I have found a small bug with the current release at http://iran.cnc-comm.com/ra/ . The credits (after finishing the original campaigns) play the correct music and scroll the names without issue, but the background images are absent. Normally the background would flash up still images of the cutscenes through the game. I had a look at the "hires.mix" that is embedded in the "redalert.mix" as this is the location of the .pcx files in the original CD release. They appear to be absent in the release from http://iran.cnc-comm.com/ra/ . As a test I added these images back into the hires.mix using XCC tools. However, this did not fix the issue with the credits. Looking at the start of the credits carefully, there appears to be some graphical corruption that appears for the time that the first image should be displayed, but afterwards nothing. [aftr_hi.pcx, aly1.pcx, apc_hi.pcx, aphi0049.pcx, bnhi0020.pcx, dchi0040.pcx, frhi0166.pcx, lab.pcx, landsbrg.pcx, mahi0107.pcx, mig_hi.pcx, mtfacthi.pcx, needle.pcx, prolog.pcx, sov2.pcx, spy.pcx, stalin.pcx, tent.pcx]
  2. Tiddalick

    PortableRA Beta

    Hello Iran, many thanks for your efforts with the patch! That makes sense. I just thought I would raise it as a bug. It's got an easy work around anyway, I could simply extract the mission ini files and add CRUSH to the Theme flag.
  3. Tiddalick

    PortableRA Beta

    I have discovered what the bug seems to be after some more experimenting. I have looked through the mission files for the campaigns and I see that a lot of them have "Theme=No Theme" flag. The reason I expect to hear CRUSH on the third mission, is RA will play the first song on the game list, which for the Allies is CRUSH. I have been able to ensure that the program is reading this flag correctly, by setting the music of the first Allied level. This works correctly with Shuffle/Randomise song. The bug is then limited to this particular setup: ShowAllMusic=No RandomStartingSong=No This will play BIGFOOT for an allied mission, even though this is not an allied song. The program is defaulting to the first song in the OVERALL LIST, not the list of songs that is presented to the player for selection. Allied missions should default to CRUSH instead.
  4. Tiddalick

    PortableRA Beta

    Hello Nyerguds (thanks for your work on C&C gold by the way), Yes they are. I have both the scores.mix and scores-extra.mix that come with the Portable RA in the main directory. I can play any song I like without a problem. The issue is the song that is supposed to play at the start of the single player campaign missions is not working. For example, the third allied mission which has Tanya blowing up the bridges, it is supposed to play CRUSH at the start of the mission. However, it does not. I will try and go into detail as to what the settings seem to do. With the following things selected: IsScoreShuffle=yes IsScoreRepeat=no ShowAllMusic=No RandomStartingSong=No The mission will ALWAYS start with BIGFOOT, even if this song cannot be selected from the list. Restarting the mission again plays BIGFOOT. With the following things selected: IsScoreShuffle=yes IsScoreRepeat=no ShowAllMusic=No RandomStartingSong=Yes The mission will start with a random song from the list of available songs. Restarting the mission will again randomise the song. With the following things selected: IsScoreShuffle=yes IsScoreRepeat=no ShowAllMusic=Yes RandomStartingSong=no Again BIGFOOT plays at mission start, restarting again plays BIGFOOT. Though at least this time it is present in the list. With the following things selected: IsScoreShuffle=yes IsScoreRepeat=no ShowAllMusic=Yes RandomStartingSong=Yes Random song at start, and random again from restart. Issue seems to be whatever code manipulation is occuring from the patch, it overrides the map settings for the theme song to start the level with.
  5. Tiddalick

    PortableRA Beta

    Firstly, thank you to everyone involved in creating the 3.03p patch (hires and other fixes). I have had an urge to revist Red Alert and this has made playing it a real pleasure. Thought I would like to report a bug though. It seems no matter what I set the music settings to, it will not play the correct theme for the single player missions (when the mission starts). I have tried all the combinations present in the "Red Alert 95 Config", but nothing seems to restore how this used to work. That is, turning on and off combinations of "Shuffle Music", "Repeat Music", "Randomize the starting...", "Show all music...". I am using the version currently avaiable on the Portable RA site: v 3.03p, R298, GIT~356FB3F I have confirmed that the Theme setting is present in the Campaign.mix (for example Theme=FAC1226M in scg04ea.ini), but it seems these are skipped/ignored.