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    Need Help Games Crash Using C&C ZH Enhanced Mod

    Yea i Though i already wrote it in my Text But, Yes i can.
  2. I can start the Mod Normally i installed last Patch etc. I already Looked up The normal Issues like starting the game as Administrator with compatible mode etc.... I Already used a Clean Installation of C&C ZH With Patch 1.04 Also My System Specs Are: Windows 7 x64 8gb RAM Nvidia GTX 250 Error Log: Release Crash at Mon Nov 03 01:13:39 2014 ; Reason Uncaught Exception in GameEngine::update Last error: Exception is access violation WinMain at 401700 Error code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Description: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. Access address:3F8013B4 was read from. Stack Dump: <Unknown>(-1) : <Unknown> 0x0076B6FB Details: Register dump... Eip:0076B6FB Esp:0018FA54 Ebp:00000011 Eax:3F800000 Ebx:00000000 Ecx:00FDD504 Edx:00000011 Esi:3F800000 Edi:04985DD8 EFlags:00210202 CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0053 GS:002b EIP bytes dump... Bytes at CS:EIP (0076B6FB) : 8B 86 B4 13 00 00 89 44 24 1C 75 06 88 9E A4 13 00 00 39 9E C4 00 00 00 8B AE 9C 13 00 00 89 5C Current stack: would be nice if someone Has a Idea How to play with This mod You can Answer in german Aswell, my English is not That nice but i understand the most .