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    Zero Hour: LAN ISSUES

    It could be, I'm not sure. How do I change the serial number in the registry? I can check that and if that's the case, I can just change that.
  2. Can someone please help me? I use CnC The First Decade to play Zero Hour on the LAN. Me and the opponent see each other in the room and can join into the other's game. When we do, I am stuck on the loading screen forever while he goes into the game. 5 seconds into the game, he gets the DISCONNECTION MENU which says that one or more players have been disconnected. All the while I am STILL seeing the loading screen. We have no firewall on while doing this. We are running as administrator. We inserted the CORRECT IP into the options.ini file. We have tried a direct connect. Please... help me.
  3. Good day everyone, So I am trying to get Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge to work on a Netbook, but it is failing miserably. Because the netbook has no disc drive, I had to copy the files (data from The First Decade) themselves onto the computer. The game will load up, but then ask for the disc to be inserted (obviously impossible). I decided that maybe I could use the "tfd-103-rev4" patch to by pass the need for a disc, but I get the message: "cannot install this program, a required file is missing." If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the game to run on the netbook, please help me. I really appreciate any help possible. I'm trying to get the netbook working so that I can play a friend in Yuri's Revenge via LAN. Thank you for your time.