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  1. Angrydave1987

    Collection of Boinks

    So decided to put together a wee clip of today's recordings.. caution some viewers may find language a bit +18 style lol...
  2. Angrydave1987

    My Renx Media

    Yeah best thing about the last clip was me/glacious/dyno were just dicking around and decided to go for all 3, getting criticized for nuking barr early lol..but turns out it worked. game ended very shortly after that.
  3. Angrydave1987

    My Renx Media

    Good day to you all. Recently i have been recording all of my in-game footage of RenegadeX and upload to youtube on a frequent basis so here's a few clips of the enjoyment in-game. My Custom Intro for all new videos ] Does Arnold Schwarzenegger play Renx ? (39secs in) Are GDI really this oblivious? How not to drive an mrl 1 attack 3 buildings GG I have other videos on my channel so feel free to check them out. =) also check out Dynomites channel aswell for some footage @ https://www.youtube....SZfmhCFjMFxjkqA
  4. Angrydave1987

    Various Game Fixes

    For the intro video. You can also rename your Movies to Movies_ and create a new folder called Movies this will also disable the introduction videos
  5. Angrydave1987

    Favourite Servers

    I play on the EKT servers seen as i am full admin there lol. Also play on the tmx server to change it up from marathon to aow. plus you do get some good footage.