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  1. I'd love to see it. The U1 is still a great big mystery for me specifically because of the "recruitment" function you mentioned. I noticed that when Westwood built their campaign missions, they often put pre-built units inside the AI base specifically for the AI to use in team types, a design decision I've often questioned. On an unrelated note, I;m having some difficulty getting the AUTOCREATE action to work in conjunction with the BUILT IT trigger. I can get Autocreate to work on a timed trigger, but it doesn't seem to like the Built It trigger. The relevant script is below: [Teamtypes] AUT1=badguy,0,0,0,1,0,22,1,0,0,2,e1:4,e3:2,5,move:9,move:10,move:5,move:12,attack base:90,0,0 AUT2=badguy,0,0,0,1,0,22,1,0,0,2,LTNK:2,BGGY:1,5,move:9,move:10,move:5,move:12,attack base:90,0,0 AUT3=badguy,0,0,0,1,0,22,1,0,0,2,e4:3,e6:2,5,move:3,move:4,move:5,move:12,attack base:90,0,0 [Triggers] AUTO=built it,autocreate,6,goodguy,none,0 I'm wondering if Autocreate is a special case that needs to be linked specifically to the faction doing the building. Right now the AI is supposed to begin the autocreate process after the player (goodguy) has built a weapons factory. But in game, nothing happens. I've gotten the Built It trigger and the Autocreate function to work properly in other missions, but this instance is giving me a problem. Any thoughts?
  2. In regards to question 3, I've actually gotten larger groups of infantry to work in tandem with vehicles. I've been able to get teams of 3 vehicles and 8+ infantry to follow waypoints as a linked group. The only thing you have to be mindful of is how close each unit can get to the waypoint's cell. It seems that a waypoint's "detection radius" may be a solid 3x3 cell area. So a unit doesn't necessarily have to cross the exact cell holding the waypoint in order to continue on to the next, they just have to be near it. That being said, if you have a linked team type of more than 9 vehicles and order them to move to a waypoint, the 10th+ vehicles will never be able to register as having "crossed" the waypoint because the first 9 vehicles have taken up too much space and effectively blocked other team members from reaching it. This issue can be resolved by unlinking teams. In regards to number 4, I'm interested to hear that other numbers can be used for UI#. I thought the only acceptable values were 7 and 15. I'll have to play around with this.
  3. Yes, but the problem is that whenever I script the AI to use the autocreate trigger to create a team, they build EVERY team with autocreate enabled, not just one. for example, If I have 3 separate teams in the teamtype list all set to autocreate=1, and an autocreate trigger every 90 time units, the AI will build all three teams as opposed to randomly selecting one.
  4. I agree, something is amiss in my script. Here are the sections relevant to my issue: [TeamTypes] MCV1=GoodGuy,0,0,0,0,0,7,0,0,0,2,MCV:1,MTNK:1,1,Move:7,0,0 QRF1=BadGuy,1,0,0,0,0,15,0,0,0,4,E1:3,E4:2,BIKE:2,LTNK:2,3,Move:5,Move:6,Attack Base:90,0,0 QRF2=BadGuy,0,0,0,0,0,15,0,0,0,2,STNK:3,BGGY:3,1,Attack Base:90,0,0 QRF3=BadGuy,0,0,0,0,0,15,0,0,0,3,E5:3,MLRS:2,LTNK:1,2,Move:8,Attack Base:90,0,0 [Triggers] SEND=House Discov.,Reinforce.,0,BadGuy,MCV1,0 PROD=# Units Dstr.,Production,5,BadGuy,None,0 ATK1=Time,Create Team,80,BadGuy,QRF1,1 ATK2=Time,Create Team,100,BadGuy,QRF2,1 ATK3=Time,Create Team,125,BadGuy,QRF3,1 XXXX=# Bldgs Dstr.,Nuclear Missile,8,BadGuy,None,0 NUKE=Destroyed,Dstry Trig 'XXXX',0,GoodGuy,None,0 WINS=All Destr.,Win,0,BadGuy,None,0 LOSE=All Destr.,Lose,0,GoodGuy,None,0 [CellTriggers] [Waypoints] 27=-1 26=3440 25=-1 24=-1 23=-1 22=-1 21=-1 20=-1 19=-1 18=-1 17=-1 16=-1 15=-1 14=-1 13=-1 12=-1 11=-1 10=-1 9=-1 8=2351 7=3890 6=2216 5=1322 4=2378 3=-1 2=-1 1=-1 0=-1 I'm aware of this, I believe you misunderstood me. My intent is not for the AI to deploy teams before the production trigger, my issue is that the AI builds 4 or 5 duplicates of a team simultaneously once once production is initiated despite the maximum number allowed being set to 0. I have also ensured that there are no units on the map for the AI to recruit for the team type. Allow me to explain by example: The AI is scripted to build a team of tanks every 90 time units using a looping "CreateTeam" trigger. However, the production isn't triggered until 270 time units have passed (this is by design). Once production is initiated, I believe the AI is building 3 teams at once to make up for the teams already queued. I'm basically attempting to have the AI build a convoy of tanks at 90 time unit intervals, but only after a certain amount of time has already passed. Is this feasible? For the record, I haven't had much luck with the Autocreate trigger. I can't seem to get the hang of it.
  5. I understand what your saying regarding trigger actions, I was just a little confused about the relationship between the "Time" trigger and the "Production" event. I didn't realize its unique nature was common knowledge Thanks for your input! Regarding issue 2! Looking back at my missions scripts I did notice a larger success rate when unloaded units had one simple command. I do however have problems with factory-built units skipping waypoints as well, sometimes its because the the "X Button" function is enabled and the group is too large to register as "on top off" the waypoint, but even with it off I see groups of 6-8 units skipping waypoints and traveling to either the norther-western most corner, or the unload position. I can provide mission files if anybody wants so you can see for yourselves. Now you probably have all encountered this already but I noticed that teams scheduled to be built via a looping time trigger are back-logged if the production trigger has yet to activate. So when the production trigger DOES activate, the enemy builds all queued teams and sends them at once. As you can imagine, this could be problematic for a human player just starting to build their base. Anybody have any work-arounds other than increasing the time intervals?
  6. So I think I might have identified a possible cause to issue #2. In once instance I had given an AI attack force the "Attack Base" command, but because the AI scans for targets starting at the top left corner, it was sending its units to attack a civilian structure belonging to a house it was unaligned with at the top of the map. I've noticed that hostiles do not attack buildings that aren't yet revealed by the player. Therefore, my hypothesis is they just sat and waited for the player to unveil their target through the shroud of war. However this doesn't explain why they skipped 2 "Move" commands.I added the civilians to the AI's list of allies and it seemed to fix the problem.
  7. Hello everybody. I've been making custom missions for Tiberian Dawn for some time now, my love for the game renewed by Nyerguds amazing work with the unofficial patch. While I haven't ever uploaded any of the 28 maps I've created and tested, I can't remember how many times I've referenced this forum for answers and fixes for issues I've had. Anyway, let me get down to it: I have some questions regarding things I've noticed while scripting certain events in game and I was hoping I could get some clarification. I understand most of you here are probably experts by now, and I was hoping I could tap into some of the brilliance you all so generously bring to this forum. 1.) When triggering AI production using the "Time" event, I've noticed that I have to include a player for the trigger to work properly. I've seen Nyerguds state on multiple occasions that a specific house is not needed in the production trigger, but I've tested it and my findings seem to point to the contrary. Has anybody else encountered this? Am I perhaps using an unpatched version of the game? (1.06c r3) [Triggers] PROD=Time,Production,1,BadGuy,None,10 (WORKS) PROD=Time,Production,1,None,None,10 (DOESN'T WORK) 2.) On some occasions, I've noticed units from specific teams not following their way points. this is especially prevalent in teams being reinforced via helicopter. The way points are clearly defined in the .ini file, I've tried it with the team's "X Key" option toggled on and off. There doesn't seem to be a difference. Sometimes the units will move to the corner of the map, sometimes they will just sit outside their production facilities... it seems as though this happens at random. I always put the way points on solid, clear ground (never on top of an overlay). I could provide the files for 2 missions scripts where this issue persists if anyone would like. 3.) What is the maximum number of diverse units sustainable in one teamtype? I never go beyond 4 different units, or 15 units total. 4.) Has anyone gotten the "Attack Civilian" trigger to work correctly? I use it but the AI doesn't attack units belonging to the neutral faction, they just sit there. Alliances were checked and the 2 houses were verified to be enemies. [TeamTypes] QRF1=BadGuy,1,0,0,0,0,15,0,0,0,4,E1:3,E4:2,BIKE:2,LTNK:2,3,Move:5,Move:6,Attack Civilian:90,0,0 I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!