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  1. I used a tool called PNGtoSHP .13 to convert it. It created the SHP with the palette. I applied to the palette to the SHP and saved the SHP. Then I put them both in the mix file.
  2. Hi, I followed the steps in "SHP color error in Red Alert 2" on how to add a new loading screen to RA2 YR. But I'm still getting acid textures. Please someone help! Yes the SHP and PAL are in the same .mix file — expandmd07.mix. They Both are using the same name (ls800ustates), they are replacing the paratrooper SHP.
  3. GGwellplayed

    quick question about acid image

    I extracted the US paratroopers loading screen (ls800ustates.shp), extracted every palette from the same place (load.mix), tried them all with this shp using SHP Builder but all of them gave acid texture. So which is the right palette for this loading screen then?
  4. GGwellplayed

    quick question about acid image

    Thanks, I had a feeling it would be that, but then why does the US paratroopers not need the palette?
  5. Why do interface images have acid texture on them, except for a few that don't? When I view them through XCC Mixer they have acid texture and stay this way even when I extract them. But the US paratroopers loading screen doesn't have acid texture?
  6. I would like to know if there's an easy way to add a new interface/background/menu image to the game. Is there a tool to make this an easy process and how? Thanks
  7. Hey where did you get that PNGtoSHP 1.3 tool? Also anyone know why extracting the vanilla loading screens come with acid texture?
  8. GGwellplayed

    Red Alert modding

    Ok figured out why my edits weren't working. In the directory there's a folder called "campaigns" and there i can find a rules.ini already there, no need to extract. Weird that the edits only work there and not from the main directory. Only guess is cause I'm using a Red Alert build from CnCNet5.
  9. Hi I've being trying to mod Red Alert downloaded from CnCNet. I edited the cost of the tanks in the Rules.ini file but when i load the game in Skirmish, the cost shows still the same as it was orginally, it has no effect Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?