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  1. It's a shame to see a great sites go.. thanks for everything!
  2. I've got two CRT monitors already. Not sure whether the GPU allows me to use 640 x 400 though.
  3. Scaling by 6/5 isn't ideal, even with nearest sampling, as some lines will be doubled while others won't, unless of course the output can be 3200 x 2400.. If the DD wrapper would take care of the centering / stretching it'd be independent of the GPU and display. I noticed the config tool requires .net 2, would it make sense to update that to .net 4? .net 2 isn't installed by default on W8. Perhaps a Launch Game button in the tool might be handy too.
  4. Exactly what compat mode do you enable? How do I set a game resolution of 640 x 400 (non-square pixels?) but a display resolution of 2560 x 1440 (for example) with correct aspect ratio? There's only a stretch option but that messes up the aspect ratio. Sometimes the mouse pointer gets stuck when the Options dialog is up.
  5. The setup window makes it sound like CnC-DDraw is optional ("enables advanced options"), but without it, colors are kinda messed up. Is this a bug or is it basically required?