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    Zero Hour displaying the usual error

    Nah, First Decade for that. And yeah, I've disabled UAC entirely, as well ran it in SP3 and SP2, and even ticked the little box for admin mode. Looks like I may have to make a UC purchase. Edit: Nope, we're good, had to delete the original Generals as well, not sure why or how, but it worked out
  2. Technical Difficulties started rampant today, and this has happened on every mod that I try to load on, even the vanilla game as well. I checked the Crash info, and got this: ; Reason Error parsing INI file 'Data\INI\Object\dummyobjects.ini' (Line: 'Object DummyRiderOne_Normal ') I don't even know where to begin with that. I have done the clean install thing, deleted traces of every folder related to ZH, uninstalled, re-installed, made an options.ini, etc. None seem to work, so now I'm stuck. Any thoughts on the issue? Any help appreciated
  3. PeaceKeep0r

    Red Alert 2 Campaign in YR?

    Just to mix in certain mods and use units that are only available in YR. Appreciate the feedback none the less.
  4. I've extracted the missions from the .mix files, but every time I run into a mission, it always says, mission accomplished, mission failure, or battle control isn't enabled. Any ideas on what I could do?