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  1. Hi forum was wondering if anyone knew how to add an army to generals challenge mode? My aim is to simply add u.s.a (normal) to the challenge mode (or maybe all 3 plain armies) so I could play with crusader tanks and the like, I have downloaded mods in the past that added custom armies to the challenge mode so I assume this is well within the realm of possibility. I get that the aim of generals challenge is to play with the others but I have played them all to death and would just like to be able to play the plain armies that have things the generals don't . If anyone knows either how to make this happen or knows someone who does please let me know all about it - I can edit zero hour files just fine I just don't know what to change or where it is - thanks.
  2. Hi just created this account to ask the question, is it possible to add a handicap option to global offensive? I would love to be able to add one but google came up empty... Its probably more work then its worth but thought I'd throw the dice here see if you know the score on it, I can dive into files and can put some time into it but I want to know if its a lost cause or not - thanks